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Determination Of Arsenic In Commercial Wine Brands Using Redox Titration

Introduction/Problem In 2015, California wineries came under scrutiny after wine containing illegal and dangerously high levels of poisonous inorganic arsenic was found, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles. (Schiavone, 2015). These brands were very popular and cheap and there was a total of eighty-three (83) brands under scrutiny. No wineries issued recalls, and no retailers pulled wine from store shelves during the legal tussle. The wineries argued in a March 23, 2016 court hearing, that their labels warn...
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Titration Of Ascorbic Acid

Introduction My parents make orange juice every day, they inform me that is good for me since it contains vitamin C.Vitamin C which is scientifically called ascorbic acid, due to it being an acid, it can easily be oxidized in neutral or basic concentrations by dissolved oxygen, leading to a loss of two hydrogens, since it lost two electrons(“Vitamin C”) . I chose to investigate what could impact in the content of vitamin C in an orange juice sample, and...
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Titration And Determining Hard Water Ions

Introduction Hard water ions are commonly present in most water reserves around the world. It is defined as water with the presence of large amounts of magnesium and calcium ions [1]. Hard water ions can be present in water to a certain extent and still be safe for consumption. These regulations are determined by the Environmental Protection Agency. Although there are no primary or secondary standards put in place in regard to hard water, the EPA determined that 60- 120...
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Identifying Unknown Diprotic Acids Using Titration

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the identity of an unknown diprotic or triprotic acid by performing a standard titration procedure. Standardized NaOH was used to titrate the unknown acid and the changes in pH and volumes were recorded. The molar mass (98.4g/mol), pKa (1.81), and Ka () were calculated. The overall findings resulted in the identification of Maleic acid as the Unknown B in laboratory. Introduction A titration procedure is used to determine the identity of an...
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