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The White Tiger Essays

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The White Tiger': A Critical Review

This novel is an attempt to capture Indianness in a most profound manner, covering substantial as well as the basic flaws that drive the Indian Social and cultural system. It, through the frivolous and trivial attitude of the protagonist, Balram Halwai who is later revealed as The White Tiger, tries to bring home the disparities and differences that drives the very so called equally opportunity provided Indian socio-political system, that in itself turns out to be a miserable contradiction when...
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The White Tiger': The Use of Imagery to Portray The Flaws in India's Social and Political Conditions

Aravind Adiga uses animal imagery in The White Tiger to illustrate flaws in the social and political conditions of India. The title itself, and later Balram’s taxi company, is the first example we see of animal imagery. He further compares the social system of India to a jungle, zoo, and rooster coop, as well as various other references to animals throughout the novel. Through the use of animal imagery, Adiga is able to show the flaws of the social and...
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Social Dystopia in Aravind Adiga‘s The White Tiger

Dystopia which means community or society is popularly assumed to be an inverted mirror and negative adaptation of utopia. Dystopia is considered as a genre in the absolute sites for generic combination. Which means tyrannical governments, dehumanization, environmental disorder are come along with cataclysmic (lots of eradication) that dwindling in society. It was a literal opposite meaning of a word utopia .Dystopian society arose in many entireties such as imaginary or invented works. Before the decennium dystopia was first adoption...
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The White Tiger': Balram Halwai as an Atypical Character

Balram Halwai is a protagonist in Aravind Adiga’s epistolary novel The White Tiger, in the sense that he is the primary driver of events in the story, and due to the fact that he faces great challenge and adversity, and overcomes the difficulties in his path. However, it is that nature in which he conquers his challenges that Balram diverges from the typical role of a protagonist; in that he climbs society through immorality and selfishness, by using others as...
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The White Tiger': Balram Figure as a Reflection of His Environment

In The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga initially presents a protagonist in Balram, who is engaging, despite confessing to horrific crimes. His language, thoughts, and deeds convey his initially good nature. However, by the end of the novel, immorality and corruption overtake Balram. This isn’t due to him being corrupt and evil at heart, but caused by India itself. The India Adiga presents is sharply divided into two, The Darkness, and The Light. The Light is where the upper castes reside,...
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The Features Of Epistolary Novel In The White Tiger

“THE WHITE TIGER” is an epistolary novel, which is written in a form of a letter, in which the narrator composed more than seven evenings to the Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao; it is a narrative of bondage, financial thriving, and murder. The tale utilizes a first-individual teller of tales, Balram Halwai, whose extraordinary, wry voice helps the peruse through his existence in ‘new India.’ Balram composes the letter in the brightness of an announcement he heard on the radio,...
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The White Tiger': Light and Darkness in a Book

Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger explores the contrasting threads of corruption and morality in Indian society, exposing the depravity and exploitation that pervade the modern state. Juxtaposing the incommensurate worlds of “Light” and “Darkness”, Adiga demonstrates that in a society of only “two castes”, decency and prosperity are unable to coexist. The oppression of the land where the “black river” flows is shown to provide few opportunities for a life of morality, whilst the larger web of societal corruption is...
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