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Information Essay on Adventure Sports: Adventure Tourism

The world ‘tour’ is derived from the Latin word “tornus”, meaning a tool for making a circle. Tourism may be defined as the movement of people from their normal place of residence to another place (with the intention to return) for a minimum period of twenty-four hours to a maximum of six months for the sole purpose of leisure and pleasure. The Rome conference on tourism in 1963 defined tourism as a visit to a country other than one’s own...
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Essay about Tourism in the Capital of Italy, Rome

Rome is Italy’s most popular destination in terms of both incoming and domestic visitors, due to its wide range of historical and cultural heritage sites. After 30 centuries of history, including barbarian invasions and enemy occupations, the Italian capital is now facing the pressures of mass tourism. Due to a large number of historical monuments in the region, Rome is particularly vulnerable. Located in the Mediterranean, the capital of Italy has long been an extremely popular destination. Italy remains the...
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Essay about Tourism in Machu Picchu

As per the popular travel website Trip Advisor, the visitor experience of Machu Picchu is considered a once in a lifetime, unmissable experience, being described as amazing and mystical. Due to the nature of the area, there is a reasonable amount of hiking to be done at the site in order to get the most out of the visit. A popular option employed by the more adventurous tourists is to access the citadel through the Inca trail. The visitor sessions...
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Impact of Terrorism on Egypt's Tourism

Tourism in the Arab countries has become almost the sole economic and social mechanism to reduce rapid urbanization processes and to facilitate a decent standard of living in peripheral areas. In the Arab region, this is the case in Aqaba (Jordan), Sinai and the Red Sea (Egypt) (Mansfeld & Winckler, 2015). Unique sights and monuments, comfortable climate, all-inclusive hotels, diving, beaches – all of it and so much more makes Egypt a popular and very attractive tourist destination. However, in...
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Analysis of a Contemporary Tourism Advertisement for the Middle East and How it Perpetuates the Prejudices of Orientalism

Peoples and places around the globe are continuously re-invented, re-produced and re-created as tourism marketers create powerful representations of them (Salazar:2009). As a result, these different ways how people and places are being represented has a huge impact or rather plays a big role on how the tourists imagine and form views and expectations about their future destinations. However, the use of Orientalist representations and images by tourism promoters especially through advertising has created orientalism discourses of the Eastern countries....
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Essay on Tourism and the Environment

In modern era, tourism becomes a trend for individuals. Tourism is the act of visiting new places with religious and historical importance for recreation. Travelling helps people to interact with others, and gives the chance to expand knowledge and build strong overseas relations. Recently, there have been large number of persons who love visiting. Foreign investment is mostly done by tourisms. Travelling is not only for joy and rest but also to develop an industry. According to Hunsicker and Kraft...
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Essay on Advantage and Disadvantage of Tourism for Environment

Tourism is growing faster and faster and then become one of the most potential majors in the world. For instance, data from UNWTO (2017) showed that the number of tourists all over the world has dramatically increased in recent years. The main factor that contributes to the development of tourism is the environment. It is divided into three aspects: nature, social-culture, and economy. Tourism activities are not only the exploitation of natural resources such as heritages, sea, and land but...
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Reflections on How New Zealand's Film Industry Promotes Tourism

New Zealand is a well-known global film and television production leader, and also a gathering place for International Film and television talents, where the most talented producers, directors and special effects artists in the world gather. At the same time, it also has a profound local film and television culture and distinctive characteristics. With the efforts of local filmmakers, stories on the stage of New Zealand are increasingly entering the vision of global audiences. According to New Zealand media reports,...
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Essay on Space Tourism

Introduction Since technology has opened up the opportunity to bring humans to space that experience has been limited to professional trained astronauts. Visits to space have been discovering journeys for scientists but now space is being looked at as a new market place. The term space tourism is being used more and more frequently like it is in the near future. That near future could be closer than ever now with some companies already offering seats costing up to hundreds...
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Essay about Pros and Cons of Tourism

Tourism is a temporary, short-term movement of people to destinations outside the places where they normally live and work. It involves activities during their stay and includes movement for all purposes as well as a day’s visit or excursion. This paper mainly focuses on socio-cultural impact of tourism, its pros and cons. Most of the factors of geography are generally contributing towards tourism like topography, culture, tradition, natural beauty and a lot of other things. It is an industry of...
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Cultural Tourism in Machu Picchu

When I thought of researching about Machu Picchu, I was interested in knowing about their culture. In this essay, I am going to talk about cultural tourism in Machu Picchu, the advantages and disadvantages it provides. What Is Cultural Tourism? Cultural tourism is a type of tourism where travelers go to particular destinations to find out about its cultural and historical experiences. Many of these destinations provide tourists with interesting attractions, events, tours and historic sites. Through cultural tourism, travelers...
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Benefits of Space Tourism: Essay

Some people would be petrified to venture into space and witness how beautiful Earth and other space masses really are. Most humans would be willing to go a on a vacation to anywhere safe and alluring, or warm and sunny, but imagine vacationing to a place that is -450 degrees Fahrenheit and nearly all darkness. It may not sound as fun or as exhilarating as the Bahamas, but going to space could be the most amazing thing you have ever...
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Essay on Negative Impact of Tourism on the Environment

As we realize that travel industry makes heaps of occupations for various individuals in various age gatherings and can carry cash to the economy. Be that as it may, with the positive side, it has a negative side too, the significant negative part of the travel industry is the consumption of characteristic assets, for example, water. Contamination, for example, litter, sewage, and air contamination are on the whole concerns. The greater part of the traveler is making a trip to...
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Environmental Issues Inflicted by Tourism in Cancun

Located on the southeast coast of Mexico, Cancun generated $37.5 million in the past five years citation, welcoming around six million foreign tourists every year (as shown in Graph 1). This is due to Cancun being one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations, known for its exotic aquatic fauna and flora. Sustainable tourism is when social, economic and environment aspects of tourism harmonise to create a place which is authentic, has a good tourist income and is eco-friendly. Cancun follows this...
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Terrorism and Its Impact on Business Tourism: An Essay

After the tenebrous 911 attack on the World Trade Center, which claimed scores of lives and destroyed a vast valuable property, terrorism acquired a terrifying character and rose to become a major source of global anxiety. This fateful event has had a continuous effect on tourism and future happenings will most certainly determine future trends in business travel. Beyond newspaper headlines and media exaggeration, terrorism is an imposing reality. Statistic shows that in 2016 alone, there were about 11,072 attacks....
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Essay on Heritage Tourism in the Pyramids of Egypt

In Egypt cultural and heritage tourism remain special, some of the impressive cultural tourist attractions in Egypt are the Pyramids of Giza, which are among the seven wonders of the ancient world. It includes the Great Sphinx, Luxor Temple, etc. Throughout its history, Egypt has been known as a destination for tourists and travelers. In 2020, Egypt’s tourism revenue fell by about 70%, reducing the number of tourists to 3.5 million from 13.1 million in 2019. In order to develop...
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Conventional Tourism Vs Ecotourism: Advantages and Disadvantages

With one in 10 jobs on the planet reliant on tourism, and an equivalent worth of 10 percent of global GDP is contributed by tourism industry. Tourism is a very important industry for people life and country economics. There are some advantages and disadvantages for two types of tourism: conventional tourism and ecotourism. Conventional Tourism There are some advantages of conventional tourism, which gives an opportunity to develop local economics and give an employment for local people. “The income generated...
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The Problem of Overtourism in the Cruise Tourism Industry

For a destination to be classified as suffering from overtourism means that both locals and visitors sense a disruption in the destination’s quality of both experience and lifestyle to a point that it may become unmanageable (UNWTO, 2018). Overtourism is a result of mass tourism which may lead to an imbalance of the multidisciplinary elements of social, economic and environment – the triple bottom line of sustainability (Weaver and Lawton, 2014). Destinations that become unsustainable due to overtourism can lead...
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Reflections on Whether Ecotourism Is a Better Option Compared to Mass Tourism

The term ‘tourism’ was coined by Thomas Cook in 1841, who lead the development of commercialized mass tourism. He had taken a number of 571 persons on a trip, supplying meals and music (Gyr, 2010). The term encompasses all activities undertaken by visitors while they travel and stay in places, beyond their normal environment, once their visit does not exceed a one-year time period (Stainton, 2020). Some of these activities undertaken may be touring, sports, research/studies, food related, nature related...
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Tourism in Las Vegas

Tourism is a serious economic activity in Las Vegas and the wider America. Indeed, significant companies struggle for the control of the lucrative industry. Sadly, most hotels underutilize the underlying potential due to both internal and external factors. One such hotel is the Venetian that is the third largest regarding revenue and the second largest regarding rooms. After a close examination, this report found that the story has excellent chances of improvement. However, a few areas require urgent improvements. They...
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Essay on the Importance of Tourism Industry in Our Daily Life

Living life with tourism industry is not easy. Because when we say tourism, industry it is all about business and not just like a simple business but all you need is a very successful business. For you to have a successful business, you need a very specific knowledge and lots information to be well-informed. And when we say tourism industry it is not all about industry, but it is also defined the whole aspect of tourism. Tourism is not too...
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Event Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a new era in the tourism sector to achieve Vision 2030. It is heading to discover its cities and destinations and create a new scenic coastal site and many heritage areas, which will drive Saudi Arabia to be one of the attraction destination and entertainment in Middle East within few upcoming years. Saudi Arabia Vision is focusing on diversifying sources of income as part of National Transformation Program and Tourism sector has a high importance to...
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Essay on Travel and Tourism and Their Importance for the Country's Economy

Most of the people travel to do tourism. Tourism and travel are two connected topics, but is does not mean that you have to travel for tourism. A person travels around the world to discover new cultures as well as to have fun and enjoy. Voyaging and the travel industry can be considered both to be a penance or a wellspring of joy. Some people may see the good side of travelling to other places, while others might only be...
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Essay on Eco-Friendly Tourism

In the Tourism Review 2018, tour and activity operators were asked to consider implementing sustainable initiatives in their own tour company. A sustain majority 91.3% of participants inserted yes. In the tourism industry eco-friendly tourism is becoming one of the largest, a key element in the understanding the tourism industry is to recognize and deal with the change in the global trends of behavioral, environmental and technological factors. The trends fall under neath these factors which include: social, political, environment,...
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Essay on Two Sides of the Tourism Industry

In recent decades, the tourism industry has occupied a prominent position compared to other industries. This essay is intended to discuss its two sides, one of its clear obvious advantages, the other of its disadvantages. Tourism is a service industry that brings a lot of benefits to other sectors and people. It boosts the economic activities. At first tourism creates demand for visiting places. They would like to experience natural wonders of places, cultures and many more. To fulfill the...
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Coronavirus Impact over the Tourism Reservations System

A reservation is a process of booking and blocking rooms, tables or, according to the Cambridge dictionary, an arrangement to have something kept for a person or for a special purpose in advance for the guests or tourists. When we refer to hotel rooms or a place arranged for the tourist to stay the right term we use is accommodations. Accommodation is one of the basic needs of any tourism activity since tourists need a place to rest after their...
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The Nexus between Coronavirus and Tourism: Assessing Tourism as the most Peace Sensitive Industry

This article tries to discuss and explore the interface between tourism and peace. It attempts to address how tourism a peace sensitive industry by taking COVID-19 as an agent changes in the realm of it. This article aims to assess how tourism is a peace sensitive industry, by taking the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on tourism in its social, economic, cultural, and environmental circumstances. The incidence of pandemics affirms how tourism as peace sensitive industry which generally approves the hypothesis...
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Coronavirus Impact on Tourism

After the Coronavirus pandemic, almost no industry declined like tourism. Reasons for the decline in tourism include government control of people’s travel, and there are tourists who cancel travel because they avoided the Coronavirus. With the international travel ban affecting more than 90% of the world’s population, tourism essentially ceased in March 2020. There are evidences show that air travel, cruises, and accommodations have been devastating. After this situation happens, what changes should the tourism industry make? For the travel...
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Philippine Tourism amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Not too long ago, an incident concerning a virus outbreak has been the talk in the social media and televisions. One with social consciousness would remember that on the last weeks of December and the first weeks of January, the virus started spreading out rapidly infecting 28, 000 in China alone, as stated by Yeung (2020) in an article published by CNN. According to World Health Organization, Coronavirus, also known as nCoV is a virus which can cause illness like...
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Dubai as a Tourist Destination: Descriptive Essay

The Middle East being one of the leading booming tourism and hospitality destinations. Dubai is the destination developing at a high rate. Over the past half century, the city has well established and developed at a fast rate for the tourism and hospitality industry to go up and increase the economy and reputation of the destination all over the world. The growth of hotels and tourist destinations have been the major factors for the unique selling points (USP) to rise...
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