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The Ways And Approaches Of Self Awareness

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Self-awareness is the ability to separate ourselves from the people we associate with, along with the world that we live in, so that as individuals, our decisions, and preferences are understood by ourselves (Howell 2019 p3). Self-awareness comes from our ability to recognize our self-analysis, having the ability to observe the way we interact, and behave, along with being able to understand our emotions.

Our self-awareness can be obtained through four specific ways, our behavior, personality, attitude, and our perception.

Our behavior is controlled by the way we carry out our process of thought, along in the way we act. Our personality is based mainly on our social factors, such as our lifestyle, and environmental factors, such as the things around us on a day to day basis. Our attitude is the way in which we interact, that can be shown through speech or even our emotion, based on how we feel at the time. While our perception is being able to understand situations, and how to deal with them. This is different for each individual, because as individuals we view things from a different perspective.

In relation to myself, and my behavioral modes, I have reflected on the way I think, act, and interact with others to gain a deeper understanding about my own self-awareness.

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My behavior is very well expressed based on this, as I am an open and engaging person, however it takes time for me as I need to get to know someone to be more open when interacting, which then explains how I always am respectful, and act sensibly around others, always thinking before acting.

My personality comes from the people I associate with, and also from my family. Being exposed and educated by my parents on how to act and interact has made me who I am today, making me believe that someone’s upbringing is what makes them. In relation to my traits, I show to be a caring, and understanding individual, being happy to assist in situations and support people, explaining why I have a close bond with my friendship group, as we are all similar in traits.

In relation to my attitude, I am not the type of person to really show my emotions and the way I am feeling too often, and usually only do so with the people I am close with, especially my family, as their assistance, and guidance allows me to over come anything at that time.

From watching Erik Zimmer’s ted talk, he discusses his difficult times, and how he was able to change his life for the better. He focuses specifically on three things, take small continents, concentrate your armies, and make treaties and alliances. From Zimmer’s explanation I saw take small continents as a way to work and change something at a steady pace, so that you are able to complete it, and not rush, as you may lose focus on the end goal. In relation to my behavior, I could focus more on selected things I want to improve on, and work on it slowly rather than rushing. Moreover, concentrate your armies, told me that I should focus on completing something effectively, instead of trying to complete multiple things at once, as it will not have a greater effect, this inter relates with take small continents, as you focus on that change so that in the long term it is more effective, and not just something you said you will accomplish. Finally, he discussed, make treaties and alliances, to me this meant spend more time with people, and also family, and work on relationships to be closer with people around you. This would adjust my behavior, as it would allow me to be more open with people and express how I feel easier.

Overall, focusing on specific ways of self-awareness, along with Erik Zimmer’s approach has been very guiding, and assists in being able to express, and work on my own behavior, with his approach of taking your time, and try focusing more on one thing at a time, allowing myself to reflect on how it is adjusting the way I am.

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