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Thoughts on the Importance of Food

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Who doesn’t want to eat food? Probably, no one. Food is a necessity for every human being on the planet. It is an integral part of our lives. Without food, we can’t do certain tasks that require our energy of body and brain.

Everyone has probably noticed that when we eat something, we get instantly happy and we want to do the certain tasks that we wouldn’t do when we hadn’t eaten. Of course, our body has the energy to keep us going, but also our brain has got a lot of energy, and then the brain starts sending positive and energetic signals to the body, making it do the difficult tasks. This is why food is an essential component of better mental health. As a quote from the famous writer Virginia Woolf says: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”.

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Now, there are a few ways food affects the overall health of our brain. First, food promotes brain development. Brain development is a very necessary thing for a human being to prosper in this world. There are hundreds of ways for the development of our brain, but the basic and the most important one of them is food. No nutritionist or doctor can deny the importance of food when it comes to brain development. Food plays a pivotal role in molding our brain and making it suitable for our body to work together.

The second one is focus. Focus is the necessary thing that plays an important role in any task we want to accomplish. Getting success is difficult when there is no focus on the goals that we want to achieve and the journey we want to go on. For example, a lack of focus causes blurred vision, which can potentially lead to failure. Now, there are many ways we can keep our focus intact and food is one of them. Food is so much important to us that when we start eating, we visualize our dreams and goals in our mind, at least this is what happens to me most of the time.

With the above benefits we get from eating food, we can safely say that food is directly proportional to mental health, meaning the more food we eat, the more our mental health will improve and vice versa. Therefore, the importance of the food we eat for our health is obvious.

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