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Types Of Fake News And Consequences Of Their Circulation

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In recent years, the number of fake news has grown extremely due to the internet and social media. However, fake news is a major problem which has serious implications. It is clear to see that not all news is trustworthy. Hence, this essay will analysis three different types of fake news which are aimed at different groups: the individual, the community, and the world as a whole. This essay will then focus on some of the factors and consequences of the growth of fake news and go on to suggest what can be done to avoid believing fake news and accepting the wrong information.

Nowadays, making news is extremely easy on the internet which own wealthy of information and easy to obtain. And the different level of fake news could create grievous impacts world, even the community as a whole.

There are three main groups of fake news, one of the fake news is about individual news, which has the smallest affection for the community, it usually influenced one to two persons or a family. For example, there is a horrible mother making her daughter believe she was in a seriously ill single family which lives in America, so the mother can ask for financial help from society to afford her daughter’s medical health care. This fake news wins everyone’s mercy and people provides financial aid for this poor family, after the daughter murdered her mother cause she found out she has been fooled for 15years. The public realized what they have donated is all fake. Consequently, this family is breaking down by the mother who speeded fake messages on social media. (Morabito. 2017). This type of news usually won’t influence on society, but can destroy a person even the whole family.

In addition to the light influence on individual fake news, the news about community is in the top 2 affection. Moreover, it also has the possibility to be global news. This kind of fake news is regularly reports on social media which focus on negative or positive news in whole communities. For instance, One of the drawbacks shared at an isolated event, India's Infibeam Roads, an e-commerce agency, the figure for lost marketing confidence on a day was three quarters in 2018 after false information about the company's accounts circulated in WhatsApp messages to traders. The firm outlined the incident to the Indian securities regulator. The risk scene was compounded by the fact that the report showed there is over seventy per cent of businesses discussed the use of 'influencers' and product envoys. This implies that both influences and their more complex computerized structures have had to be checked. (Binham, C. 2019) Not only industries defamed each other by published fake news of theirs competitor to improve company’s profits. But also a problem for the consumers whom using their products, even worse this will influence the life in the community as a whole.

Moreover, if the news can impact effectively in community. Subsequently, become viral (spread widely on internet platforms), then become the target for global news. For example, the news about Hong Kong protest in china has caught attention on international news since of clashes between police and activists have ended up progressively savage, with police terminating live bullets and nonconformists assaulting officers and tossing petrol bombs. (BBC News, 2019). Also the live video of the protest speeded widely on the internet, as a result, the people around the world likely to know what this news about. Hence, some countries put them self in China shoes to think about how to balance the problem between the government and people who live in the county. As shown in the news, how news can be effective to change a person or even the whole world while the number of fake news are gradually growing. Although the fake news increases dramatically and rooted in the modern world.

There are too many motivations for people to make fake news, which had resulted to three different classes of consequences. On the other hand, compared with the past, making news is easier in modern life. Social platforms on the internet are one of the main factors of fake news.

In addition to easy to make news on social platforms. Also, there is some of the fake news is people are too quick on making a conclusion without knowing the exact story. Even worse, the misinformation will be spread with relaying incorrectly in the community. For instance, to gain audiences the original story will be over-modification due to interesting and unexpected is more attracted to public. Consequently, the facts story will be replaced by fake news, which got more viewer on social media. Furthermore, the more readers and audiences can create a more commercial profit. (Webb, H and Jirotka, M. 2017) Argue that: “A further key concern is that this vulnerability can be exploited so that false content is propagated in an organized way for the purposes of profit (gained via online advertising) or political interference.“

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Beside to the motivation of makes fake news, but also young people are deeply obsessed with social media such as Tweeter, Instagram, Facebook and, the most popular platform – Snapchat which they are likely to believe the information from social media, when this incorrect information is released it reaches a large audience in seconds. Therefore, fake news is often disseminated extensively and many people believe it without thinking carefully.

Another reason for why adolescents are more likely to be fooled is due to they are less experienced than adults. Inasmuch as teenagers in nowadays life most of the knowledge is learning from the social platforms, furthermore, they don’t have enough experience or judging right from wrong then easily due to the image they see on social media. The growth of fake news not only due to the internet, but also the disinformation gone viral on social media which young people are addicted to.

However, fake news is rooted in the community which people prefer to keep the faith in what they expected. For example, in the report about Hong Kong protest, police and protesters clashed in the Prince Edward MTR station, leading to a number of injuries. When the number of people hurt was revised, a rumor began circulating that police had beaten some protesters to death. Photos of bodies were shared online, along with the claim that these were people arrested on August 31. This fake news increased Asia teenagers anger and as a result, they will want to risk their life to support their friends. (Kuo and Hale 2019). This information was rejected by Lew, L. (2019). As seen, this is defiantly fabricated news, which is benefited to the China government but also the news that people tend to believe, however, the incorrect information is too much to notice the exact story. Consequently, the truth is difficult to be trusted if there is not any picture or video to support it.

To identify the misinformation, Wardle, C. as cited by Mitchell Waldrop, M. (2017) suggests some steps can be taken to find the false content. This includes analyzing the context and checking if there is an incorrect between it and the headline, visuals or captions. Before establishing if something is true or false, it is important to do the research thoroughly from the official internet platforms or library is a most significant steps need to be done first. At that point perusing carefully in the event that veritable substance is shared with compare relevant data. Advance recommends that pay consideration in the event that the substance is deluded, faker or manufactured, considering that the disinformation may be a parody or spoof which deliberate to cause hurt but have potential to trick.

Detail about how to identify the fake information into three main points. First, the research from (Columbia College. 2019) point that review the effectiveness of the publisher is easy and important to recognize the source and credibility. For instance, the trailing site named.'co' is not often a trustful website to learn the information. Although, web link called 'ABC News' may have high reliability of information, but not all the website is worth to trust such as It looked unique and seems similar to the original site investigated, but it is usually an illegal site. Furthermore, it is extremely important to clarify the point of view of the article. If the content of the article is ironic or defamatory, even more deliberately exaggerate the facts, then it may be a fake news. In addition to analyzing the authenticity of the content of the article, the author of the article is also an important part of analyzing false information. Usually, most news, which is credible will have the author's full name and contact detail in case the content of the article requires updating, therefore this must be focused on in order to establish whether this person exists or it this is the writing of an anonymous person in which case, questions can be asked about the authenticity of the content. Thus, vetting the publisher’s validity is a significant step before reading the article, and subsequently can help in identifying the misinformation.

Secondly, according to the research (Fake News Challenge. 2017) which gave an interesting tip to understand the quality of information is also an important factor when attempting to identify misinformation in the news, since any article can be falsified on the Internet. Therefore, it is important to think about the original source to determine the trustworthiness of the article. Moreover, pay attention to these matters when reading trusted resources carefully, which mean the trustful resources mostly have high editorial and syntactic guidelines. For example, if the article or website has a garbled message, reading should be stopped immediately and, attempts should be made to find the initial information and credible research sources to clarify any contradictions conflict between the article and the original material. After finding the first source, individual need to study other people's views about the author or publisher. The reason for such precaution is due to overthinking the information, but to ensure the correctness of facts. Checking the quality the false contents more easily discerned.

Additional step citizens can take is to to check the sources and citations in the news pieces. By knowing exactly where the original origin of the article came from is helpful to recognize any false information. For instance, if the information or news came from a social media feature or a bait advertisement URL, the contents of these sources are most likely to be incorrect or unactual. Moreover, this data might be shared by a company which just wants to increase its profit. On the other hand, there is too many recourses that force the viewers to read while they are viewing the website. Therefore, credible journalism is based on fact-gathering by examining the sources cited, so a lack of research may mean a lack of fact-based information. (Columbia College. 2019). Before reaching a conclusion, these steps can be taken to identify any misinformation.

In conclusion, different types of fake news which are individual, community and global can cause various issues such as the relationship between people in small groups, the trust between companies and customers, and can even develop tension between countries which also can effect the world as a whole. Not only is fakes news easy to make in the modern world, but it is also easy to spread such information on social platforms which young people tend to believe. Moreover, many people prefer to believe what they are expected to, in the news. Nevertheless, there is no method which can completely stop fake news - yet. There are some suggestions from research which can be taken to identify the incorrect information- check the web link, read carefully form the quality and timeliness also ensure the sources is trustworthiness.

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