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The Ways Of Holy Prophet Muhammad

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The ways of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is written by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hai Aarfi, disciple of Molana Ashraf Thanvi, and is published by Darul Isha’at. This book is based on the life of Holy Prophet (SAW) and his teachings. In my opinion, the main purpose of this book can be to provide guidance for day-to-day issues of a Muslim’s life in the light of Hadith and Sunnah.

The book is divided into 4 parts, the first part named Beams of Divine Light is consisted on the period of Pre-prophethood. This part has Quranic verses on the announcement of the Last Prophethood and verses in which ALLAH expressed the qualities Holy Prophet (SAW) possessed and that he is the divine favour to mankind.

The second part is The Noble Traits of the Character of Holy Prophet (SAW). This part shows the character of Holy Prophet (SAW) that he was a manifestation of a sublime nature. His character stands pre-eminent, dignified and mighty in all the manners. ALLAH has given all the virtuous characteristics and excellences to him. He was unlettered but ALLAH endowed him with all the knowledge of the ancient and the later. Various verses and hadiths are given as a reference in this part, showing the sublimity of his character. Suffering, patience and forgiving nature are the highest qualities of Holy Prophet (SAW). He was always patient on the taunts and threats of the people. He had an impeccable nature.

The third part, Distinguishing Features of the Mode of Life of the Holy Prophet (SAW) describes the ways Holy Prophet (SAW) behaved in his gatherings. He used to sit in a simple and modest way and would not stretch his knees beyond those of the others. He never chose a place for himself and always addressed everyone individually, so that no one felt ignored. If anyone for his own sake kept standing with him, the Holy Prophet (SAW) remained bound with him until the person himself got up. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was all the time cheerful and had genial manners. He was neither harsh nor spoke loudly or said anything improper. He neither talked ill of anyone, nor disgraced anyone, nor found fault in anyone. He kept himself clear of meaningless talk, consoled the hearts of people and didn’t allow differences to develop among them

The fourth part, The Teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW) consists on sub-divisions having eight chapters. Chapter one is regarding the beliefs, it has hadiths on some important issues like Islam, Eeman and Ihsan. Eeman means to testify all the concerned beliefs while Ihsan is that you worship and serve ALLAH as if you are seeing HIM. These topics are explained in detail in the light of hadiths.

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Chapter two is based on Ibaadat (Devotions), Salaah and related matters and Taharah (Purification). This chapter includes all the detailed explanation about the five pillars of Islam, ablution, prayers and supplications and the correct way to do everything in the light of hadiths and Sunnah. The timings of each prayer are discussed and a solution to each and every problem regarding the ibaadat is mentioned as Sunnah or hadith. This chapter has all the instructions given by Holy Prophet (SAW) on the recitation of Quran, the nafl prayers and the tahajjud.

Chapter three has all the teachings about the dealings with one another and Huqoo-qun Nafs i.e. The rights of the body. This chapter is based on the rights of parents, the rights of children, orphan, neighbour, friends, sick and animals. This chapter also explains the value of wealth in the light of hadith, and has hadith on loan, the curse of debt along with the supplication for discharging debt and the unlawfulness of bribe.

Chapter four is based on the social life and the relationship between men. It has all the instructions about the etiquettes regarding entering a house, salutation, sneezing and yawning, letter writing and dress. It has the matters related to women on Hijab, dress and prohibitions. Later comes Chapter five which has hadiths on all the aspects of good manner and character that one should have patience and generosity, truthfulness and justice. Chapter six gives us the complete knowledge about the daily routine of Holy Prophet (SAW). Chapter seven is based on marriage and childbirth and deals with all the queries which are imaginable, in the light of Sunnah and has related hadith as the solutions. Chapter eight is about the disease and visiting the sick, it tells us about the remedies and precautions and the virtues of visiting the sick, to make supplication for their recovery and teachings on the death of anyone.

I think the main purpose of writing this book is to provide the Muslim Ummah with the correct knowledge and to answer their questions and queries with the reference of hadith and Sunnah so that everyone is on the right path. In my opinion, the writer achieved his purpose in writing this book in a very good manner. This book has thorough information and gives references to everything mentioned and covers the most minor details regarding the topic.

To conclude, this book contains all the aspects of the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) life which are written in a clear way and has all the solutions in the light of hadith and Sunnah. It has everything from the era of pre-prophethood to the problems occurred to Holy Prophet (SAW) in preaching Islam, his day-to-day life and the social and financial matter.

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