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Tim Hortons VS Starbucks

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Tim Horton is a Canadian fast food restaurant chain, specializing in coffee and donut items. It is Canada’s largest quick service restaurant chain. It is one of the most popular and demanding coffee shop in the modernized era of Canada. It was established by the two partners Tim Hortons and Ron Joyce in May 17, 1964 at Hamilton Ontario After the death of the Tim Horton the other partner Ron Joyce bought the Horton family’s shares for $1 million and took over as sole owner of the existing chain of forty stores. Joyce expanded the chain quickly and aggressively in both geography and product selection with the expansion of Tim Hortons restaurants, there was many major changes observed in the coffee and donut industry due to which some small scale and local coffee shops take their feet back from the industry because the company have clear mission statement and have clear goal of achieving the major position in the industry and want to be king as well as rich in the economy. As with the increase in growth of Tim Hortons restaurants, the owner of the Wendy’s restaurant decides to open a restaurant where both of these brands where operate together so that the companies earn more profit. Having the clear vision in the business contributes a lot in achieving the desire goals as the Tim Hortons have.

Mission Statement

Mission statement is one of the important document in the business which plays very significant role in business. Basically this written statement which briefly explains the company’s goal and philosophies. It also defines “what an organization is, why it exists, its reason for being”. Every company has the strong mission statement which helps the company in performing its functions and directs their efforts in achieving the goals which are set in the statement. Tim hortons also have mission statement which helps it to achieve its desire reputation and position in the competitive market so that they can remain at the top in the food industry. Mission statement of the Tim Hortons is to provide the superior quality of its products and services in order to make its customers happier and to achieve their attraction so that they can never think about any other restaurant. In their statement the overall goal of Tim Hortons is also reflected which is to be a quality leader in everything they do in their restaurant. The main focus of the Tim Hortons is to excel in the food industry and get innovate products and to enhance the existing services which strives the Tim Hortons to be the best through determination and passion. Tim Hortons also have the mission of serving their products to maximum number of people with a short waiting time so that customers get their meals as quick as possible and set that quick service in their mind so that they come to their restaurant net time without any hesitation. Promoting the coordination and team work among the employees is another mission of the Tim Hortons to direct their behavior and efforts towards the company’s goal.

Core Values

Values are defined as the beliefs and ethics of the organizations towards the thing which are surrounding all around. Core values are very important values which dictates the companies the behavior and efforts toward the goal and which tells the company about what is wrong and what is right for the company for present as well as for the future. Core values also help the companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide. Core values also reflect the decision making strategies of the management and how they interact with stakeholders. . Tim Hortons have many moral values which shows their coordination in the team members and how the mangers and all other employees work together under one roof and in such a manner which automatically highlights the values and culture of the this company. Addition to this tim hortons also have the values know that their Team Members are the heart of their Restaurants. They have great relationships with our Guests and provide them with the incredible service by which their brand is known for and the reason for its existence. Tim Hortons have the culture of rewarding its employs for their efforts in achieving the company’s goal of connecting more customers.

Social ResponsibilityActivities

Social responsibility means performing the task or activities which are valuable for the development of the society. it is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity of an organization that has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. As to survive in the competitive and demanding market where the customers have many choices, the companies have to perform the social activities which helps the company in making strong goodwill in the market due to which the reputation goes up among the other competitors. Tim Hortons also perform many social activities which are handless contributors of the success such as starting the Tim Hortons children’s foundation which have there are several programs which are designed in such a way to make the campers more responsible, caring and motivated individuals. Moreover Tim Hortons also contributes in providing the opportunities to the children to participate in local sports event organized by it. Tim Horton also perform a social work of providing the employment opportunities to the job seekers as well as to the farmers who grow coffee specially for them. Tim Hortons also donates its share of profit to the social charities across the Canada and US through the smile cookies.

Environmental Sustainability Activities

Every business uses the resources of the society in order to produce its goods and services which help the company to earn their living. In order to continue the usage of resources, company have to perform some environmental sustainability task so that the company can use the resources easily without any restrictions or obligations in this demanding era there is need to perform more and more sustainable activities which guides the company to use the resources in such a way which benefits the present as well as future generation. Tim Hortons perform many environmental sustainable activities which save the environment from many disastrous problems. Tim Hortons have ecofriendly packing designs, waste reduction at the restaurant and green building designs, and many other activities which are done to protect the environment from harm. It also reduces the 35% of usage of water consumption at the operating office. In order to protect the environment from the waste material. Tim Hortons addressing the waste generated at restaurants through reduction, reuse and recycling initiatives.

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In Canada, there are many coffee shops were exist who serve the different types of coffee drinks to the people who enjoy the society. starbucks is one of the coffee shop and restaurant who offers the wide variety of coffee to its customers. Starbuck was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971 by three partners name Jerry Baldwin , Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowke. It is considered as an Americana coffee and coffeehouse corporation who have 28,218 number of branches all over the world. Starbucks is also be choose as the main representative of “second wave coffee”which distimguish its coffee from other coffee venues in US through its taste, quality and customers point of view or experience. Starbucks serves hot and cold drinks, whole- bean coffee. Microground coffee which is omne of the special coffee of te starbucks. It also offers snacks and frappuccino beverages which make it more demanding and popular among the customers because customer always demand wide variety of things so that they can enjoy their meals. Starbucks is not just passionate purveyor of coffee, everything else going in the coffeehouse enhance the reputation and level in the competitive market.

Mission Statement

Every company has one mission statement which identifies company’s vision for the future that what they are doing and what they have to do for securing the future growth in the market. Moreover, mission statement also clarifies the path on which the company has to operate for its survival and serving the society its products and services. it also shows the philosophies used by the company to become unique and quality superior from the other competitors who also serve the same products to the market. Starbucks also have the strong mission statement which governs its policies. Starbucks mission statement is to inspire and nurture the human spirit which means one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. This statement shows how the Starbucks operation support the difference from the market. Starbucks also have the vision of always been and will always be about the quality which mean how they are passionate for sourcing the finest coffee beans which are roasted with great care in order to protect the people who grow them. in mission statement Starbucks also put focus on the partners which means employees perform their tasks with passion not with pressure in which they all hold each others to that standard. Addition to this, Starbucks’s vision focuses on leadership in the industry which gives company success in respond to the environment depend upon the effective implementation of this statement.

Core Values

Core values are defined as those values which shows the company’s fundamental beliefs which dictate the behavior of the company and help them in understanding the difference between right and wrong means that whether the company is on right track or not. Core values also reflect the attitude and culture of the company which display the real image of company in front of customers and society. Core values plays very important role in making the ladder of success for the company. Starbucks also have many core values which are implemented in the company in order to make the company reputation and standard. Starbucks have the value of creating a culture of warmth and belonging in which everyone is welcomed with respect and love. Moreover Starbucks also have a value of coordination and belongingness which means all have the feeling of one. Moreover, it also have the value of acting with courage, challenging the status quo and searching the new paths to grow the company and being present , connecting with transparency, dignity all these values together build a set platform for the Starbucks.

Social Responsibility Activities

Social responsible activities means performing some activities which contributes to the development of the society and raise the level of the economy at that place where the society enjoy the higher standard of living as well as the higher quality of life. to achieve their target. The company has to do some of the social activities to remain in demand and in the eyes of the customers. Performing social activities is one of the important responsibilities of the company Starbucks also performing several social activities in order to contribute some efforts towards the betterment of society. Moreover, Starbucks also helps the communities where its stores are located and to the ones where the coffee is grown. Starbucks also implemented the Youth employment program in which it helps the homeless and out of foster care and who have low level of education which make them eligible for earning the cost of education so that they can achieve their education and secure their future. Adding to the social activities done by Starbucks, it also donates $0,05 to $0.15 per transaction to the nonprofit organization in order to help the needy people and serve the society something valuable.

Environmental Sustainability Activities

Every business exist in the market use the various resources of the environment to manufacture its products and fulfill the demand of its customers and keep on using these resources until these are available. And to make long term use of resources, business has to protect these resources by performing the environmental sustainable activities so that the resources were used in efficient manner. Starbucks also uses many resources of the environment and it also performs various tasks to protect the environment from harmful materials. Starbucks started the recycling and waste reduction program in which Starbucks recycle the recycling items by itself. Starbucks also began providing recycling in the front of the house in a number of key markets in Canada and US. In order to save water in the environment, Starbucks installed dishwasher in all the stores so the usage of water might be reduced. Starbucks uses wooden products, recycling floor tiles and paint with lower amount volatile organic chemicals in their stores which directly reflects how the Starbucks save the resources of environment.

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