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Too Much Salt Is Bad For You

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Have you learned that salt is bad for you if you take too much up to this day? And do you know how much salt a human body needs in a single day for every meal. Mostly, Malaysians do not know how much to take with each meal due to lack of awareness in this matter. The adults often take up more than 6g which is the adult limit. Wherever adults have a healthy body but still need to control long term health salt intake. The restriction for the children is based on their age between 1 to 3 years of age which will take just 2g.

Next, we should give public exposure to the risk of over consumption of salt as a part of Malaysian. Consumption too much salt will give the bad effect because of sodium content. If the people know how to use it properly, sodium may have good and bad consequences. Sodium is a mineral found in the foods which we always eat every day.

In this age, people tend to eat fast food with high salt content at any meal which can cause high blood pressure which stomach cancer if taken every day. I firmly believe that eating a lot of salt in every day life can affect the next day, bringing with it some effect like mild headaches. I did work on the risks of eating too much salt being bad for you. I have two explanations why salt is more of a downside to a person who takes too much salt. Firstly, salt could increase blood pressure and secondly high intake of salt could be associated with cancer of the stomach. Those two diseases in Malaysia have a much higher percentage.

People who consume too much salt will raise blood pressure. According to Gavin Van De Walled, MS, Md’s Healthline on December 5, as many as 100,000 people from 18 countries took the test o identify who consumed salt that was too much other than lower intakes.

High blood pressure, for example, connects to the heart which is a very critical part of the organ of our body. And if people keep eating so much salt, oxygen doesn’t enter the heart to consume blood. The effect is heart attack that can increase blood pressure.

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According to Live Well, Dr Tranchtenberg found that there are as many as 9000 – 12000 people taking too much salt a day because each meal is more than one diner. It is too much which is approximately more than three times the amount recommended. Dr Tranchtenberg offers the advice to the people out there if they can manage too much salt consumption, it’s going to be fine. The benefits of reducing salt during the day can also improve people’s health in a region, the World Health Organization says. Therefore, if people follow the rules to low salt in their salt, a charge person that studies details in health gauge 2.5 million people will live a healthy lifestyle.

People who consume high salt intake could be associated with stomach cancer. According to Rachael Link, MS, MD Healthline on August 21, 2017, another study showed that there were 268,718 people taking excessive salt intake with a risk of stomach cancer by 68 per cent of people taking a healthy lifestyle which reduced salt in their diet.

According to Dr Stephanie Fay is Science Programmed Manager (Research Interpretation) at World Cancer Research Fund International, they agreed among their members that food was chill with salt have certain high salt foods that could cause this disease. Studies found that the likelihood that people would get stomach cancer is higher if the people eat such foods regularly.

Studies show that as a result of excessive salt intake in men, the stomach cancer is higher than in men at 2,000 per year compared to 1,300 for women per year, according to the Guardian The researchers have been investigating that smoking and decreased intakes of vegetables cause stomach cancer especially in men, according to the Guardian. So, people in this world should be taking part in these issues o reduce this disease.

To conclude, today we have already spoken about drawbacks of eating too much salt which is bad for daily life. I’m pretty sure you will agree to listen to my speech after you lend ear. From now on you can also change start to have good lifestyle. It’s better to start late than never. Many people with the lowest salt should change the ways they cook and reserve the food with the lowest salt. Thank you.

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