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Virtual Reality and Its Use in the Tourism Industry

Virtual reality (VR) can be defined as create an illusion that we are present somewhere we are not. Virtual reality can lead people to experience all in one time in a place within as the same time. Virtual reality can persuade human brain to bring them to a place but it is not a real place. There is three-dimensional image that was created with hardware of software in virtual reality. Then, it will present to the user in various way....
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Voluntourism in the Tourism Industry

This essay looks at the present status of ‘volunteer the travel industry’, both as a field of study and current state. In addition, the paper outlines the volunteer the travel industry, assesses the effects for example positive or negative of volunteer the travel industry. Volunteering in tourism stands for a form of tourism within which persons travel to new places or different countries, where they volunteer their services to help those who need their services or abilities. According to Mostafanezhad...
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The Problem of Overtourism in the Cruise Tourism Industry

For a destination to be classified as suffering from overtourism means that both locals and visitors sense a disruption in the destination’s quality of both experience and lifestyle to a point that it may become unmanageable (UNWTO, 2018). Overtourism is a result of mass tourism which may lead to an imbalance of the multidisciplinary elements of social, economic and environment – the triple bottom line of sustainability (Weaver and Lawton, 2014). Destinations that become unsustainable due to overtourism can lead...
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Essay on the Importance of Tourism Industry in Our Daily Life

Living life with tourism industry is not easy. Because when we say tourism, industry it is all about business and not just like a simple business but all you need is a very successful business. For you to have a successful business, you need a very specific knowledge and lots information to be well-informed. And when we say tourism industry it is not all about industry, but it is also defined the whole aspect of tourism. Tourism is not too...
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Essay on Two Sides of the Tourism Industry

In recent decades, the tourism industry has occupied a prominent position compared to other industries. This essay is intended to discuss its two sides, one of its clear obvious advantages, the other of its disadvantages. Tourism is a service industry that brings a lot of benefits to other sectors and people. It boosts the economic activities. At first tourism creates demand for visiting places. They would like to experience natural wonders of places, cultures and many more. To fulfill the...
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The Importance of Hospitality in the Tourism Industry

When visiting new places while traveling, we always strive for a hospitable welcome, comfortable environment, silence, relaxation and, of course, entertainment. So, what is meant by the word ‘hospitality’? The word ‘hospitality’ is taken from the term ‘hospice’, meaning a house of rest for pilgrims during medieval times. Hospitality may be defined as the reception of guest and catering to their needs and expectations, these may include food, beverage, lodging, and transportation, activities/entertainment, shopping and supporting services. Hospitality entails a...
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Novel Coronavirus and the Philippines’ Tourism Industry

Recently, the issue regarding Novel Coronavirus has been a trending topic all over the world due to the fear it brought to every person all around the globe. The virus originated in Wuhan, China, and eventually, it spread to nearby countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and as far as the United States and United Kingdom. The virus is known to be a transmissible virus that causes severe respiratory infection. Despite the fear it brought to various countries, Philippines...
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Dubai as a Tourist Destination: Descriptive Essay

The Middle East being one of the leading booming tourism and hospitality destinations. Dubai is the destination developing at a high rate. Over the past half century, the city has well established and developed at a fast rate for the tourism and hospitality industry to go up and increase the economy and reputation of the destination all over the world. The growth of hotels and tourist destinations have been the major factors for the unique selling points (USP) to rise...
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Tourism in Las Vegas

Tourism is a serious economic activity in Las Vegas and the wider America. Indeed, significant companies struggle for the control of the lucrative industry. Sadly, most hotels underutilize the underlying potential due to both internal and external factors. One such hotel is the Venetian that is the third largest regarding revenue and the second largest regarding rooms. After a close examination, this report found that the story has excellent chances of improvement. However, a few areas require urgent improvements. They...
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Terrorism and Its Impact on Business Tourism: An Essay

After the tenebrous 911 attack on the World Trade Center, which claimed scores of lives and destroyed a vast valuable property, terrorism acquired a terrifying character and rose to become a major source of global anxiety. This fateful event has had a continuous effect on tourism and future happenings will most certainly determine future trends in business travel. Beyond newspaper headlines and media exaggeration, terrorism is an imposing reality. Statistic shows that in 2016 alone, there were about 11,072 attacks....
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Essay on Negative Impact of Tourism on the Environment

As we realize that travel industry makes heaps of occupations for various individuals in various age gatherings and can carry cash to the economy. Be that as it may, with the positive side, it has a negative side too, the significant negative part of the travel industry is the consumption of characteristic assets, for example, water. Contamination, for example, litter, sewage, and air contamination are on the whole concerns. The greater part of the traveler is making a trip to...
4 Pages 1758 Words

Essay about Pros and Cons of Tourism

Tourism is a temporary, short-term movement of people to destinations outside the places where they normally live and work. It involves activities during their stay and includes movement for all purposes as well as a day’s visit or excursion. This paper mainly focuses on socio-cultural impact of tourism, its pros and cons. Most of the factors of geography are generally contributing towards tourism like topography, culture, tradition, natural beauty and a lot of other things. It is an industry of...
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Essay on Tourism and the Environment

In modern era, tourism becomes a trend for individuals. Tourism is the act of visiting new places with religious and historical importance for recreation. Travelling helps people to interact with others, and gives the chance to expand knowledge and build strong overseas relations. Recently, there have been large number of persons who love visiting. Foreign investment is mostly done by tourisms. Travelling is not only for joy and rest but also to develop an industry. According to Hunsicker and Kraft...
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Overtourism Problem in Hawaii

Hawaii is universally known for being ‘paradise on earth’, however this facade has a devastating effect on its locals. Millions of people a year travel to see this ‘paradise’ without ever seeing the ugly truth. Due to the growing number of tourists, the cost of living is rising, traffic congestion is getting worse, our land is being mistreated and Hawaiian culture is dying. Since before the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Hawaiians have been persecuted against by foreigners. Hawaiians were...
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Essay on Legacy of Travel Industry

1. Introduction: The National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States characterizes the legacy the travel industry as ‘heading out to encounter the spots, ancient rarities and exercises that legitimately speak to the tales and individuals of the past’, and ‘legacy the travel industry can incorporate social, memorable and common assets. Culture has consistently been a significant piece of movement, as the advancement of the Grand Tour from the sixteenth century onwards bears witness to. In the twentieth century,...
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