The Ways To Coping With Failure

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Failure and loss is something that hurts the most. The agony or distress because of that failure or loss can become very crippling and serious sometimes. Whatever the reason behind the failure, the reactions, and the consequences are almost similar in all conditions. Some of the side effects are the decline of self-esteem, lack of acceptance, anxiety, and even severe depression depending on the case. Such problems could create a permanent hurdle in the path of someone`s success if the failure strikes several times to a person.

If we classify the conditions and situations, then there is a vast list for it. This can happen in every stage of life like; in school exams, in tests, failure in college admissions and not only in academia but also in professional life such as; fail to get a job or desired position in the company. This can also come about relationships like; a child fails to satisfy his parents in studies or any other work. The ultimate result of all these is unhappy life, depression, and lower self-esteem. Sometimes these situations can change a person`s behavior and personality completely in a negative way like; being aggressive, unhappy, and irritated all the time.

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As of a fact; every failure instills a lifetime lesson. So the thing which is important here is that; a person or child should learn to cope with his or her failure or loss and should learn from it rather than letting it change your positive side of personality. The primary and most important thing a person should do to deal with his failure is;

1. To accept the failure

When a person accepts the situations, his emotions, rejections, and his failure more than 50% of his problem gets resolved, because that’s the beginning towards acceptance and positivity. So a person should first learn to admit the thing, avoid putting on the fake smile and happiness, and say; that’s OK. The other thing after acceptance is;

2. To learn from the failure

A person should take a lesson from his failure rather than blaming someone or putting himself in grief and depressing condition. The person should move on and be constructive and get himself involved in the encouraging activates. The other most important thing a person should learn is;

3. To stop comparing oneself with others

This is the most essential point to learn for people of all ages. Do not compare yourself with others, every person has a unique and different personality, everyone is gifted with a distinguished minds and creativity. You just need to discover what you can do best and you can find the success eventually. So a person should keep in mind that he is special among all the others. Another point to learn is;

4. To recall the achievements

This can motivate a person and reminds him that he is not born to get face failure always, but he has also cherished some achievements in life. This makes him realized that success and failure are both part of life. The last and the foremost thing to learn is that;

5. Learn from others failure and don’t let that happen to you

This is not necessary that a person should learn after failure, he should learn from other`s mistakes and failures too and should try not to make that mistake again. As the world is full of lessons, but one should have an eye to catch the right thing and understand the consequences before the worst time. One should comprehend that “Failures Are Important in Life to Cherish the Bliss of Success”.

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