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Transgender Based Discrimination In Countries Around The World

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Transgender people are often discriminated in many areas. Being transgender means that a person has a gender identity or expression that is different from the sex they were given when they were born. People who are transgender in anti-LGBTQ countries are treated differently compared to people who are non LGBTQ. They face discrimination from strangers, family, work, and. People who are transgender in parts of China, Russia, and Turkey often get treated with disrespect, hate, hostility, and violence. As a result, many of these transgender people often develop mental illnesses that heavily affect their lives. This essay will dicuss the extreme discrimination transgender people face in the countries of China, Russia, and Turkey.

In a country like Russia, their society is very conserative, so coming out as transgender is a huge deal. In Russia, transgender people are considered mentally ill. In order to undergo a hormone treatment that is prescribed, a person must get a diagnosis of “transsexualism” from a psychiatrist. Even with the diagnosis, receiving hormone treatment without charge and without facing serious verbal abuse and disrespect. This is extremely disconcerting since you must get permission from doctors specializing in mental disorders and even after, they still face discrimination. As a result of this, transgender people seeking hormone treatment will often purchase illegal, unperscribed medicine that may cause serious damage to the body. Harry was a female who transitioned to male and he moved to Moscow, Russia in 2018. There, he stated, “Either death there [hometown] or move here to Moscow. In my native town, I had to act, to be someone else. Although I was wearing unisex clothes, I suffered from violence” He also spends money to see a thearapist and without it, he believes he would’ve already comitted suicide. There is also inequality when it comes to healthcare for trans persons in Russia. It is not only the verbal abuse that they go through, some hospitals also do not allow them to donate blood, or even in some cases, get denied for planned or emergency assistance. In these cases, being transgender means that a life can be risked. For instance, a man from a Siberian city, alias N., had a high fever and was rushed to the hospital. A medical professional measured his temperature, gave him a shot, and reccomended to him that he should be hospitalized. However, when the medical professional found out his name, a female name, and gender, he began to insult the patient

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China is one of the countries that doesn’t accept transgender people. There are many teens who are transgender but were obligated into conversional therapy which is a practice that tries to change the identity of all LGBT persons. There are no LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) rules that prohibit discrimination in China. An example of discrimination in China is when a transgender man called Mr. C, was discriminated at a young age. He was born as a girl and was scorned by his classmates because he was a tomboy and was punished by his teachers for his boyish behavior. Several teachers even suggested to his parents that he should be institutionalized. Another example of inequality is when Lan,a man born as a female, was fired by a healthcare company after they found out that he was transgender. Chao Xiaomi was born as a male. She knew at a very young age that she was meant to be female. No matter how many times she told her parents, they wouldn’t listen. They enrolled her in football and forced her to hang out with other boys. Her parents made her study IT in college, so Chao did that. She did what her parents told her. After three years later, she moved to Beijing. She was 25 then, and decided that it was time to be on her own. That’s when she decided to make the transition. She was able to try on dresses and skirts, without her parents making her wear boyish clothes. This was the most free she ever felt, finally allowed to be herself. Although being trans is legal in China, there is still a serious problem with discrimination. Chao shouldn’t have been forced to wait 25 years to express her inner self. Even the people you love can discriminate against you. Chao’s parents didn’t accept her as a female. She lived 25 years not knowing who she was. It’s not her problem, it’s the people around her that makes her feel that way. It doesn’t affect anybody that she is transgender. Therefore, there is no reason for discrimination. Transgender people were interviewed on what would make their lives easier. All of them said that their only wish was that others wouldn’t discriminate and judge them.

Turkey is known as the country with the greatest transgender murder rate. According to a Emirhan Deniz Celebi, police will occasionally assault trans who inform a crime. Celebi is a trans man who assists at the LGBT association. “I don’t feel safe because I know the government will not protect me. The government will protect the perpetrators,” says Celebi. In Turkey, being trans means having no one to rely on. Most trans feel safer in jail than on the streets, despite policies threatening them. Policies are supposed to keep everybody safe, but for trans it’s different. Trans are permitted to live in a dorm, therefore are unable to study. There are very few of them who live to be over 60 years old. It is extremely strenuous for trans to find a job in Turkey. Most are constrained to do sex work. Kirmizi Semsiye wanted to transform into a woman. The doctor wouldn’t approve and refused to do the surgery. The doctor wouldn’t even give him pills. Semsiye is 45 years old and is still doing sex work. She has been detained by the police many times and brought to the police station. They punish her with fines, but she doesn’t have the money to pay them. She’s in serious debt and is having a hard time paying it back. Just because someone is transgender doesn’t mean that they are incapable of working. Being trans is different, but it doesn’t make anybody lesser than anyone else.

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