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Unethical Behavior: Corruption, Fairness, Selecting Candidates And Stealing Money

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Table of contents

  1. Corruption
  2. Fairness
  3. Selecting Candidates
  4. Stealing Money
  5. References:

Unethical behaviour refers to the type of behaviour that does not conform to a high moral standard or a set of expected behaviour from certain individuals. In South Africa, there is a problem of unethical behaviour in the government sector, business sectors and in the education sector. These behaviour include the following, stealing money from the business, abusing of power, nepotism and other etc. In this essay we will discuss the impact of unethical behaviour in our society also explains why people find themselves behaving unethically ad immorally in different sectors, examples of unethical behaviours will also be discussed in this essay. In conclusion, we will explain the importance of ethics and morality for the benefit of the citizens.

Unethical behaviour occur when the action is set out to take advantage of another person without their knowledge or consent. Even though unethical behaviour is bad, not all unethical situation is illegal. Today society has been completely out of touch with the most basic principles of integrity and moral fairness.


Corruption is characterized as private individual or enterprises who misuse public resources for private power and or political power. They do so through public officials whose public official whose behaviour deviates from the formal government rules of conduct. There are different types of corruption which are fraud, conflict interest and favouritism. You may discover that the person who is within control of cash any cash within the trade, who is announcing any sum of cash to shareholders is taking cash as well as the evaluators of the trade. There is incorrect for the business since the commerce might conclusion up making no benefit. These might affect gravely to society since people who work for trade who are employments that cash they were paid to supply for their families might conclusion up being unemployed

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Another one is fairness. Fairness is another example of being unethical. Fairness is an impartial and just treatment or behaviour without favouritism or discrimination. Everyone should treat others as they wish to be treated, for example, when an employee does not practice fairness, it causes unjustified hate and prejudice. The manager who doesn’t treat every employee as equal is unethical even though it is not illegal.

Selecting Candidates

Sometimes you will find out that in our government there are people who are being selected for being in certain position because they have money, or their whites or the gave others some cash so that he/she can get more votes for being chosen in certain position or sleep with his/her manager to get promotion or being selected to any position. This is unethical because we are all equal, everyone deserves much in life so there is no one who will be given a position at work without meeting any requirements for the position.

Stealing Money

Any person who steals from government is stealing from the poor. Our ministers, steal money to buy luxury things in other to impress, sometimes you will find that they steal money to open their business for their own benefit. The money that they are stealing it impacts on us as the society also the economy, government can’t satisfy our need due to shortage of money. The society end up having shortage of water, electricity and other needs which are important for the community.

In conclusion, unethical behaviour can be control and manage, being ethical is a good thing whether at work or in the business but it is the major behaviour in all aspects. People should know how to respect one another and behave in a proper manner and trust one another so that the future generation can be able to have a chance to behave the way we do behave. Most of people tend to disrespect one another because they be thinking they are better compare to others, and to that situation it affects the rest of the world. Unethical behaviour its effects can seriously limit the development of national economies and undermine good governance. Corruption, fairness, selecting candidates, fraud, nepotism, abusing power can erodes stability, trust and honesty, it damages the ethos of democratic governance.


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