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Comparative Analysis of Use of Hashtags in Tumblr and Twitter Posts

Application This chapter is a summary of the results of the practical application of the theories and literature presented in chapters 2 and 3. The main research question of this work is, as the title suggests: In what way do linguistic strategies used by users of both platforms differ from one another? Which of characteristics proposed in the hypotheses distinguish them from one another, if at all? In order to reply to these research questions, specific features of each platform...
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Human Behavior and Social Networks: Twitter and Instagram as Case Studies

Human behavior describes the way in which human beings act and interact; and it is influenced by several factors including genetic makeup and sociocultural factors. The influence of technology, especially social media on human life has brought about tremendous changes in human behavior. These changes cut across several areas of human interaction, affecting the way we work, play, learn, communicate and do business. Social networks hold great implications for radical changes in the future in terms of human behavior. We...
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Twitter: History, Features And Services

Social media are the latest developments on the Internet, which have been accompanied by the advent of many Web 2.0 technologies. In general, many Internet specialists point out that social media represents a quantum leap in communication through the Web in a much more interactive way than when the communication was limited with very little information sharing and greater control over data managers. In addition, social media has provided many opportunities, which may be a place for trading for some...
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Essay About Twitter

Twitter is an online microblogging site/social network where users can instantly compose and share messages, called “tweets”, in 280 characters or less. Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams (Skemp, 2019). On Twitter, each user has a profile that can be viewed and followed by anyone if their profile is public, users also have the option of making their profile private and only those approved can follow and view their content. One...
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Has Twitter Replaced The Newspaper Editor As The New Gate Keeper?

Introduction This essay aims to track the developments in media gatekeeping through the emergence of the digital era and the boom in adoption of social media sites for news gathering, distribution and consumption. It begins with a history of the gatekeeping theory and how it has developed before going on to determine who, in the social media era, are the gatekeepers? It looks at how traditional media outlets like newspapers have adapted and how Twitter have encroached and given the...
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Underlying Mechanisms of Twitter for Political Debate: Analytical Essay

Today, the majority of the population uses social media, consciously or unconsciously, to be informed about all sorts of things. However, the fact that people have easy access to all kinds of information does not guarantee its quality. After the increasing interest in online political debates and the current influences of social media, several doubts have arisen about social influence on the internet. To address this issue, this paper will examine the underlying mechanisms of Twitter and how they affect...
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Twitter Business Model: Analytical Essay

Twitter, a microblogging service that allows subscribers to send “tweets” of 140 characters or less to their followers is a giant technology company that started in 2007 by founder Evan Williams. Twitter can be accessed through its website, SMS, or mobile device and has multiple features such as pinning tweets, advanced search, tags, and alerts, that made Twitter a widely regarded company to have social and political influence as it enables its users to access and spread news faster than...
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Twitter as a Platform for Political Discourse: Analytical Essay

Social Media and Politics: Is Twitter a positive platform for political discourse? Nowadays people get informed and shape their opinion through social media. However, the fact that people have easy access to all kinds of information does not guarantee its quality. After the increasing interest in online political debates and the current influences of social media, several doubts have arisen about the social influence on the internet. To address this issue, this paper will examine whether Twitter is a positive...
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Real-time Event Detection Using Twitter Analysis

Abstract The prodigiously generated data by users on social networking and microblogging sites such as Facebook and Twitter is colossal. These user-contributed data are basically short messages that tend to reflect a variety of events in real time, making Twitter particularly well-suited as a source of real-time event content. Utilizing this feature of Twitter, we present Twitter-Detector, a system that performs event detection over the Twitter stream. The system monitors and identifies emerging events (i.e. ‘topics’) on Twitter in real-time...
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Ban on Twitter in Nigeria: Analytical Essay

The impact of the Twitter ban on the Nigerian economy is examined in this article. The Nigerian government’s move to ban Twitter could have serious economic consequences. The reason for the restriction appears to be the social media companies’ decision to delete a tweet by President Muhammadu Buhari that was labeled as ‘abusive behavior’ by Twitter just a few days ago. Twitter is one of Nigeria’s most widely used social networking platforms. Later, it was discovered that the Twitter ban...
4 Pages 1918 Words

Double Voicing and Script Comparison in Tumblr and Twitter: Analytical Essay

Double-voicing This section explores double voicing in both platforms to test whether there is double-voicing present in both platforms’ samples and if there is what aspects it manifests differently. Vásquez and Creel (2017: 64) propose that double-voicing “is used by the authors of those Tumblr Chats who seemingly present the voice of a single ‘character’ (or participant), yet present two different – and often conflicting – meanings.” What is more, they state (cf 2017:66) that double-voicing is best achieved through...
3 Pages 1502 Words

Detailed Overview of Tumblr and Twitter’s Features: Descriptive Essay

Anti-vaccination Discourse Online Before advancing to the main part of the study, this section is dedicated to explaining why the topic of anti-vaccination was chosen to be analyzed from a linguistic point of view, as well as why Tumblr and Twitter were the social media selected for the corpus, beyond the arguments cited in 1.1.1. This chapter has to main sections, 2.1., which provides with a detailed overview of Tumblr and Twitter’s features, with special emphasis to those relevant for...
3 Pages 1347 Words

Twitter's Influence on the Black Lives Matter Movement

I would like you all to think about the question I am about to ask, what’s social media? Is it a news outlet? A way to attach yourself with friends? Well, both answers that were stated aren’t really wrong; however, it can most definitely be defined as an influence to our society thanks to its ability to attach people across the world. Studies show that in 2019, there have been 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and growing, which equates...
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Analyzing the Twitter Platform of Norm Kelly Basing on Theories of Michel Foucault and Raewyn Connell

Norm Kelly, a famous politician and councilor for the City of Toronto. Not only is he popular within the political community but is a well-liked and trendy figure within the world of social media. Norm Kelly belongs to the Liberal Party of Canada and also represented the City of Scarborough as a councilor as well as a representative for Ward 40 York South-Wieston for the years 2000-2018. Ever since this famous political figure entered the world of Twitter, it became...
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The Twitter Spasm Classification Using R Language

Executive Summary The cutting edge technology in the modern setting has led to a rise on several social media platforms which are geared into making the daily life of human being more than comfortable. In this case, Twitter is one of the major social media platforms which are used by billions of users in the entire world. On the other hand, the rise of the social media platform has triggered the onset of malicious individuals who spend most of the...
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Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Introduction Nowadays text mining and sentiment analysis are sensational topics in the area of research. Twitter, a social media website which allows different ways of demonstration opinions and establish communication among the users, all over the world. Since Twitter is very distinctive so it’s difficult to assemble data for sentiment classification. , data is first preprocessed before analysis, to enhance the tweet. After tweets are processed, different information and features are produced from them.[1] Twitter, a social networking service where...
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Twitter Ethical Issues

The Internet since its inception, has become a primary source of information flow throughout the world and the social networking has empowered people in every corner of the world to interact, collaborate and share their views online. Among which, the microblogging medium- Twitter, have 316 million active users every month with 500 million tweets posted each day. However, this free medium has lead to lot of consequences which are globally affected. There are countries that follow different religions and rules,...
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