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“I’ll never let go Jack, I’ll never let go”, now that is one movie line almost every single person recognizes. It is one of the most powerful scenes in a top grossing film called ‘Titanic’. This film explores many human emotions that the audience and the characters in the movie feel. It shows the complexity of love, especially because this particular love is forbidden. It expresses a forbidden love story between characters Jack and Rose who’s love story shows the highs and lows of love and how it holds much power.

Jack and Rose's love was foreseen as forbidden as they were both from different classes. Rose was a higher-class woman whose family is set on her marrying her fiancé Cal. Whilst Jack is a lower-class body who won a ticket to go on this ship with his friend. Their love was forbidden mainly by Roses mother as she sees Jack as a ‘poor boy’ and a threat to Roses approaching marriage. She forbids them from seeing each other when she says: “You are not to see that boy again, do you understand me, Rose? I forbid it”. Now us as teenagers may sneak around and go behind our parents back as they don’t approve of our partner. That forbidden love is what makes people stronger as a couple and encourages them to sneak around as displayed by Jack and Rose on the ship.

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This film make you realize that when you aren’t allowed to do something it makes you want to pursue it more and explore that part of your life. So, when Rose was forbidden from seeing Jack, it made the time more special when she was with him, because in the back of her mind she knew that she was rebelling.

Cal who was Rose’s fiancé attempts to forbid this love also. He is disappointed in Rose for liking Jack, as he is offended that she prefers a lower-class man. In an attempt to cancel this love Cal frames Jack for jewelry theft. Jack was then punished and locked on the bottom of the boat. As Jack is being pulled away, he says to Rose: “You know I didn’t do it, you know it!”. The film technique used in this scene is a long take also referred to as a ‘one shot’. This occurs when the scene is taken without any cuts. The stress of this environment represented by the long shot describes the tension between them representing the forbidden love they share.

In the film love is symbolized by the Heart of the Ocean diamond. This is shown through the technique of flashback. The entire film is a flashback of Rose as an older woman recounting her experience on the Titanic for the first time. At the end of the movie the older Rose drops the Heart of the Ocean diamond back into the sea. This is foreseen as a symbolic gesture that embodies her reunion with Jack in the afterlife. “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets”. Rose tells this too Brock which proves that love is a powerful experience which can stick with you forever. Through the use of flashback, this has broadened my understanding that love means more than material wealth, as that necklace was worth a lot of money.

Jack and Rose risked a lot for their love. They managed to hurt people whilst also risking their own lives. But in this situation, it was all because of Jack that Rose is still alive. This is because at the start of the movie Rose was about to jump off the boat and Jack saved her risking his own life. So, if it wasn’t for Jack Rose would’ve been alive and they wouldn’t have fallen in love. “He saved me in every way a person can be saved”, – says Rose. Their love saves Roses life but ends Jacks, hence why I now understand that love is such a powerful experience.

In my opinion, ‘Titanic’ is one of the best films in portraying live as an experience. As it shows the ups and downs of love and how even though this love is forbidden it still flourished in the time they were on the ship. It is a love story that will never. Let go of the hearts of people around the world

For some people, this is their favorite movie, as it is one of the greatest movies of all time. But in my opinion, it is the experience of the forbidden love that Jack and Rose shared, which is what makes the film so special and interesting. It also teaches you a lesson that love does have its highs and lows whilst also saving you physically and emotionally.

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