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Translational Legal Research for Social Justice

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Social Justice promotes opportunity growth and social well-being. It refers to promoting justice, equality and diversity in terms of the distribution of wealth opportunities and privileges within the society. The concept of Social Justice is to achieve fair and just relations between the individual and society. Every person in society has a claim, freely on the basis of equality of opportunity and benefit. Social Justice is the manifestation of human rights in day to day lives of people at every level of society.

Education and research has taken a prominent position in society in establishing social justice because they can take actions to address socio-scientific issues for improving the well-being of individuals and society. The goal of conducting research is not only to learn, but to use the knowledge to provide meaningful lives which intern influence friends, family, community and environment that surround the investigator. Hence there is every need to integrate scientific, technological, economic, ethical, legal and social knowledge gained for achieving social justice. The emerging Complex challenges as to sustainability demand for new approaches in involving integrated intellectual capital of researchers to build more strong linkages between research and society to enhance sustainable wellbeing of the society. Integration of natural and social scientists and also policymakers and public can Foster more sustainable society by enhancing resilience and human well-being.

Knowledge acquired in the research arena in model form gets translated and used for public interest. The translational research converges fundamental and basic Research and innovation diverges the final product for the use of the public. In translational research researchers conduct studies with direct social relevance such research is not to preserve in bookshelves but to accomplish social justice. The process of translational research needs much effort were in a combination of researchers from diverse disciplines and skills has to come together, the variety of subject areas of basic science, engineering, Public Health, social work, Law and gender has to combine and engage in research and results must be used for the betterment of society. Basically objective of translational research is from bench to bedside and some of the experts say that it is from bedside to bench and to bedside this is because clinical observations and basic research outcomes are to be translated to reach the patients.

Translational research is the application of basic findings to the beneficiaries for who is the subject of research. Translational research is a translation of intellectual work to public benefit, hence research should not be conducted for scientific curiosity or for funding, grading or for academic scores but must be for the benefit of society. Research in universities and research centres must reach down to earth. Apart from clinical therapeutics and novel healthcare services every kind of research in any discipline must be useful to society otherwise there is no purpose or objective in conducting research. Translational research should go beyond the classical approach. Nonlaboratory translational social researches though have certain limitations like sampling, behavioral data and cannot be a factorial experiment but have greater social relevance in achieving social justice in social sciences as it is a field of action in the world in which we live. If there is an integration of laboratory and fieldwork the goal of translational research may be successful for any action research. Researchers knows the general laws and also must know the specific fact finding using both scientific methods the results of research conducted must be for greater good and should effectuate social change. Hence translational research need not be limited to medical field or sciences but any research even if it is social sciences the results of research is meant for public good and must be applied to the society. In this connection legal research conducted for public interest and if it reaches policymakers which are for well being of the society might be called as translational research.

The main aim of research is to solve a problem, apply basic principles beyond theory to address various social problems therefore meeting the challenges existing in society. Instead of compartmentalizing different studies in isolated manner by individual researchers of a particular discipline, it is better to adopt coordinated collaborative cross-disciplinary studies. In this regard according to emerging trends of research there is changes in forms of research and also assessment which led to paradigm shift from a single discipline to an integrated discipline approach. In present-day multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary or interdisciplinary research is conducted jointly by investigators integrating from different disciplines to create novel concepts, theories, methods and innovations to address the societal problem and also to bridge the translational gaps, therefore collaborative research synthesize new knowledge and in essence will be sustainable.

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The word translational research might be new to legal scientists but to address any issue with negative impact is possible through interpretation of statutes, finding gaps and loopholes in laws using it in more appropriate way to maximize the benefits and minimise its implications to raise awareness and improve the availability to the common man. It has been mentioned that the motto of translational research is from bench to bedside similarly the objective of legal research is from Law on paper to lay man and suggest its application to policymakers and other stakeholders of society ultimately to resolve a specific problem. Translational research along with evidence-based medicine in clinical medicine, Healthcare delivery and Public Health practice is being conducted, as per the recent need both legal scholars and lawmakers have called for evidence-based practice, also in legal services education, criminal justice, environmental regulation, gender laws and other many areas. This principle of evidence-based practice is based on the research which effect human welfare should be based on evidence. Evidence-based practice was basically focused on evidence-based medicine but scholars identified necessity in integrating research in practice not only in medicine but also in other practice areas The scholars already working on the challenges to evidence-based medicine indicate the need to unite scholars interested to develop effective approaches suitable for diverse purposes. One of the necessities of conduct of evidence-based research is impact of public policies on research and vice versa.

Translational research using a multidisciplinary approach on various contemporary legal impediments can use the path of translational research for societal change or use to achieve Social Justice the legal research involves study of general laws and its impact on society these principles which are elucidated from research has to be applied in solving societal problems this kind of legal research is not new in legal regime because the end product of scientific research has value to public and ultimately for public good and Social Justice.

Researchers need help in overcoming barriers and leveraging opportunities where translational science and the law will provide tailored legal support to researchers and create some bridges between intellectual folks University Of California San Francisco identify the significance of law in shaping effectiveness and impact of research translation and lobbying a powerful l e v e r for change hence initiated Hastings consortium on law science and health policy in 2016 Texas Christian University Institute of behavioural research has undertaken translational research on treatment process and technology transfer in 1989 women and children evaluations of treatment in 2000 criminal justice drug abuse treatment studies in 2002 criminal justice evaluations in 2008, seek, test and treat: A randomised controlled trial of an augmented test, treat, link and retain model for North Carolina and Texas Prisoners in 2010 Juvenile justice- translational research on interventions for adolescence in the legal in 2013 are completed projects and current ongoing project disease risk reduction strategies for criminal justice systems in 2014. National Institute of justice in Washington DC aimed to break down breakdown basic applied research barriers and to prevent reduce and manage crying scientific discoveries must be translated into policy and practice hence in that translational criminology and also conducted a conference on translational criminology- shaping policy and practice in 2011 hence there is series of translational legal research conducted to accomplish social Justice in the society

There is much wider scope in conducting translational research in cases of intellectual property where there is necessity in areas like drug discovery patenting, prevention of sexual harassment, juvenile crimes, cyber crimes, white collar crimes, gender conscience & consensus, administration of rule of Law.


The translational research is the need of the hour in the society where in researchers will perform research for the betterment health and well being of the society unless the translational research not Limited only to medicine but expand to other disciplines like law social work gender education science technology integrating them in conducting the research will ensure social justice. Research rk will help create a world where we all learn to walk this Earth, safe, enlightened and free from the perils of cruelty, ignorance, and all the other dark and sinister forces.

The best insurance policy for the future of an industry is research, which will help it to foresee future lines of development, to solve its immediate problems, and to improve and cheapen its products.


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