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The Ways To Improve Students’ Safety Attitudes

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In this carefully demonstrated article, Marci Nathai-Balkissoon, analysis the impact of the taught module on university students’ safety attitudes. The author has experience being occupational safety and health profession. The author in this article 'defines person’s mental state pertaining to safety, which is cumulatively shaped from inputs such as experiences, observations and learning about safety, and which influences how that individual perceives safety, behaves, and makes decisions in safety-related situations in work and other spheres of life' (Marcia 94). Through this assessment study, Marcia Nathai-balkissoon has done research and surveys shows the impact of improving the taught module on university students’ safety attitudes.

In this article, the author credibility by describing her experience. Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon experience and background impacted on this article. The author teaches Occupational Safety, Quality Management, and Business Strategy courses. The author earned the UWI/Guardian Life Premium Teaching Award in 2016. The author holds a B.Sc. Industrial Engineering and M.Sc. Engineering Management and 'Marcia currently completing a Ph.D' (Marcia 101). in Industrial Engineering. Industrial Engineering with a focus on Occupational Safety and Health Management. Marcia’s research and publication focus includes Safety and Health Management, Knowledge Management, and Teaching and Learning.

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In this article, the author made study that has measured student safety attitudes before and after the delivery of an occupational safety and health module to a group of university students to determine how the Occupational Safety and Health module impacted students’ safety attitude and to make curricular and other recommendations based on the study’s findings. The author purpose is to show how to prepare the individual before entering the work world. 'Safety attitude research has typically been done in the context of workplace safety culture and little focus has been placed on evaluating safety attitudes before an individual enters the working world' (Marcia 94). The author focus was to include learning about safety, since such learning develops “good” safety culture. One of this study survey instruments is the taught module. The module was intended to improve students' understanding of technical content related to hazards and risk assessment. The survey was done to a group of students and the analysis of findings demonstrated that the students showed a positive safety attitude after being taught about safety, risk management, and strengthened students’ safety outlook. The taught module also was intended to enhance students interacting with others in work, home, and school settings. The author also mentions that research has found that leaders’ commitment has a positive effect on safety management system operation.

Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon targeted a specific audience in this article. The author article was published in The West Indian Journal of Engineering. This shows that Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon in this article was targeting the safety engineering profession. It is possible also that the author was targeting the university management and gives them ideas on how to improve the taught module and how does it impact the students' safety attitude. It might be that the author was targeting the students themselves who wants to be prepared before entering the work world. Whoever was targeted by this article, the author provides the sufficient information for them to use it.

In conclusion, Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon in the article has done surveys and researches to show the impact of the taught module on university students' safety attitude and how the taught module can prepare the individuals before entering the work world. The author also shows the important of leadership by being a good example.

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