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Usain Bolt And Gatorade Brand

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A variety of sport drinks are being sold all over the globe, the question is, what is your favorite sport drink? Gatorade is meant to keep you hydrated and helps your body feel replenished before, during and after sport activities. For instance, Usain Bolt is a retired Olympic athlete that holds a world record of being the fastest sprinter and being hydrated and energized was his top priority if he wanted to hold his world record. Gatorade has managed to be favored by many athletes, and when it comes to their advertisements the brand is known for meeting everyone’s expectations through text, image, etc.

Purchasing Gatorade is the key to fulfilling what your body desires when being active. When being told, “Stay ahead of the game” what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Maybe being prepared and smarter than everyone else or maybe being #1 with every competition or task. However, when it comes to seeing those words being represented by Gatorade, they are simply wanting to help you win at everything. With Usain Bolt being the highlight of the ad, they are encouraging that drinking Gatorade will help you be ahead of the game just like Bolt. For those who also are athletic, Gatorade is determined to help you be a world record of something you love to do.

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It is not an ad if you don’t feel the message or image. The seriousness from his face shows the determination of winning a race and nothing else matters. Bolt is wanting to bring courage and a capability mind set for everyone and Gatorade being a famous sports drink, is wanting to give the world just that. Many athletes must watch what they consume to look better and feel healthy and the supplements facts are what they see before they buy. When being introduced to a sports drink with artificial ingredients that harms the human body it wouldn’t be a first pick. Gatorade is wanting you to feel connected to the picture so you to can have what it takes to continue staying active.

So how much do you know about Usain bolt and his relationship with the Gatorade brand? So due to Bolt’s outstanding performance in the athletic field, it has been an honor for Gatorade to sponsor him in many advertisements. They respect the work efforts from living in poor conditions in Jamaica to becoming a universe icon. Having a famous athlete to be the center piece of an ad for sports drink must be the best drink to buy. Many people who are fans of Usain Bolt or look up to him will believe that Gatorade is his key to being a world record. We see many people drinking or having Gatorade, it has become a trend for all types of athletes from being professional to amateur and ranging from all ages. When we search up Usain Bolt, we can understand his reasoning for being a sponsor for a sport drink which makes him dependable. For a professional athlete putting his time into an ad must mean that what he sponsors is believable, and the audience should take into consideration that we cannot win without Gatorade.

We can understand the influence that a Gatorade ad can have on an audience and their performance and what sports drink they prefer to buy. After all the information that was said its clear to say that Gatorade has been a role model for all types of sports drinks and meets the level of excellent quality. An argument towards this ad can be effective, the use of a professional athlete, the mood that he is in and lastly the brand that is doing the sponsoring, Gatorade. There is enough evidence to prove that Gatorade is the best sports drink to purchase and their ads are based on their consumers best interest.

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