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The Comparison between Franz Kafka's Trial and Thomas More’s Utopia’s Effects on Society and Individual

Abstract This study focuses on the literature novels written by Franz Kafka and Thomes more. Firstly, I will try to focus on corruption and deterioration on society within both books Utopia and Trial. This corruption in society leads to the new words ‘Utopia’ and ‘Dystopia’.Secondly, I will focus the meaning and roles these words in society and individual. Even if in both works content is different, it will show us there will be a connection the words’ Utopia’ and ‘Dystopia’....
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Thomas More's Social Commentaries on 16th Century England: Analysis of Utopia

Utopias are imagined in the mind of humans, seeking to fix the flaws that riddle their contemporary societies. During the Renaissance, a period of elevated thought and social progress, Thomas More wrote Utopia to provide social commentary on the flaws of 16th century England, protected under a veil of satire and verisimilitude. More utilizes Raphael Hytholodeus to voice his concerns of the economic disparity, self-indulgent society, and the negative impact of monarchs on the 16th century. He uses the structure...
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Ideal Society in Thomas More’s Utopia: Critical Analysis

Thomas More was an English lawyer, author, and humanist who had been active in English politics during the early 16th century before he resigned due to disagreeing with King Henry VIII’s choice to make the king hold authority in the making of church law. Afterward, he wrote the fictional book Utopia which tells about a country without the social and economic injustices in 16th century England (Neild & Bain 2020, p.4). In this essay, I will argue that Thomas More...
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Thomas More: Utopia

Sir Thomas More was the first person to use the term “utopia,” describing an ideal, imaginary world in his most famous work of fiction. His book describes a complex community on an island, in which people share a common culture and way of life. The term he coined derives from the Greek word ou-topos meaning “nowhere,”. Ironically, it is the opposite of the similar-sounding Greek word eu-topos meaning “a good place,”. At its heart, the book poses the question of...
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Education and Religion in Thomas More’s Utopia: Analytical Essay

Introduction Thomas More’s Utopia is one of the important elements in Europe society, especially in England. Sir Thomas More was an English lawyer, writer, and statesman. He wrote the famous first formal Utopia. He imagined a complex, self-contained world set on an island, in which communities shared a common culture and way of life. Thomas More was a noted Renaissance humanist. In Thomas More’s Utopia, education and religion are consists in Utopian social life. The ideas of Thomas More have...
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George Danton and Thomas More: Comparative Essay

Both George Danton and Thomas More were revolutionary and very controversial men for their time periods. Though, living in completely different eras these men share some similarities and differences. We can see how their ideals, status, accomplishments, and personal lives are all portrayed and developed throughout the movies and readings. As a result this better helps show how both men are different in some ways and very similar in others. The first part of this essay will predominantly focus on...
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