True Meaning of the Word 'Beauty'

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The word ‘beauty’ is far more than what our stereotypical society may think it is. When you think of the word beautiful, what do you think it is? Well, many people would answer that question with something like: tall, slim and long hair. This is because the celebrities, models and social media influencers we see online create this expectation. We are made to believe that unless we look like them, we do not reach the standard of being beautiful, which quite often can have a negative effect, especially to teenagers who typically spend most of their time in the online word. In order to be ‘beautiful’ we are expected to fix our imperfections, go to the gym and look fit, only wear the modern, trendy, in-style clothes. Our world creates these unrealistic meanings for so many words such as beauty, but there is a much more deeper meaning to this word.

How can the word beauty just be one stereotypical meaning if all us humans are different and have different perspectives of things? Ask yourself what the meaning of beauty is. Is it truly what you believe beauty is or what society makes out for it to be? Yes, we can describe someone as beautiful from what we see physically, but true beauty doesn’t only have to be seen with our bare eyes. True beauty is felt within your heart, understanding the mind and soul of someone and the way they come across to people. If you saw a ‘beautiful’ young woman but she was nasty, rude and overall didn’t have a kind a positive presence, would you still call that person beautiful? I’m guessing and I hope your answer is no, because how can you call someone beautiful with such an ugly heart? Personally, that person would automatically be far from beautiful.

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All people are different. Each person has their own physical and personality traits that makes them different to the people surrounding them. Those things make you beautiful. Why do we never think we are good enough? Good enough for who? More people need to understand that there is no one else to impress but yourself. Once you begin to realize that no one really matters when it comes to believing that you are beautiful but yourself, you start to be less uptight about the way you dress, the way you talk and the way you act. Being yourself and caring less about what others may think of you, is the main key to finding your own true beauty.

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