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Turkey Protest and Role of Media: Critical Analysis

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This article will cover the story of Turkish people who did protests in 2013 and also describe the major role of media in it. The media is playing a vital role to spread any news that ever happened in entire world. Nowadays, the people are well educated about the world circumstances, every sites and applications like Facebook, twitter, Youtube, etc are well used and easy to access these applications help people to understand the situation of the world widely.


In turkey thousands of people protested in Gezi Park on 27th may 2013 and this protest ended on 20th of August 2013. The people left their homes and protest because they were so tired of the government behavior, the Turkish people were not getting any democratic rights there was violation on it and there was not any public consultation. The media of the turkey claimed that three and a half of the million people were marched to the Gezi Park and during that protest it has been recorded that about twenty-two people were killed fierce fully and around eight thousands of people were injured badly. By the riot of the police near the premises of the Gezi they organized the library, medical centre for the protesters and police also helped them and distributed food as well and also gave them the facility of media. When this Gezi park camp was cleared by the police effort on 15th of June the people started to meet up to many other different parks for the discussions and they stared to organized the public forums and forward it. The prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan eradicates the march of the protesters in June. People of Turkey became the victim of the tear gas and the water cannons by the force.

This action of the police killed almost eleven people and more than eight thousand got injured but police did not show any mercy to people, the media showed that many people during that protest also got arrested by the police the right calculation of the arrested people were around more than three thousand, which was very incredible and awful thing for the Turkish, because their own government people were doing this kind of act to them. This led the foreign countries and other international organizations to take the action and help the Turkish protesters because the Turkish government was not doing for their people they were mostly quiet.

The social media were recording each and every act that were happening in turkey during the protest and educating the world about the news of the Turkey circumstances. The prime minister of the turkey Recep Tayyib Erdogan recognized the role of the media and noticed the splendid work; he blamed them for the problems. He called the twitter the menace at that time, which proved that the social media became the important tool or all those innocent people who were not receiving and kind of help to finish the problems of their life.

Now the social websites like twitter, facebook, flickr, tumblr and youtube, became the major sorce for the protesters for the people of turkey to share the information that how they will survive under such circumstances and these websites helped to update the news situation that was happening in the Gezi Park and many photos and videos were upload on the youtube to share the information of the protest. The news once claimed that the Turkish broadcasters were accused of leaking news blackout and they got failed to report to the demonstration.

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The very famous Dutch footballer who got a lot of fame in his career Mr. Wesley Sneijder expressed his support of the Istanbul protests on the Twitter. He tweeted that his heart is with the Turkish people who are defending their rights. The Turkish government may had to use the Turkish army to stop all the protesters for making the trouble of any kind but deep inside we all knew that the protesters are doing this protest because they for their own good.

The was a website of IT news Tech Crunch reports claimed that the access of the facebook and twitter will not be allowed and it will be blocked in Istanbul and other nearby areas. The Turkish people believed that the government blocked these sites and the internet access just to hide the news of the Turkish protesters condition, in turkey there was a very big mobile phone provider who claimed that the government has nothing to do with the blocking of the internet access. Many offers were made for the demonstrators were post on the twitter for many weeks.

There has been a news on this topic that the restaurants, café’s, bars were close to the Taksim Square where the Gezi Park was situated and they have tweeted that they are open for all the protesters who are facing difficulty to have the necessities of common human being. The hotels and other organization were welcoming people who got arrested by the police and police left them astray. Not just that the local residents who were living nearby the Gezi Park posted to twitter and Facebook their internet passwords so that the protesters would not find any difficulty to post the situation of them, staying online was the great option for them to know about the worlds view regarding them.

So it was very obvious that when the conventional media in turkey did not help the protesters to the fullest and leave them in a very bad condition the social media became the big and very helpful source for the Turkish people to reveal the truth about the Gezi Park and turkey breaking untold news. The television channels were showing only reality shows, cooking shows instead of showing the news about the situation of the country but the social media was full of photos and videos of the Gezi Park protest in turkey. So, the social media became one of the important thing for the Turkish people. It is a fact that the seventy percent of the Turkish people are under thirty five o age and the turkey is ranked the fourth largest global usage of Facebook and might be eighth on using the twitter.

Well, it was quiet obvious thing that why turkey has achieved this ranks because the turkey’s ruling justice and development uplifted the pressure on media, so the only option for the poor people who were fighting for their rights and justice is to reveal the truth to the world. The Turkish people tolerate a lot to get what they want they risked their lives even many protesters left this world fighting for their rights and many got injured. The worst part was them that their own government were doing this to them they were not helping them. They blocked the entire media source for them but they did not lose their hopes they got justice in the end and the protest that was last for almost fifty days were reaching to an end.


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