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Essays on Types of Cancer

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Essay on How Cancer Affects Families

Cancer The phrase everyone dreads and wishes to never hear… you have cancer. Cancer will take you by storm not only affecting you, but your loved ones, nurses, and healthcare providers. It is a beast that can drain you and everyone around you emotionally. Treatment...
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Why Is Cancer So Difficult to Treat?

Cancer is defined as a disease caused by uncontrollable cell division of abnormal defective body cells. Cancerous cells have the ability to destroy and damage surrounding organs and healthy tissues. Some cancers metastasize, beginning in one area and then invading and damaging other areas of...
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Selenium-Based Anti-Cancer Therapy

Reactive oxygen species are reactive molecules what contain oxygen. In cells they are formed as a by-product during the metabolism of oxygen. These metabolites often play important roles in the body such as call signaling and regulation. These reactive oxygen species often contain free radicals...
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Oral Cancer as One of the Most Popular Types of Cancer

Oral cancer is known as one of the most popular types of cancer among people all over the globe, and there are about 200K deaths recorded annually, as a result of it. Oral cancer occurs when a bunch of malignant cells infect the oral tissues,...
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Nutrition and Cancer Risk

Numerous studies have observed at the chance that definite nutritive mechanisms or nutrients relate to increases or decreases in cancer risk. Studies of cancer cells in the laboratory and of animal representations have occasionally provided proof that sequestered mixtures may be carcinogenic (or have anticancer...
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Liver Cancer: Research Study

My husband’s father, uncle, and aunt passed away after experiencing liver cancer a couple of years. Saying about liver cancer, you might think about poor lifestyle choices such as diabetes, overweight, over consumption of fatty, alcohol drinking or smoking. However, none of these people were...
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Immunotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer

Head-and-neck squamous cell malignant growths are one of the most well-known tumors worldwide and represent the greater part million new cases and 480,000 passing for each year. Major etiological hazard factor incorporates tobacco use, betel-quid and areca-nut biting, liquor utilization, human papillomavirus (HPV) contamination (oropharyngeal...
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Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Cancer

As is well known, a singular treatment is not enough to eradicate cancer from the body. The older approach to treating cancer is with the use of chemotherapy, a nonspecific cytotoxic chemical, while the newer approach is to treat cancer with targeted and immunotherapy treatments...
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Essay on Cancer Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is an experimental method for correcting faulty genes that cause disease to develop. Gene therapy attempts to treat illness by altering a person’s gene expression, with the ultimate goal of curing or preventing genetic diseases. Gene therapy aims to solve the problem at...
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Essay on Bone Cancer

Cancer involves the uncontrolled division of the body’s cells, which cancer can cause in any tissue of the body, and each type of cancer has its own unusual characteristics. Cancer begins when a cell breaks free from conventional restrictions on cell division and begins to...
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Coping with Child's Cancer

Coping with a child who has a disease, such as cancer, can be a complex, psychological, and behavioral process that affects not only the patient, but the family as well. Cancer can cause emotional distress such as anxiety, stress, and difficulty coping. This quantitative article...
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Circulating Tumor DNA Cancer Detection Method

Over 8.2 million people die of cancer each year due to the bad accessibility to detection methods and treatment. The problem is that people are finding out they have cancer too late which makes it harder to treat. Cancer is the 4th most leading cause...
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Cancer Treatments During Pregnancy

Oncological treatment and pregnancy are possible, but not excluding some short-term and long-term effects on the unborn child. Cancer treatment can be categorized as surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Surgery is a crucial part of treating cancer. With special precautions, surgery is possible during pregnancy,...
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Essay on Cancer in Australia

Cancer is a perplexing opponent. Over a hundred distinctive anatomical and histological diseases are known as cancer. There are molecular variants within subtypes of malignancies of a single organ, with differing prognosis, metastatic potential and response to treatment. Its arcane nature is reflected in its...
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Brief Description of Cancer

Cancer is a word that most people think of to be a death sentence. It is one word that nobody wants to hear in a doctor’s office. Sadly, over the past decades, cancer prevalence has continued to rise. It was thought to be more common...
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