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The Ways Contemporary Society May Appreciate Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

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People have everything in front of them, people have nothing in front of them; People are on the way to heaven, people are going to the door of hell.

Fahrenheit 451 is a frightening alternative world and it is symbolistic of a society in which the switch from contemplating books to mindlessly craving the instant satisfaction that comes from technology has had a grave effect on its citizens. It is also a not too distant reality of our world. ‘Fahrenheit 451 as perhaps Ray Bradbury’s finest novel while he is being such poor stewards of its legacy’, the statement from Dave Itzokff has reveals Bradbury’s idea of books were repositories of knowledge and ideas, but he also feared that zilch will be endangered in the future. Furthermore, Dave Itzkoff also has inference technology replacing everything in 21st century through the discussion about the audiobook and paper book in his article. He also shares his daily life with utilise technology to inference with people attention to the happening of the present and technology has already instead of everything. Reading was becoming less of a portion of people today not matter the past or now.

‘Books aren’t people. You read and I look around, but there isn’t anybody!’ The statement is what happened when Mildred rejects when Montag tried force her to think with read the book loudly. It is an irony example outlines a social actuality where people are mindless because technology, they started resist books. The complaint of books aren’t people is from Mildred was making a contrast with she feels when watching television. It also uncovers Bradbury was warning readers about the threat of TV parlors from rejection people to thinking. In fact, when people are reading books that help making connection with authors and it is sharing people’s experience, Mildred always think she contacts with friends by TV parlors while she is insensible of technology has been distract people all the time and TV parlors never including any actual information of any lasting importance conveyed to the viewer. Hence reveals Bradbury’s apprehension about people have lost communicate with other and conspire to destroy literature because the influence of television is consecutively invading in the society.

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Captain Beatty provides an explanation of phenomenon that people are happier live without thinking since books arises confusion and distress after reading. He states that ‘None of those books agree with each other. You’ve been locked up here for years with a regular damned Tower of Babel. The people in those books never lived’, therefore the society decided to be safer from destroy the books and ban of reading book as restricting their access to ideas and occupy themselves with mindless entertainment, such as Seashell. Seashells are Bradbury’s imagination entertainment that usually inserted in people’s ears with songs for crammed their mind that also distract their attention. Seashell also relate to the contemporary society; it can be considered to Apple’s air pods. If people started looking around, they will be noticing everyone is wearing it all the time. On the other hand, Dave Itzokff has perceived that ‘There was no dictum, no declaration, no censorship, to start with. Technology, mass exploitation and minority pressure carried the trick’. An example of technology that influence people’s life is happening in the novel, Bradbury uses repeating words and phrase’s technique to highlight the disorder of Montag’s mind is because the dentifrice advertisement blaring on the subway when Montag is trying to remember the Bible verse ‘The lilies of the field’. At this moment, the Bible verse as designed to help him tolerate the noise from the advertisement in this case. It is a hint as turning point in his life, Montag discovers the contrast between other people are adapt to life in noise while he is getting dysphoria due to the commercial advertisement. Consequently, Montag start notice he is living in an empty and superficial societal.

In Fahrenheit 451, government just provide technology to satisfying what people want even though the society is initiate absorb empty messages from technology such as television propaganda, it also shrouds values, ideas, information that found in books. Bradbury shows a decline society even have success development of technology, but it resets individuals live like Mildred, TV parlours has dulled her ability that let her lives without consciousness. ‘His wife stretched on the bed…in her ears the little seashells…electronic ocean sound of music’, Bradbury was showing how powerful technology has become part of the life when people become lazy. In the novel, people are live in a futuristic world that use technology to control what they think and feel by set limiting of what they want to see and hear. Which people are marking an illusion of live under government’s censor in long time for removal their individuality, but the significant factor of destruction of life emerge is because themselves. All things considered, since technology’s invention half a century ago, it has become an integral part of modern life, however it has played an immense of lives of everyone who use it. Similarly, the contemporary society should pay attention to the issue of reading and technology.

‘I don’t talk things. I talk the meaning of things. I sit here and know I’m alive’. Faber has emphasized the importance of critical thought to the reader from the statement. He links the act of thinking and explore information to determine being alive. For him, the important thing is comprehending the meaning of information that found in the book, not just blindly absorbs what written in the book. Book is barely a stuff that arouse people’s ideas, but it can become powerful when readers explore the knowledge that beneath of the books. Bradbury links the act of thinking and explore information to determine being alive. Here, Bradbury has made a sharp contrast between Faber and Mildred, it also ironically to those ignorance people who constantly passively absorbing television and repeatedly attempts to end their own life.

From the discussion above, the contemporary society appreciates Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is because of the portend from Bradbury’s society criticism is relate with the present. The society that Bradbury portray has given up books and reading because people are full of blind obedience and conformity by self-censorship. Admittedly, Fahrenheit 451 have disclosed a profound reflection of humanity throughout represent to the conflict between freedom of thought and censorship in the dystopian society. Bradbury also warning that the contemporary society might evolve to like the society of the novel. People must bear in mind that television could be a nightmarish while leading to people spend their time in a drugged dreamland.

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