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The Way Women Fight for Their Rights: Discursive Essay

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A. Background

Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to differentiating between masculinity and femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics may include biological sex is the state of being male, female, or an intersex variation, sex-based social structures is gender roles or gender identity. So, gender is a difference between the two sides, namely masculine and feminine. The emergence of this classification is a culture from the past that is shared by a group of people in an environment. Both can also arise because of the impact of the social environment in society. Usually, parents who have daughters will be given elegant and beautiful clothes, doll toys, cooking utensils, and colors that match the culture in harmony with the female figure. Vice versa, if they have a boy, they will give him brave clothes, toy guns and cars, and colors that display the male figure according to the culture of the social environment around. But that is not always settled in a child. As we get older, the social environment will also take a role in determining the child’s gender choices. It may be that a man who is often associated with women will tend to his feminist nature, and vice versa. Because the role of parents is no longer able to fully control if the child understands their identity more than their parents. The decision can also have a bad and good impact. But it is their right to make decisions in finding their true identity.

Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes. Feminism seeks to counter gender stereotypes and seeks to build educational and professional opportunities for women who are equal to men. Feminist movements have campaigned for women’s rights, including the right to vote, to hold public office, to work, to get a fair wage, to own property, to undergo education, and to have equal rights in marriage. Feminists have also tried to protect women and girls from rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. Because in ancient times, culture in society had determined that a woman must be below the level of men and must always be at home taking care of the household without any compensation. Therefore they make a movement to break down the culture of injustice in society.

UNICEF says gender equality means that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. It does not require that girls and boys, or women and men, be the same, or that they be treated exactly alike. In that case, it is said that men and women have the same rights and powers. Not that they should be equated in any case. But in certain aspects that must be the same as men. Because apart from the very clear gender differences, in certain aspects also men and women there are differences. For example in terms of concentration, men can only do one particular job and cannot while completing other work. Moreover, a woman is a person who can accomplish a lot of work at the same time. Therefore, women demand their right to get equal rewards from men. They are not puppets or slaves whose positions are under the control of men.

In prosecuting equality through campaigns, women also often prosecute through literary works that criticize these injustices. They created a work with a pseudonym not to be too risky. Among them is poetry that makes women voice their feminist movement.

B. Discussion.

No wonder

Sun, 06/21/2015 – 21:59 – acnoel

  • We grew up with Barbie dolls, princesses, baseball and football stars
  • We grew up being taught, ‘pink is a girl’s color and blue is for boys
  • We grew up being taught it’s a man’s world
  • We grew up being taught people only marry of the opposite sex,

From stanza above is a description of the life of a capable child. Her parent has printed their daughter’s future. Hope their daughter becomes a perfect woman by giving her dolls and being a princess. Even from a color sense, they teach certain colors to symbolize the colors of women and vice versa. She has been taught that the world of women and men is very different. The world of women is only limited to the walls of the house, not far from taking care of children and their homes. Moreover, her freedom to determine their daughter’s life partner.

  1. No wonder now all we want is to be perfect
  2. No wonder everything is based on gender roles
  3. No wonder women aren’t taken seriously
  4. No wonder we don’t let anyone be who they want to be,

The second stanza is the result of the first stanza. Of all the demands and imprints applied to the childhood life of the girl, she also has the desire to become a perfect woman for her parents. Because everything has to do with gender. Just as the public sees a woman as being more fit to wear a skirt than wearing pants. In fact, most people consider women always have a rigid nature and can’t be invited to joke. It was because of a woman who just stayed at home. They never know anything else outside the home. It all started with the demands of parents who want their children to be what they expect. Not so that their daughter is up to what she wants.

Because we grew up on falsification and conformity.

The last stanza or the last line is the reason why everything happened in the second stanza. Because parents and the social environment have embraced the culture of the past and were never aware of the negative impact of that culture. For example, a woman who has the same expertise as a man. But parents still hold fast to make their daughters work like a woman. That could kill the girl’s skill by force.

My wonder women

Mon, 09/17/2018 – 07:39 — shrims1

  • It is 2018.
  • It is time.
  • Time to end the stereotypes and say it’s fine.
  • Throw away your barbies.
  • And say it out loud!
  • I won’t take it anymore
  • I want a wonder woman in this crowd.

The first stanza of the poem is the beginning of the feminist movement. The women’s movement realizes that so far there has been slavery in society that has been adhered to for many years. A society that always looks down on women’s lives and always restrains women by the rules they create themselves. They even voiced not to educate their daughters about what parents want. The child should have their own dream in their future. Without having to be printed according to the wishes of parents. This if left unchecked would be a major disaster for the survival of humanity. Only because of an injustice.

  • A woman they say – not as strong as a man
  • A woman they say – can’t do what he can
  • But I beg to differ and here is my proof
  • Ladies, Wonder Woman is here to rescue you.

In the second stanza stated some understandings of the weaknesses of women. Women’s strength is not comparable to men’s strength. Society considers women who do not have any expertise. From all of that has been broken by the presence of a female hero. Even though it is a fictional film, it is enough to break down the stereotypes of society about women. Public prejudice that cannot be taken for granted regarding the justice of rights between men and women.

  • A woman with values.
  • A woman with beliefs.
  • A woman not made of flowers or rings.
  • A woman not made to be subtle
  • One who will walk on fire
  • Wrestle the evil
  • And prove…that she is…an equal

The third stanza is proof that women deserve to get what men get. Women who have the qualities to balance world life and have the qualities that can be trusted will carry heavy tasks such as men. A woman should not be equated with gentleness and elegance. They are precise if they grow in harsh and heavy environments, then they will also be able to be equal to men. Then all that will be proven that women also have the same degree as men.

You laugh and say we don’t need feminism

wonder woman is just another modern aspect of this movement

This movement affects everyone around us

But let me tell you

While you laugh at this movement

You are laughing at the 15 million girls who will become child brides this year alone

You are laughing at the millions of young girls sold into sex slavery and at the 70% of women in India who are victims of domestic violence

And at one in five rape victims in the united states

And at all of the people in the world who are discriminated against because of something as simple as their gender.

The fourth stanza is an expression of the feminist movement that they should have existed long ago. Because those who care about victims of early marriage, female slavery, sex discrimination, domestic violence and sexual violence. Because they demand the right of women to get justice. Women are not an object to satisfy men’s desires.

Yes it’s true that she is just another fictional superhero

But it is also true that – what we see determines our thinking and that

These young girls who want waists like their barbies

Need a role model like wonder woman

Who will instill strength and independence in our young girls

In the fifth stanza explains back to the figure of a fictional hero named wonder Woman. Even though she is a fictitious figure, but this figure is a guide for women to get their full rights. Because they have had enough of the falsehood to be perfect in the eyes of society. A society that has beauty standards that restrict women from achieving it.

Hah – we say she is the man

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Well, how do we make them realize that

She is the woman.

She is the woman who is not using an iron, but one that’s made of iron.

The woman is not using a fire, but one that’s made of fire.

The sixth verse still describes who the wonder women are. She is a woman with iron clothes and is strong against iron blows. Women who have passed through bleak times but also still standing tall become strong.

The woman not preparing your dinner but the woman preparing for battles and wars

The woman not preparing for her marriage but the woman preparing for bruises and punches.

The woman not preparing her hands to be fine and delicate but a woman preparing her hands to fight anyone who comes her way.

The woman not preparing for you anymore. A woman preparing for herself.

The seventh stanza describes wonder women from their daily habits. She doesn’t just prepare dinner, think about how her marriage is, and take care of her skin. But she is a hero who is ready to fight against anyone who blocks her desire for equality, is ready to take the beatings and wounds on his body, and she does all that for gender justice.

Sex-positive virgin Goddess

Thu, 08/15/2019 – 17:17 — nelpogrando

Artemis doesn’t actually care if you’re celibate.

She protects virgin girls, yes, but also women (and men) who have sex all the time.

Artemis in Greek mythology is the goddess of hunting, the wild, wild animals, virgins, and hills. She is a carrier and contender for diseases in women and is a Goddess who helps in the birth process. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sisters of Apollo. He is described as a hunter and carries bows and arrows.

She was born in an era where human women had little to no autonomy.

Her purpose is to promote gender equality, in all of its forms.

As we have evolved, so has she.

The second stanza is a description of the Goddess Artemis who was born in an era when women became a minority. Her birth became a goal to uphold gender equality and equalize it. Because the world is not only like that, it needs a change to balance gender.

She was there at the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, and at Sandra Day O’Connor’s confirmation, and at the first Women’s March.

The third stanza is a description of the Goddess Artemis as a female figure. Sandra Day O’Connor is an American jurist. O’Connor was the first woman to serve as a United States Supreme Court Justice. President Ronald Reagan nominated O’Connor in 1981. She continued to serve as a justice until she retired in 2006. During her time on the court, some publications ranked her among the most powerful women in the world. On August 12, 2009, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

She understands that the goalposts have been moved.

In Ancient Greece, the dream of running away to stay single was most women’s only chance at freedom from the patriarchy.

In the fourth stanza is the understanding between the present and the actions of Sandra Day O’Connor. Namely a movement of freedom in women with all the rights they have. There are no more limitations for women to voice their rights. And the figure of Sandra is another proof that women deserve to be equal to men.

Now, many women can marry for love, or not at all, and become creators, and performers, and leaders.

Artemis loves these advances, brought to us by hard-working, brave, fearless women.

The fifth stanza is about a destination for women. The goal where women can get love, lead, players, and creators. That is also the purpose of the birth of Goddess Artemis in this world. Make women free men.

She looks forward to watching the next wave of justice crash over the heads of misogynists around the world.

As long as you are an intersectional feminist, she loves you too.

The fifth stanza is the act of the Goddess Artemis to always oversee how the era it carries goes with time. She has found an era where all his goals for women are achieved. It could even be said that anyone who respects the existence of feminism, then he will be protected by the Goddess Artemis.

C. Conclusion.

From the three poems, we find a pattern. Starting from the stereotype of society that considers women to be below of men in the first poem. Then women realize that, and they try to get the same rights as men in the second poem. In the third poem, women take an action through the feminist movement to demand gender equality. Fairness and equality in treating women. Because not only men who work and get money. Women also work more than men and don’t get any rewards. On the other hand, women also use literary works to voice feminism. Therefore, in ancient times literary works were a very deep criticism for those who were criticized.

D. References.

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