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Trading of Marijuana Plant should Not be Legalized in Bhutan

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Scientific revolution and rapid increase knowledge in the field of researches, it has led to rise in economic needs of people in various aspects. Today with the advancement in medical sciences, the trend of legalizing of marijuana has started in many developed states across the globe. Marijuana was first legalized by the state legislature in Vermont in January 2018. Marijuana use is allowed in Colorado, Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, Nevada, for recreational and medical uses (Huestis, 2002) . But decriminalization of marijuana use started in 1970 with medical professionals having access to it for medical purposes. (Zvonarev V. , 2019). The various arguments are made to legalize the trading and use of marijuana as it raises revenue, lowers criminal justice expenditure, improves public health and traffic safety, and stimulates the economy. However Bhutan being a small country of happiness, legalization of trading Marijuana in the nation will have greater negative impact in the nation. Firstly legalization led to increase the consumption rate in the country (Dnderson). Researchers have found out that illicit use of marijuana plant have led to increase in motor-vehicle accident and death rate creating disharmony in the society (Dunstan, 1997). It will also affected the user physically and psychologically leading to lowering down the educational achievement among youths. With identification of important journals, analyzing the systematize reviews on legalization of marijuana plant in developed nation have concluded that trading of marijuana in the southern belts of Bhutan should be decriminalize to save the lives and achieve the developing Gross National in the country.

The marijuana plant is an invasive plant that grows well in the southern belts of Bhutan without much care. The people residing in rural areas called it as “Phakpa Nam”, a feed for pigs. In olden days seed of cannabis plant is used as a substitute for butter in tea. It was in 1970s where people of Sebjikha village in Punakha have started to pluck the tender leaves and let them dry on wood-fed stove and roll them and smoked (Penjor, 2019). They have mainly done this to prevent flea bite. According to Kuensel the misuse of Cannabis plant has increased over the years and it was in 1991 that a ton of these plant was seized from Shingkhar Lauri and burnt in the presence of the people of Daifam (Dorji, 2019). Today in the southern of the Himalayan kingdom especially in border areas the Cannabis plant grows abundantly without much care. These Cannabis plant has serve as the resource which has the utility and functionality for the people residing over these areas (Cooper, 2017). They are making their income through trading of Cannabis outside Bhutan though it is not legally approved by the government.

Legalizing the trading of marijuana plant that grow over the southern belts of Bhutan by the government can help to create the income for their living. These plant do not required much of care still than it grows well over the region. Today in these areas land are kept uncultivated and resources are not properly utilized. The cultivation of marijuana plant over this fallow land can help the government to generate a good amount of revenue. However the researches that were conducted in state where the trading of marijuana is legalized have found out that the consumption of marijuana have also increased over the years after they have legalized the trading. In Alaska, when the trading was illegal the marijuana users during this period (2002-2014) stood at 20%. On February 24, 2015, the trading and possession of marijuana was legalized in the state. After the legalization the number of users reached up to (24.5%) in the state (Zvonarev, 2019). The same thing has happened in Colorado, in 2000 the possession among the youth was 15.7% and have increased to 20.7% in 2012.

From the above mention statics it can be concluded that the number of users increases if the trading of marijuana is legalized in the nation. Bhutan is a small both in terms of technology and human power. Moreover it is a country of happiness, giving the preference to the Gross National Happiness than Gross Domestic products, today Bhutan has proven that happiness of the people is well treasured than any amount of money. Smoking on regular basis will not make anyone happy, even the person who smoke. According to Tobacco Control Act of Bhutan 2010, it prohibits smoking and use of tobacco in public areas, cultivation, harvesting and sale in and out of the country. The production of tobacco products are also not allowed in the country (Neil Lava, 2018). As per the past history of Bhutan, numerous measures were taken to ban the possession and the use of tobacco and drugs in the country. At present scenario, marijuana plant is dried up and consumed as a tobacco by most of the youths; school dropout, High school students, under graduates and even graduates. Although the consumption and sale of marijuana is strictly ban in the country, there are few people who supply these products in black to consumer. If the trading of marijuana plant is legalized in the country by looking the availability of the plant considering it as a resource then, the aim of creating Bhutan 100% tobacco free zones will not be achieved. Therefore the government of Bhutan should not legalize the trading of marijuana or cannabis plant and its product in the country.

Marijuana is the most common illicit drug reported in motor vehicle accidents. Experimental studies indicate that intoxication with marijuana affects a number of cognitive and motor skills that are relevant to driving, including reaction time, attention, signal detection, information processing speed, spatial working memory, verbal learning and recall, procedural memory, tracking accuracy, time and distance estimation, set shifting, motor coordination, and danger perception (Volkow ND, 2014). Driving under the influence of marijuana and other drugs lead to accidents. This is an important measurement since the driver’s ability to operate a vehicle was sufficiently impaired that it brought his or her driving to the attention of law enforcement. The following graph will help to make a comparative study of Colorado to make better decision to legalize the trading of marijuana in southern belts of Bhutan.

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After the legalization of marijuana for the recreational purposes in Colorado it has found out that the number of accidents caused by the use of marijuana shows a linear pattern. In the year 2000, total number of fatalities stood at 535 and the fatalities caused by the usage of marijuana stood at 46 (Krishna, 2019). In 2010 the total fatalities is 450 decreased compared to 2006. However the fatalities caused by the use of marijuana still increases and stand at 75. The graph has clearly displayed the growing number of fatalities rate over the Colorado region. Bhutan have mountainous land features. If the marijuana is been legalize in the country then substance is definitely use as the recreational purposes and this lead to disharmony in the country. By looking at the statics of other nation, they have reported that marijuana is a common illicit drug. After looking at the increasing trend of death due to the accident caused by the consumption of Marijuana, legalizing the treading of marijuana in Bhutan is not a wise decision. Though it creates the employment opportunities and serve as a medium of earning however, it have greater impact on the society. Today Bhutan having the mountainous topography the rate of vehicle accident is high. If the marijuana is misuse by those drivers the Road safety & Transport Authority of Bhutan will have tough time to implement the rules and regulation in the country. Therefore as much as concern the trading of marijuana should not be legalize in the nation.

Though Bhutan being one of the most rapid economic development country in the world, still there is no medical cannabis programmed compare to other nation. But in other developed nation such as United States, Germany, Canada, France, the Netherlands and Spain, states that’s cannabis can be used for medical purposes according to a recent survey of 31 countries (Hazekamp, 2013). From there, out of 953 people were male (64%), relatively with the young age (medium age 40.7years) and age over 51(24%). Few people around past or within the age 60 to 70 (6%, 1%). They said that this cannabis plants can be useful purposes for back pain (11.9%), for sleeping disorders (6.9%), depression (6.7%), injury or accident-generated pain (6.2%), and for use of multiple sclerosis (4.1%) (Harding, 2013). Due to the plants, exception of multiple sclerosis and neuropathic pain can be symptoms are scant. Though it has some important on medical purposes it is said to be that, it has more effects on human being. Use of cannabis can affect physical and psychological problems to the user. With consumption on cannabis plant it will have some acute effects on our cognitive power such as lack in grabbing attention, thinking power, lack in decision making and short term memory. This is particular true since it has been recognized that in recent data, an adolescent was found out to be smoking marijuana during his early teens. In the study field, adolescent who has been addicted in smoking marijuana at the early age of (14-22) and stopped at the age of 22 was found to be having some cognitive deficits at the age of 27.

During the long period effect of cannabis, it usually happens to that person who smoke cannabis regularly uses over more than months, years or decades. Under the influence of the cannabis a person is affected in the following health outcomes such as, dependency, cognitive impairments, and mental disorder and towards physical health (Huestis, 2002). Therefore if the person is affected by mental disorder, he might fall into depression, anxiety and suicidal activities. Where he might face with different challenges in his life such as, getting into trouble within the society and within himself and no one will be there to support/help him since society will look down on those who consume and smoke marijuana (Sandberg, 2012). So when people don’t give attention on this people and look down on them things even get worst after the reaction of the society towards them will be the result to the cannabis consumer. After that only anxiety and depression hits them and finally they end there life by doing suicidal activities.

Under the physical health effect of cannabis there is high chance of getting cardiovascular diseases (CVD) which is related to the circulatory system, that is heart and blood vessels. It may also lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease due to smoking of more cannabis and other cancer. Even it also leads lots of problems to the students who are studying and it also crates disharmony within the family members. When the student is influence under the cannabis basically there is school failure, where the performance of the students is grated with low marks and failure in school examination. That’s all because of the use of cannabis where the students become slothful or lazy to do there given home task and notes to write (Borcherding, 2016). Not only that it also leads to the peer pressure where one student who consume may influence other student to get influence on smoking cannabis which may lead to peer attitudes towards the drugs. In the views and the recent study found out that most of the college students are under influence on smoking cannabis and it diverts them to study and leads to delay in writing their assignments and making their power point presentation.

Not only it has also leads to disharmony and destroy the peace within the family itself. How it ruins the relationship is that, after consuming marijuana the persons may not be in his normal state and his mood may be changed after smoking marijuana and it leads to misunderstanding within the family members. After that once if the children are caught using cannabis by their family members or by their parents, many parents don’t trust much on their children and some lack of trust issues occur amongst the parents (Stephen M. Miller, 2017). After that most of the parents become permissive by enforcing them with harsh disciplines rules, where they are not allowed to go anywhere and met up their friends. From there the attitude of children changes due to enforcement of hard disciplines and he will not listen to what his parents are telling. Then he will spend most of the time with his friends by consuming marijuana with his friends and the bond between the family and the children will be ruin. Then it is found out the most of the parents will have low parental aspirations towards the children instead of supporting cause many parents have set of mind that our children is influence in drugs abuse and all. So from there only we can see that it leads to low parental aspirations and low parental involvements takes place within the parents and the children. So in order to enhance the life style of every child it is necessary to give time and support every child.

To conclude, Bhutan is a small developing nation with small geographical area and even small population. Bhutan still stand as one of the peaceful country in the world. Today with the favorable climatic condition cannabis plant grows well in the southern belts of Bhutan. The people residing over this region illegally trade these plants though it is not legally approved by the government. At a global level, marijuana plant is legalized in other nation such Colorado, Canada and Alaska despite facing lots of problems that socially and economically affects the nation. These countries are well equipped with facilities which can facilitate those problems. If we look from the economic prospective cannabis plant can be consider as a resources of the nation as it has the utility and functionality which will help to generate the revenue of the country. However by looking at those problems faced by developed nation after legalizing the cannabis, it is better decision that the government of Bhutan should not legalized the trading as Bhutan is not well equipped economically. The legalization of trading cannabis lead to increase in illicit use of marijuana, increase in motor-vehicle accident and death rate creating disharmony in the society It will also affected the user physically and psychologically leading to lowering down the educational achievement among youths. Therefore marijuana plant should not be legalize for trading in southern belts of Bhutan and the concern authority should take responsibility to reduce the illegal trading of marijuana plant in Bhutan.


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