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Training & Development

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I was born and raised here in Kingston and have full intent to leave here as soon as possible! I entered this program right after graduating from high school. I went to Regiopolis-Notre Damn Catholic High School for three miserable years before switching to Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute where I thrived. At each school I learned a lot about my learning preferences. The faculty: especially the administration staff made much of my high school experience far more tolerable. Each guidance counsellor and secretary made me feel welcomed and listened to. Anytime any of them come into Shoppers I always thank them from the bottom of my heart as high school was not the easiest time for me due to having to work constantly and mental health issues. I credit them alongside my mum for my interest in business administration. What makes me unique compared to others is my attention to detail, altruistic personality, my dedication, and drive.

I have always had to work harder than most people in order to succeed and survive (as dramatic as that sounds) though I do not recognize that as a downfall. I believe my workmanship only benefits me as I have learned a lot about the real world and who I am as a person. I have Bipolar II Disorder which I find is necessary to inform people of. Although this can cause implications with my personal life, I have never allowed it to get in the way of my success or professional relationships. I am an animal-loving, humanitarian workaholic and devote myself to helping others in need. I believe in karmic energy and manifestation which has always pushed me in the right direction. I am in a much better place and am thriving not only in my job environment, but my mentality and relationships with people around me. This program so far has increased my confidence and allowed me to develop and grow far beyond my expectations.

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After completing this diploma program, I intend to carry on and complete the degree. I am a knowledge sponge which will allow me to reach my goals of becoming a successful business owner and activist. I love learning new things and challenging myself. Hopefully after completing this business program I will find an occupation that pays well enough to support myself and a pet. I have always had an affinity towards animals, especially rescues. I hope to have a brand that will allow me to support my community and global (issues)

Training and development are crucial to learn in a human resources program because it greatly improves organizational effectiveness which is the main objective of human resource occupations. Training assists employees with strengthening their skills and knowledge about a company. Training and development also aid in the retainment of good employees. Training programs promote employees to feel more confident and valuable to a company. With the help of development programs, employees can not only thrive in the offered position, but can evolve and encourage them to increase their knowledge of the job and move up to positions with management or leadership responsibilities. Training allows employees to enhance their understanding of their positions and required tasks. Training and development not only support employees but assists companies in determining key roles that advance a workplace. Proper training and development programs reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and build a company’s reputation.


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