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Turn of The Screw Essays

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Sexual Repression As A Key Theme In The Turn Of The Screw

The Victorian Age was the time in literature that was linked to the leadership of Queen Victoria. This was the time that all attention was directed towards nature and morality. It was regarded that romance and love for the opposite sex were not moral. Henry James, therefore, took advantage of this time to communicate with people about the things that existed in the lives of many. Even if romance was considered immoral, biology could still force some to stay thinking...
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Delusions in Turn of the Screw: Critical Analysis

While scepticism surrounding the ghosts featured in Henry James’ novella Turn of the Screw is not an original take, the facts and fiction of what takes place at the Bly estate is still a hotly debated topic among readers and fans of the Gothic genre. Perspective is one of the key themes of the story and the governess’ reliability as a narrator is questioned throughout. All through the novel she is adamant in the presence of ghosts, Peter Quint and...
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Corruption Of Innocence In Turn Of The Screw

Corrupted youth in Henry James’s novel The Turn Of The Screw is a result of bad influences of faulty role models or even of the society which came to be due to lacking of basic roles of the family with the intend of properly raising children. As a consequence of such factors children are forced to grow up ahead of time with the influence of the people who often don’t have the best characteristics. Altogether influences the growth and proper...
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The Darkness Of Human Nature In Turn Of The Screw

In The Turn of The Screw, Henry James presents the darkness of human nature through the use of ambiguity; the vagueness of the plot and the unreliability of the narrator which makes it difficult to distinguish between what is good and what is evil, however, the darkness of human nature is definitely present through the characters of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel in their attempts in corrupting the children. The governess represents “the good” through the role she plays as...
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The Presentation Of The Supernatural World In Turn Of The Screw

In this essay, the presentation of the supernatural world will discuss how it defines events that cannot be explained by nature or science and how it concerns with didactic messages. In light of this view, an introduction of the supernatural world is perceived as a means of teaching the audience moral instructions that occur in the novels. The authors use elements of the supernatural to illustrate teachings that educate the reader, in both novels, there is a depiction of the...
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