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The Ways People Support IOE

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Table of contents

  1. Students ​
  2. Members of society ​
  3. Connecting in relevent ways ​
  4. Device’s ​
  5. ​Social media ​
  6. Wearable’s ​

Firstly, one of the pillars of IOE is people in which keeps all 4 pillars together. People essentially keep the IOE going due to individuals unique innovation’s but without people, IOE is inevitably useless as people are the ones who engage with the devices and systems such as students or members of society as over 59% of the world population use the internet with 4,574 million using technologies such as a computer and is increasing day on day conveying the vital impact people have on LOE.​

Students ​

Students interact with IOE daily with common devices and has changed drastically. Before books and handwritten work was the norm to track progress, write notes and revise however now this has all changed and is set to be more progressive in the future to. Students currently use face to face interaction with teachers still however the use of laptops enables us to teach ourselves at home and gain wider reading to attain more skills. Furthermore students use nearly every type of device now available such as tablets, smartphones and computers to access a range of material such as online homework setters, Teaching material and general work such as past paper or revision materials Furthermore we see how students now use social networks to interact with other students but also on a professional levels to contact teachers in which was not available before. Students can be seen to use google classrooms in which id a virtual classroom allowing teachers and students to connect but also the use of email for students had it more convent for them to ask questions rather than before in which you would physically have to go up to them.​

These are all innovations created over the years to create more independent study for students allowing them to work more from home than in school and in a smarter way. With the use of IOE face to face teaching could be replaced with video calls as all device have cameras implemented in them and wearable such as smart wristbands could be used to track attendance in big institutions such as university. However, this new progressive way of technology for students may hinder their education is more easier to cheat or pass someone’s else’s work as your own. Students new way of working has now transformed businesses into creating more responsive and portable devices and also creates a market to create software that can help students help in their time of education.​

Members of society ​

Members of society once would communicate face to face and record attendances using a sheet however this is beginning to change. Members of society have many devices allowing them to connect with each other weather it’s a phone or a laptop. It allows the general public to share ideas and have a constant communication weather it’s a social media platform or a messaging service. However with ioe improving there is lots more technology’s that could be used create an easier life for individuals such as our smartphones acting as a pass to get into certain places such as the workplace or the newest invention created by the government of an app which helps individuals if they need to isolate if they have come into connect with people with coronavirus symptoms. These available technologies help the general public to become smarter, even the use of google glass could be implemented in which was an experimental wearable computer in the form of glasses with a tiny screen that displays information to the wearer and had a small navigation menu on the side to help the public in ways like the weather forecast or where about the bus is helping members of society gain an easier life. Furthermore, the use of the watch allows users to constantly be connected with others as they text, call and still check various applications such as health or playing music. The use of These technologies can transform businesses as there able to sustain a revenue from them and could produce a smart and more efficient way of collages working eg your being your pass for work. Consequently, these technologies do have its flaw’s such as malicious users could find out personal information.​

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Connecting in relevent ways ​

LOE can further connect people in relevant ways, before to connect with people in relevant ways was possible however the use of the interns has now made it easier to narrow It down. One way is the internet enabling individuals to communicate with each other on such devices e.g. text messaging service, phone calls or social media platforms. However, the Internet can be used further to communicate with others in different ways through businesses marketing ideas to customers that it has relevancy to. It could also connect people who have similar interests e.g. similar web searches for the future. The innovation of connecting with people in relevant ways can help businesses target the right customers who will have an interest in there idea rather than wasting time and targeting an mass audience ins which half would ignore the idea they are portraying e.g. through mail or email. ​

Device’s ​

People can connect using a range of devices available for us and ones that are still in production for future uses. The basic level of devices in which nearly every individual has or is exposed to in which are all convent are Mobile phones (Smartphones are able to connect to the internet from almost anywhere and have a range of different functions search as text messaging services and camera’s) , Tablet (Smart phones but in a bigger form) and computers. These devices were not available before e.g. in the 1990’s (or weren’t popular) making it harder for those to connect with each other. These devices have become integrated within our everyday life now and now help us to keep in close contact with family and friends more than ever before. For those more advanced within tech some individuals would have wearables as they could be seen as more convenient for them to interact with everyone. Within the future LOE could develop significantly e.g. through having our devices communicate with us more showing how Loe is becoming more progressive for humans now and in the future. These devices have transformed businesses now into becoming a more tech savvy place but also the one who make the technology, they can gain more streams or revenue due to the never-ending technology.​

​Social media ​

Social media has been on the rise for years and has come more common than ever with the likes of Instagram, Facebook and more being available to us than before in which social media was never a thing back in early 2000’s if people wanted to communicate it had to be by phone or physical contact. Social media allows us to communicate with others and share our lives with people that we know through sharing posts experiences or in a more private way such as texting or video in which have all been done by businesses to enhance our experiences. In the future social media could provide us with more features such as peoples locations but also to keep us informed such as news integrated within the add or direct market if an individual visits the business website to help entice customers in the future. ​

Wearable’s ​

Wearable have been introduced more recently from glasses to watches or Bluetooth headphones. They have now come a long way from before as wearable like work badges that scanned were for identification and security. However, they have now come along way with the likes of the IWatch in which is A smartwatch can connect to a smartphone to provide the user with alerts and messages. Additional functions, such as heart rate monitoring and counting steps, like a pedometer, can help people who are wearing the device to track their health in which makes the human life easier as there able to keep track on their health. The innovations of wearables could be better for the future and transform businesses e.g. the I watch could be used a pass into the businesses or businesses such as public sector NHS could have users sync their health wearables such as iWatch and Fitbit to their system to monitor their health and anything that should be brung up for medical attention.​

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