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Thinking about the Motivational Interest of Choosing Accounting and Finance

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Choosing a subject might be intriguing or very irksome, so in the process of choosing a major academic subject we have to enlist our interest and skills in our mind. That’s what I did and found out that I was fascinated by an intimate thing: numbers.

Numbers. A countless set of probabilities, just like life. The entire universe is just a series of statistics, neither more nor less. This world cannot run for a split of a second without numbers. From the splitting of chromosomes to the mind blowing space shuttles everything is run by these mighty numbers. Numbers are the reason behind the establishment of banking systems and worldwide businesses. In addition, accounting is a profound way of dealing with numbers and it gravitated me since I came across this subject. For me accounting is something I am exceedingly avid about. From a young age I have always enjoyed accounting and finance and problem solving; fortunately for me these two interests of mine are a part of the fundamentals of accounting and finance.

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My inspiration behind accounting and finance comes from a very tender age, the manipulations and calculations of accounting and finance always fascinated me and it always seemed to be my strong suit. This lead to my inspiration for accountancy, in my younger years I did a little work for Ismaili Boy Scout Group Yasin Colony affiliated with Pakistan Boy Scouts Association, doing basic calculations and organizing money for the group. The idea that accounting and finance is involved with almost every aspect of a person’s daily life intensely intrigues me. This fascinated me deeply and proved to me that it was a possibility of a career I wanted to pursue. In addition, working in a library (Diamond Jubilee Library Gilgit) as the head of finance has helped me develop analytical skills which are really crucial to understand the aroma of accounting. I have also volunteered in raising money for the establishment of this library. This has improved my sense of responsibility, and teamwork and motivation skills, as I had to interact, work efficiently and motivate my fellow peers. Furthermore, as the co-founder of an educational society known as Ebullient Capricious Crew I have lead this society to help and explore the educational problems of surrounding. To develop further insight into my chosen career I opted as the finance secretary for the organization. Working with the organization for almost three years has improved my adaptability skills during all this time I faced a range of new circumstances, developing new skills.

An institution having a strong student teacher relationship, that gives an amazing educational environment, and fosters your extracurricular skills is jotted down as a dream institute. LUMS is thought to be the Harvard of Pakistan providing actual learning with modern way of teaching and creative facilities. Its option of choosing a major during your first year was one of the main reasons of me applying for LUMS. Besides LUMS offering activity based and research oriented approach towards learning makes it distinctive among the other notable universities. I always wanted to pursue my studies in a flamboyant and promising university just like LUMS. The prospect of learning more about the field I want to go into is what motivates and excites me into going to University. Moreover, its accounting and finance degree has its high reputation within the country and across the whole globe making me more confidant to choose it. I hope by attending University, I can develop the skills that I currently possess and also gain new skills.

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