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Theme of Cinderella

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The themes we will be analyzing are, “make the best out of every situation,” and “those who are truly kind-hearted will receive good fortune.” The two themes apply to actuality and are above board. The second theme is more engaging than the first considering it speaks a truth that most disregard or take for granted.

The main character of the book, Cinderella’s Rat, is a small rat who’s accompanied by his sister, Ruth. Page 3 starts off the book with the rat stating, “life is full of surprises” (Meddaugh, 3). This is a way to foreshadow the series of events soon to occur. Scarce food and danger of predators is a continuous struggle for them, especially having to deal with it every day. On pages 5 and 6, hunger drove them to do a foolish act, they were entrapped by Cinderella’s fairy godmother. This event led to Cinderella being capable to go to the ball, shown when he arrives. Simultaneously, his sister was able to escape before her brother was turned into a coach boy. His lack of food and endangerment of cats that were once a complication that was now gone since he was human. Although, his sister continued to be a rat. While stuffing his face with food, a fellow boy mistook his sister as just a rat. When he claimed that it was his sister, he assumed his sister was turned from a human girl to a rat. Thus, the boy took him and Ruth to a wizard, turning his sister from a rat to a human whose voice mimicked a dog.

The book itself is a side plot to the Cinderella story that is widely known. The importance of being turned into a human was followed by a sequence of events concluding with his sister becoming human. Although he was transformed back into a rat, he continued to have his sister as a way to guard himself from cats and as a way to obtain food. A message to take from this is, “make the best out of every situation.” In the last few pages, he is not able to communicate with her, there are gains to her condition. Even though he contributed to Cinderella’s happy ending, his conclusion made no relation to her whatsoever.

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The book, Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella by Jan Brett, is based on a chicken representing Cinderella. The story very similar to Cinderella follows the plot of a poor chicken being victimized, by a mean hen and her daughters. The story ends with Cinders falling in love with the prince at a ball that she was able to go to, due to the fairy god-chicken granting them with a gorgeous gown and transportation. The problem is solved and ends with a happy ending. One significant thing that happened is Cinders and the prince falling for each other. It is seen through pages 16 through 21. In these pages they meet, they dance, then they are left with the cliche ending of Cinders losing her glass slipper, leaving before they know each other’s names. The reason it is significant is that it shows Cinders getting her happy ending , (as always) even after the rough times she’s been put through. The message this sends out is “those who are truly kind-hearted will receive good fortune” Cinders stayed true at heart, not being cruel even in her conditions and in the end it paid off. Another noteworthy segment from page 9 when the Silkie hen, representing the fairy god-mother, swooped in to save the day by gifting her a gorgeous big gown to wear to the ball. The silkie hen also provided Cinders with transportation. It was significant due to the fact that Cinders was in no condition to go to the ball, and in a few seconds, she was more than ready to go to the ball. We can take an important message from this, “ The hardship will be worth it in the end”

Both stories correlate to Cinderella, but as a variant of her and a side plot of the tale. Many books portray different versions of the Cinderella story, but Cinderella’s Rat is more so a subplot depicting an event that commenced Cinderella’s happy ending. Cinders, a chicken account of Cinderella, has an overall homogenous narrative. Among the two accounts, they’re mostly unlike, setting aside the fact that they’re associated with Cinderella and the main characters are animals. Upon the fact that the two books are essential for children, the presence of animals engages them. In animal fiction, the story is perceived through non-human eyes, and it dispenses us a world through another perspective.

Between the messages/morals of the story, there’s a clear difference in the output of them. Through the morals of Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella, you get a clear conscience that you’ve received through the original Cinderella story, considering they have an indistinguishable plot. With Cinderella’s Rat, the principles learned throughout were considerably already well-known, with no genuine use. Both messages/morals apply to Cinderella and the readers, especially the messages from Cinders. “The truly kind-hearted will receive good fortune in the end,” is depicted with the hardship Cinders undergoes through the old hen and her daughters. They’re important because they’re values shown throughout the novels. Then, we use those morals/messages into account and build to the story.

The novel we preferred the most was Cinderella’s Rat. There was particular wittiness portrayed in the book that caught our eye. It’s fascinating because most books regarding Cinderella were various accounts of the Disney movie we all know and love. Cinderella’s Rat is a unique storyline, nevertheless centering back to Cinderella. The book itself was combined humor than seriousness, unlike Cinders. It would be a valid suggestion for those desiring a small chuckle from a book.

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