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Unconditional Love of Mother: Essay

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‘Years went by, we are all aware that everything in this world has changed! But, one thing that remained the same is the love from our dear mother.’

A mother is someone who is very close to our hearts. Who gives birth, provides us shelter, the one who guides us, and of course always accepts us no matter what we do in our life with wide open arms. Being a mom was never an easy task, and it has become tougher during the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. We saw their struggles, hard work, and how they hid their pain. I felt this because oftentimes I sit, wonder, and observe my mother. Even if she did not tell us, I know her stare, her eyes are so far but as long as she sees us happy, she smiles because it is enough for her.

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My mother is more than just a superhero, no one could beat the power of a mother’s love. She’s my everything, not only because of what she provided and gave back to us but also to other people, too. My pain is her pain. My problem is her problem. My success is also her success. My mother makes us feel that we, her children are the most important persons in her life. She taught us not to forget to always say thank you to the Lord God because we are lucky that we didn’t experience those things that someone out there experienced today. She also taught us to pray every day not because of what we are facing right now but to say how grateful we are and also to say to guide everyone and heal those who are affected by the virus.

I want to acknowledge not only my mother’s strength and braveness but also all the mothers around the world. To be honest, during this time, our mother always lifts our mood not to let our mental health take over us. They always say that we do not need to worry in the midst of a pandemic because something good is going to happen, we just don’t know when and what it is yet. Though I admit that it has a deep meaning but these words are the reason why we keep going. That means, when you believe that something good is coming and we are part of making that happen, you start to be able to see beyond the suffering to how things could be.

Our mother`s love is unforgettable, her love for us will always remain the same. It`s enough for us to overcome anything and everything standing in the way of our mother`s happiness. Being a mom under this new normal is really challenging. Imagine, working hard just for us to have food to eat three times a day is really a pleasure. When I grow up, I wish to be successful so I can give back my mother`s love by giving all her wants and also a pure pure pure love. I know this pandemic really changes our lives but do you see how your mother suffers every single day just for us to survive? Her love for us is really life-changing. Especially now that we are in the middle of a crisis, a pandemic our mom becomes much more than a superhero, she’s just incredible right?! Helping us with our online class, activities, homework, and modules. And now that we are at home due to the community lockdown in our city and barangay, I and my mom spends a lot of time together it specializes in our bond together. She goes to work, and I’m very proud of her! going to work in the middle of a’s indeed a very risky duty but she can do it! and I believe in her, she’s a hero just like I mentioned earlier. And my mom always makes sure that her family is safe, which is us and my grandparents. To all the mothers out there, I salute you all. I hope that this upcoming mother’s day, you deserve to rest and be treated as a queen, not just that day but every day. Your hard work is very much appreciated and honored. We can’t give our mothers anything in return, but we can thank them and give them so much respect and care. We should always love our mother and obey all her orders. All I can say is ‘Nothing is Better than their Love’.

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