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Uniform Service Heroes: Police And Firefighters

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Both firefighters and the police officers are the professional public servants and every day they are courageous and lay their lives on the line to become our daily superheroes.

A law enforcement officer is a police officer who investigates a crime. On the other hand, a firefighter is largely responsible for firefighting or rescuing people. In addition,they face various threats. A firefighter faces the possibility of burning while a police officer may be shot. To prevent this, both professions must begin with different initial training so they can be fit and ready for the challenges they may face in the future within their career.


Intensive 12 to 18 weeks are needed to complete the initial firefighter training. It normally takes place at a specially designed training centre, where basic firefighting skills, such as safety of ladders, hose laying and the use of respiratory equipment, are demonstrated. Training requires learning about the protection of fire and the value of sharing the message in the local community. It is important to conduct a regular study both at and outside the training centre and the progress is reviewed on a regular basis. After the first aid certificate has been received and the basic skills have been achieved, a simulated fire can be experienced.

When the initial training is complete, they enter a fire station on probation and will be continually tested in their results. It usually takes approximately two years to learn about the environment and the risks surrounding its station and demonstrate expertise in the fields covered by the training center. The firefights are required to carry out a CPD programme throughout their careers, which involves courses, exercises, practical training and other training types in order to retain their level of competence. They will build their own skills and knowledge and maintain fitness.(How to become a firefighter, webpage)

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Fitness plans can include up to three running sessions, two strength and muscle endurance training sessions, and two flexibility sessions per week. The programme begins very easily and becomes increasingly difficult. Some other types of training activities may include circuit training, ladder climb exercises, ladder lift exercises, equipment carry exercises, etc. (Fitness programme, webpage) Some locations of training centres are found in London, Moretto-in Marsh; Derbyshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, and Daventry.


The new police officers require probationary training. The probation lasts for graduates and for pre-graduates for two years and for those who start the degree route for three years in accordance with their degree programme completion. The training they undergo depends on the path they select, but includes classroom, role-play, and functional training. When they are in patrol, they are taught by a constable instructor to help them develop their practical skills .. During their probation, they will come back to the classroom to learn more and take on courses and activities.

Two-year Police Now programme graduates engage in an intense six-week summer academy before completing a week of training in force. This is preceded by an 8-12 week immersion phase during which they are paired with a police officer who serves as his mentor. They will hold positions and build strategies and ideas for coping with a variety of problems in some of the most challenging communities. Police officers must continue to be trained throughout their careers and constant monitoring, instruction and support are given priority. (Police profile job, webpage)

The firefighters and the police officers may face a disciplinary action if they are not following a service routine and not carrying out duties as instructed. They may receive a warning letter, management advice, final warning letter or an official warning which could include an additional training or assistance; dismissal with or without notice. If charged for the death of a member of the public because of their misconduct and due to the fact that they did not carry out their duties as instructed, could face a suspension and a process that may last as much as the court retains necessary, lose their badge straight away, and eventually be arrested.

All these punishments may have a huge impact on the officers and firefighters lives and their families as individuals. Could bring financial problems as they will lose their job and not being able to work again, at least until the Court process will be over; could ruin their own reputation as the members of the public will not feel safe in their community anymore; could have some implications in their career; and lose their family and friends as nobody will want to have ‘’an eye’’ on them and being criticised by the community, and all the police friends will have to stay away as this could impact on their career as well.

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