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Technology’s significant impact on World War 1 occurring in the early 20th century, shifted the war’s landscape and ultimately transformed some of the world’s great powers from back then to what they are now. From the grueling nauseating trenches where soldiers had a radical change of dying, to the modern artillery developments crumbling indestructible fortresses, the impact technology played on the war modified primeval war schemes. Trench warfare evolved as life in the trenches through diseases, flamethrowers, barbed wire, and...
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During 1914 through to 1918, World War One took place in Europe and trenches were recently introduced into the strategy of war. Being quite new as a form of warfare during a world war, the art of trench warfare significantly developed new weapons and ways of attack and defence. Trench warfare was a land-based warfare that consisted of building deep or shallow trenches as a defence against the enemy. They work by providing soldiers with shelter from enemy fire and...
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The Great War, World War 1 began in July 1914 and lasted until November 1918. The war involved two sides “Central Powers” and the “Allies”. With an estimated 9 million combatants and seven million civilians’ deaths because of the Great War. Many factors led up to World War 1, such as nationalism, imperialism, and the assassination in Sarajevo. The Western Front was quickly lined with trenches producing a stalemate for most of the war. With the introduction of these deadly...
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Imagine 1914 being 17 never sailed the seas before sailing to France, away from your family and loved ones on a ship heading for the Western Front knowing you may never see them again. Cramped and stuffed in tiny spaces and stacked on top of one another, uncomfortable, hungry and thirsty, only seeing daylight once or twice a day. This is how it was for soldiers sent to fight in World War I (WWI). Protected by American Navy convoys of...
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