Themes, Role And Effects Of The Book Uncle Tom's Cabin

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'Uncle Tom's Cabin' was born in the 1950s and is known as one of the fuses that triggered the American Civil War. The book is about the sin and immorality of slavery, and it is thought-provoking. If you want to understand the slavery of the United States, the novel must not be missed. The work is the reaction of the times. First, the author's background in the era gave her the inspiration for her creation. Mrs. Stowe (1811-1896) was born in Connecticut, an American writer and abolitionist. She lived in Cincinnati for 18 years and experienced there. A fugitive life, which laid the foundation for the creation of the novel. Secondly, his family is an active abolitionist, and she naturally became one of them. Finally, and most importantly, is the country’s environment. In the 1930s, slavery was a deeply protected system, especially in the southern states of the United States, when a quarter of southerners had slaves and slave owners Most of the property, more obviously, was in the middle of the 19th century, when the United States passed a law, the Law on the Runaway Slave, which prohibited the slaves from escaping in the form of law. The offenders will be punished by law, and at the same time, the fugitives and freedom. The restrictions on the rights of black people can be said that the development of slavery is increasingly 'prosperous.' In this context, Mrs. Stowe expressed deep sympathy for the tragic life of the slave, and she decided to present what she had heard in the form of words, so that the novel was born.

The novel uses the way of interspersed rotation to describe the different encounters of the black slaves. The more obvious is the contrast between the masters Tom and the Elisa.

The master, Tom, is a tough Christian slave who treats the content of the Bible as the highest faith at all times. As the steward in Shelby's manor, he is hardworking, loyal and kind, and is very popular among the people in the manor. The Shelby family is also very generous and kind, and he is very good, especially the young Master George likes Uncle Tom. Later, Shelby lost the stock speculation and the bill fell into the hands of the slave trader Heili. He had to sell his slave to him to pay the debt, and Haley happened to hit Tom. Since then, Tom’s life has turned. Tom met the kind little girl Eva on the ship carrying the slave. When Eva fell into the river, Tom saved her. To thank him, Eva asked his father, St. Clair, to buy Tom from the hands of the slave trader and brought Tom to his home in New Orleans. During this period, Tom and Eva became intimate because they were convinced of Christianity. After Tom lived with St. Clair for two years, Eva got seriously ill. Before she died, she dreamed of heaven in a dream, and she told the dream to the people around her. Because of Eva's death and her dreams, others decided to change their lives: St. Clair promised to give Tom freedom. Before St. Clair fulfilled his promise, he was stabbed to death by a hunting knife for intervening in a battle. St. Clair’s wife refused to fulfill her husband’s promise of life and sold Tom to a vicious farmer, Simon Legg, at an auction. Legry (he is not a native-born Southerner, but an immigrant from the North) brought Tom to the Louisiana countryside. Tom met other Legge slaves here, including Emily (Legry bought her at the same auction) and Cathy. Cathy was forced to be separated from her children when she was auctioned; she killed her third child because she couldn't bear the pain of another child being betrayed. When Tom refused to obey Legry's orders to whipping his slave companions, Legry began to hate him. Tom suffered a cruel lash. Legry is determined to crush Tom's faith in God. But Tom refused to stop reading the Bible and did his best to comfort other slaves. He encouraged Cathy to escape and let her take Emilion. When Tom refused to tell Le Gregory and Emilion where to flee, Legry ordered his supervisor to kill Tom. When he was dying, Tom forgave the two supervisors to brutally beat him: by the inspiration of his character, both of them converted to Christ.

The Elisas are two characters in contrast to Tom. Ilha is the maid of Mrs. Shelby, very loved by her wife. When she learned that her master was going to sell her child to the trafficker, Haley, she chose to escape. And his husband, George Harris, was smart and witty. He was a slave to another farmer. He was abused by his master for a long time. He fled to Canada to find freedom for himself. Later, Ilhasha and her husband reunited on the way to escape. The family fled to Canada together and ushered in their victory. When the Georges arrived in Canada, the author's description was impressive: they didn't have a single inch of land in this new place, there wasn't a house, some were just birds flying in the sky and blue sky, but they But they are very excited, they never feel richer than they are now.

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At the end of the novel, Shelby’s son, Master George, came to look for Tom, but had to accept the fact that Tom had been killed by Legry. He was very sad. He returned home and liberated all his slaves, slaves. They are not willing to leave his estate. He said: 'You can not leave me. There are still many people in the manor to work. The servants are also needed in the main house. But you are all free people now. According to our agreement, I pay for your labor. The good thing is that once I am in debt, or if I die -- both of these things can happen, you won't be taken to be slaves by others.' Ending in such a way gives the reader great comfort. . In fact, it can be seen that the author used the mouth of Master George to point out a direction for the abolition system in a certain sense.

After reading the novel, the readers sighed for the fate of each character. Some people think that in the process of Tom's several changes to the Lord, he always dedicated his service to the owner, insisted on his kindness, and even pinned the ravages on the healing of the Bible, which bought a foreshadowing of his life tragedy. Under the oppressive system of the cruel system, it is often reluctant to accept, and the fate of the characters who dare not resist is the most tragic. Others think that he is loyal and tolerant, kind and fraternal, and sincere and tenacious. Although his life ended in tragedy, his influence changed the fate of countless people. The little master George, Shelby liberated all the slaves under his death after he died, and educated the slaves how to use their freedom to dominate their own destiny. Kathy, who was tortured by destiny and lost hope of survival, struggled to find hope for survival under the influence of Uncle Tom, and led Emilion, who led the same fate, to escape from the vicious slave owners, find their children, and get a good ending. Although the vicious slave master Le's did not allow Tom to succumb to his arrogance, he tortured him to death, but he could not get rid of Tom's shadow until he died.

The Georges dare to resist the reality and dare to pursue freedom for themselves. This is why their fate is different from the master Tom. If there is oppression, there should be resistance.

The whole novel is sorrowful, touched, cruel, and gratifying. It has been loved by readers since its publication. The reprint of the first edition has played a major role in inspiring the anti-slavery sentiment of the people. It has also been translated into various languages. Publishing abroad has also had a major impact on the abolitionist movements in other parts of the world. Lincoln said that 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' is a book that led to a great war. It did lead to a war, and it is remarkable. Good literary works must stand the test of time. If you just want to know the history of slavery in the past, then read 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'.

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