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Themes And Symbols In The Poem Daffodils

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The concept of this poem is about the speaker’s joy for the beauty of daffodils and what they mean to him and mankind’s relationship to the natural world. Throughout this poem, the speaker is admiring the natural world and its beauty. The themes of this poem are nature and humanity, memory and imagination. The speaker is the symbol for humanity and the daffodils are the symbol of nature. In the poem, humanity is a part of nature and humans having a strong bond with nature creates real and not synthetic human happiness, for example, mobile devices. The speaker uses beautiful natural imagery to encourage the reader to appreciate the beauty of nature and what it has to offer. The speaker appears to be lonely at the beginning of the poem but the presence and sight of the daffodils become ingrained in the speaker’s vivid memories. The cloud is a metaphor for the speaker and in using this metaphor it represents that humanity can be one with nature. Without nature we all of humanity would be lonely, we would be like the cloud this is why the poem has its name. The poem is trying to convince the reader of the positive effects of having an active engagement with nature. In today’s age, this poem is so important because we do not have an active engagement or appreciation for nature, we destroy it and in doing so we are destroying our happiness and replacing it with material possessions.

The form of poetry is lyrical and the rhyme scheme is ABABCC in each stanza throughout the poem and it is spoken in the first person through the speaker recalling their memories of nature.

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The whole poem is a recital of the speaker’s memory and requires the reader to have an imagination to truly visualise the speaker’s memory within their mind. If it weren’t for the speaker’s imagination and ability to use poetic techniques to create a picture for others to read, there would be no poem. The speaker looks back on an experience and uses his imagination to turn it into something vivid and different. The personification of the daffodils throughout the poem are used imaginatively, they are said to be “dancing” but they are just being blown by the wind but the activity of dancing seems to evoke a pleasant feeling, it is like the daffodils are alive, living and vivid in the reader’s mind/imagination. The reader then starts to notice life in everything else and in doing so this makes them feel more alive. The speaker’s inward eye is a symbol for or metaphor for their imagination, which they bring up whenever they are in a “vacant or .. pensive mood.” The reader is being taken on the journey of the speaker’s memory and asked to use their imagination.

The speaker shows with his inward eye (imagination) positive effects can occur, he is no longer in a vacant or pensive mood and encourages the reader to use their imagination. By personifying the daffodils with human qualities sadly makes them more important to humans, if we saw plants and animals that way we would not destroy them because in doing so we would be destroying ourselves. Because the speaker has such a strong imagination, they can extend their experience into our minds (the readers). Imagination and nature are essential to human happiness and content. The daffodils in this poem are a symbol of nature’s beauty and the rebirth of the land in springtime.

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