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Ulbricht As the Designer and Launcher of the Silk Road: Analysis of the Case USA Versus Ross Ulbricht

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On August 21, 2014 the government of USA has filed a case on Ulbricht with seven criminal cases, Narcotic Trafficking, Distribution of the Narcotic by Internet, narcotic conspiracy, counting criminal enterprise, Conspiracy to commit and aid and computer hacking, Conspiracy to traffic in fraudulent identification documents and money laundering conspiracy.

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Ulbericht was designed and launched the silk road which means the online marketplace with name of dead pirate Roberts. The entire online marketplace is maintained by the Silk Road and the programming and website creation and the administrative staff are responsible for the Silk Road is maintained by the Ulbericht. The site is managed worldwide, and it managed to avoid the worldwide law enforcement for two years. On Oct 2013 the FBI seized the Silk Road. The Dark Web is the global network which users are used to access the Silk Road. The Dark web is intentionally is hide from the regular internet. This is the internet which blends in the regular internet. The Dark web began with the ARPANET, this is developed by the pentagon in 1969. This network is the medium of choice for the US Naval Research lab which introduced to a browser called the Onion Router. This software is publicly available on 2004, The Onion router is also called as Tor. This Tor will remove the IP address from the connection altogether and establish a link between source and destination. The Silk Road users are around 150,000 and almost 4000 vendors. Most of the users are from United States of America and remaining are from rest of the world. This Tor based form of connection will give access to the vendors and the bitcoin currency, transaction capabilities. This makes the site very popular and the form a global community. From the consumer point of view the users doesn’t have any idea what they are buying and what is the value for. The vendor used to provide the actual value and the users will estimate the value of the prescription opioids. The Silk road contains not only the drugs information but also that something sold and which items are readily available. The Silk Road forum which make a good information of the drug and provide as much information they can provide to the community. The User has to right at least 50 comments or posts on their website to get the membership. If you are new to the Silk Road creates are forum that’s says a newbie boards which avoid creating a new account before joining the larger conversation. Once they are understanding the community and then the user will be created, and he/she can be a member of the Silk Road Community. After the Silk Road is down the users are waiting for someone to take over it and maintain the website. But this never happened. The users are still waiting for their response form there community head. After that Silk Road is collapsed by November 2014. As on March 2015 the evolution of the Silk road is closed.


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