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Traitors and Butchers of the Ocean: Mayari, Haik, Poseidon, and Helios

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God's influence and contribution to the daily lives of the people of Earth realm. Each god possesses a set of unique talents and abilities that they’ve had ever since they were born. Gods like Mayari, have the ability to control the moon, Helios was blessed with the ability to control the sun, and Gods like Poseidon and Haik were blessed with the ability to control the tides of the oceans and the seas. Mayari, the daughter of Bathala and the Goddess of Combat, War, Revolution, Hunt, Weaponry, Beauty, Strength, Moon, and Night lives in the southern part of the Philippines, in Mt. Pinatubo. She is the defender of the moon, and the moon serves as her emblem. She defends the moon from Laho (the moon eater). She would confront Laho whenever the monster tries to eat the moon. Helios is the opposite of Mayari for he is considered to be the god of the sun. Helios is known for pulling the sun across the sky with his golden chariot. Unfortunately, with the disappearance of the sun god Ra, the Sun weakened, and subsequently, he was weakened as well. Haik and Poseidon both have the power to control bodies of water and communicate with the sea creatures. However, Poseidon is one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus. He wields a powerful trident, he’s able to control Zeus’s lightning bolts, he can create a flood, start droughts, and unleash tsunamis making him significantly more powerful than Haik. Haik is a very kind god compared to Poseidon, he helps voyagers and other travelers pass by the evil elements that roam the seas such as stormy weather and powerful waves. Even with his natural kindness, he’s not welcome in Kaluwalhatian, the resting place of the Filipino gods. This is because of his rivalry with Amanikable, the purveyor of troubled water.

Mayari, Haik, and Poseidon didn’t really care for the council; they would much rather stay in their realms and fulfill their parts. Poseidon always distrusted the Filipino gods, but he never attempted to attack them, even after the disappearance of the Higher Council of gods, Poseidon was still very passive with them. Although he never really liked them, he respected them, and always kept himself inside his realm, never crossing theirs without permission. Unfortunately for them, this peaceful but tense relationship crumbled when Helios started a war between the two sides.

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Helios started traveling to Atlantis where the supreme Greek god, Poseidon, resides. He wanted to have him forge an enchanted orb that could create life, but Poseidon declined as he had feared that he would do the same thing as Prometheus did. Helios wanted to prove himself worthy of the power to Poseidon, so Poseidon designed a series of tasks that will tests Helios’ pure heart. Poseidon transported Helios to where Prometheus was chained; where every day his liver is being torn apart by birds, only to grow back and be torn again. Helios saw that Prometheus held an orb that he believed had the power to create life. He then rushed to Prometheus to claim the orb, but as soon as he got the orb, it turned into sand. Poseidon declared that Helios had failed his test and took him back to Atlantis. Poseidon banished Helios from Atlantis, carrying him out with large tides spawned from his trident. Helios found himself wandering the Sahara Desert. Filled with hatred and anger, Helios decided to return to his golden palace in the River Okeanos (Oceanus) on the far ends of the Earth to plot revenge for what Poseidon has done to him. As he rode his golden chariot, he saw Mayari defending the moon from Laho. He flew down to hide from Mayari. He watched the two exchange powerful hits. With one swift strike to its head, Laho fled from the battlefield. Mayari flew back to heal in the mountains of Mt. Pinatubo. Helios came up with a despicable plan to move the moon with his golden chariot just like he does to the sun. As Helios moved the moon with his golden chariot, an imbalance occurred in the ocean, huge aggressive waves formed, waves large enough to destroy the city of Atlantis. After moving the moon, Helios hurried back to the gates of Atlantis. Helios hoped that he would gain Poseidon’s trust by helping him prevent the destruction of Atlantis. Poseidon raised his trident up trying to command the water to be calm. Though their efforts were all for naught; even with their combined efforts, the waves were to big, and Atlantis was heavily damaged. As Poseidon sulked over the loss Atlantis took, Helios came over and put the blame on Mayari, saying that it was Mayari who moved the moon towards the Earth that caused the tides to grow exponentially stronger. With his wish to avenge Atlantis, Poseidon declared war on Mayari

He hunted Mayari down to confront her. Poseidon, swiftly gliding on the water, and Helios, riding his chariot, they went to Mt. Pinatubo. When they arrived, Mayari was bathing in the enchanted healing rivers of Mt. Pinatubo, still recovering from her fight with Laho. Without hesitation, Poseidon quickly threw his trident at Mayari. However, Mayari deflected his trident. Poseidon accused Mayari, saying it was her who destroyed his beloved City. Mayari denied this accusation, claiming she has no idea of what has happened. Poseidon called back his trident and sent powerful water spikes to Mayari. Mayari countered by throwing enchanted knives at the incoming spikes. As Poseidon held Mayari in a stalemate, Helios cuffed Mayari with enchanted ropes made from the rays of the sun. Mayari was suppressed and unable to use her powers because of the enchanted ropes. With one tap of Poseidon’s trident, a huge tsunami started to appear behind them. To the Greek gods’ surprise, the Tsunami dissipated before even making it to shore. Suddenly, the Greek gods were pinned down by a blast of water out of nowhere. A man with a perfect physique surfing the waters cut the chains that held Mayari. It was Haik, the god of seas of the Tagalogs. He points his enchanted trident, forged from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, toward Helios and Poseidon. Haik began launching water projectiles from his trident. Helios put up a shield of light around them, and the projectiles turned into steam before even reaching them. Poseidon retaliated by charging toward Haik. The two exchanged blows with their tridents, landing hit after hit on each other. Although Haik fought valiantly, he was no match to Poseidon, who had him pinned down at the throat with his trident. Haik and Mayari yielded and Poseidon stabbed them both in the gut, badly wounding them. The two were forced to hand over their realm to Poseidon and reside at the gates of Tartarus where they can heal. With Poseidon’s guard down, Helios stole his and Haik’s trident. Without his trident, Poseidon became powerless, and Helios flew back to his palace.


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