Theme of a True Teacher in 'Freedom Writers'

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‘People will now no longer be aware you on what you have imparted to them then again on how you touched their lives alongside the way’. This is the exquisite way to describe Miss Gruwell who used to be being featured with the useful resource of the movie ‘Freedom Writers’. Her life as a trainer and a partner to his husband can also favor to be a first-rate example of a great mentor. It was once being portrayed in the movie how Miss Gruwell suffered because of her violent students who acquired right here from the distinct family situations. She did no longer only meet opposition from her students however she also had a difficult time with her branch head, who believed that she focal point less on instructing her university students to look up and read, and extra on instructing them self-discipline and obedience. But Miss Gruwell in no way gave up on it however as an alternative pursued her occupation and desire to teach her students and contact their lives in one way or some other that introduced her college students to a big change in their lives. Her love to her career was once burning in her coronary heart as she aimed to alternate her college students in a way that her college students ought to have a higher future.

The theme of the story used to be except a doubt inspiring particularly for a coaching pupil like me who additionally desires to be a true instructor in the future. I used to be so stimulated upon staring at the movie. I have realized how teachers sacrificed their very own happiness just for their passion in teaching. Sometimes we failed to respect them on how they carry us to a higher future.

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Her husband decided to file for divorce from her due to the truth that she no longer had time for him as she was very busy with school. But Miss Gruwell continued to impart her time to her college students barring the ache inside her. She sacrificed almost half of her existence just because of her occupation and reasons to help her university students to acquire change amongst them.

Yes, being a trainer is really not easy. But different professions will no longer exist barring teachers. They act as mentors and dad and mother at the identical time. Every day, they plan on how to cope with their training having particular attitudes of their students. They additionally feel what the students’ feelings. Sometimes, they additionally feel disappointment by and large when the college students are just taking their time for granted. But a precise coach has to be affected man or woman in her/his profession.

Upon observing the movie, I remembered my excessive school trainer who simply did her exceptional in imparting her information to us. Some of our classmates did now not pay respect to her due to the fact of her kindness to us. They abused her. But I never ever bear in idea that she acquired angry to these students. I absolutely favored her patient to them. After all, these college students realized what they have done.

Like the movie ‘Freedom Writers’, instructors absolutely have to be patient sufficient in managing one-of-a-kind behaviors in the class. They have to be teachers, parents and friends to their students. Ideally, instructors do not in reality instruct the trouble things alternatively they also contact the existence of the college students in many exclusive ways. Furthermore, instructors normally have the time to hear to their students’ problem.

In general, the movie teaches us the price of our instructors whose desire is to assist us attain the goal in our life. It also provides us a questioning as training university college students that being a teacher is in no way easy. Never intention to be a coach if you do now not love to live for it due to the reality. I agree with that right teachers do no longer train to live to on the other hand they as an alternative live to teach.

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