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Understanding Marriage And Same-sex Marriage

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In order for a particular specie to maintain its line of existence reproduction is needed, although it varies in some plants and animal. To some the reproduce asexually why other sexually. But be it in anyway all is to continue the lineage of its existence of its specie. In human reproduction takes between a man and a woman. The man and the woman first of all agree to live together unlike other lower animals. This coming together is a mutually consented acceptance with the approval and support of the society. This now leads the man and the woman into marriage. The purpose and aim of this coming together are not only the love that dwells among the spouses but procreation ___which is participation in God’s divine act of creation.

Therefore, in procreation man gives life. This life is given to the unborn, true the love and joy of the married. The spouse through their deep affection participating in God’s act of creation. It is on this that many questions are raised concerning same-sex marriage. What is its purpose? What is its aim? Does marriage end in in love alone?

Critique of Same-sex Marriage

Logically, that which remain reasonable, remains reasonable irrespective of the angle at which it is viewed. Rational aspect of man is not only limited to scholastic field, but towards solving the problem facing the emerging society today. In the situation where things are done without making recourse to its fundamental principle, remains a very big challenge to any right-thinking person in our society today.

It is on these premises I start to critique same-sex marriage. Triennially, it is believed that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, who live together in love in order to set-up a family through Childbearing. In this idea, it is very clear that all the set-out goal; will be achieved because but are opposite in gender. Therefore, when the copulate they will be able to conceive and give birth. On the other way around, how will a same-sex ‘partners’ archive this? Unless the idea behind same-sex exclusively not for childbearing. In in fact same-sex calls for lots of questions like why is Marriage? why children? With the change of marriage idea and the approval of different marriage laws, the main idea of marriage which is the propagation of the human race is truncated.

Base on this Kathleen E. Hull writes: “One of the most central institutions in modern social life, marriage is currently a site of contestation rather than consensus. In contemporary American society, the meaning and boundaries of the marriage institution are up for grabs, in both cultural and legal terms. Fierce and sometimes ugly battles are being waged over who is allowed to marry, what marriage signifies and where marriage is headed. Marriage has never been a static institution, but it is hardly an exaggeration to assert that at the start of the twenty-first century, marriage potentially faces one of its most significant transformations in history”.

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This entails that, the whole idea of marriage started changing at the start of twenty first century. Not looking at the entire idea of a man living with a man, which is intrinsically against the law of nature, the whole idea is thwarted.

The man and a woman live together, in order to give birth through their sexual relationships which cannot happen between a man and a man under natural state of things.

In same-sex marriage, which a sexual relationship pertaining to people of the same sex, it is veridical and at the same time evidential that, there is no possibility of conception. therefore, that whole idea of marriage which goes in life with the idea of self-preservation is defeated.

In this work we have seen, from the first chapter what same-sex marriage is. Base on the definitions made by Malinowski we derived the idea that Marriage as a personal relationship between a woman and a man which is characterized by love exclusive sex cohabitation reproduction and childbearing. From this we begin to evaluate that which can make a man and his fellow man to agree to live together. The attraction will in fact raise many questions. The purpose of marriage is to live together in love in other to raise up a family. What is the purpose of people with same sex coming together? It very clear that they can not reproduced. Why then coming together, the whole idea here boys down to an unknown motive which I may say is best known to them. If a man a woman in his/her right sense is thinking of marrying fellow sex I will take is as an absurd thinking because it is incomprehensible. Why I take it as an absurd is because it is un imaginable.


In this whole paper, we have been discussing same-sex marriage, this we began with an overview of same-sex, marriage in the first chapter. In doing this, we started with explications of word which are found in the term “same-sex”. We also made a historical overview with the background overview and historical analysis. In the second chapter we tried to understand Marriage in line with same-sex marriage. Definitions of marriage was made to which we understand that there is there is no universally accepted definitions for marriage. But bases the definition of the church we learnt that marriages is a matrimonial bond of love with the purpose of living together as husband and wife. In their living together they avail themselves for the outcome of their love which is accepting the fruit of there living together. The accept the child that comes as fruit of the marriage. The major purpose of marriage is to live together ass husband and wife in order to setup or raise a family which from the Anthro and sociological understanding it the begging of the human society. It is the initial component of human society. from the fore going questioning about same-sex marriage was asked. Since from several definitions we saw procreation coming up as its purpose. For same-sex couple cannot conceives from both partners.

Although, in today’s modern world, the idea of marriage has been relativised in order to suit personal interest. From the earlier definitions above marriage though not universally accepted is a union geared towards giving life (procreation).

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