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Use of Computer in Criminal Investigation

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Technological advancement in the criminal investigation system.

Technology is present everywhere in life and it became part of our life. Jobs related to criminal justice today involves GPS, advanced camera, robots, etc. all these technologies improve investigation system and made it easier. Some details about technologies are given below.

Database & information exchange

The computer database system is an important technology for criminal investigation systems. There are many database systems that deal with the profiling of criminals. They can also deal with DNA testing, hot-spot analysis, etc. this database can be transferred much faster between states and countries. There are Advanced matching technologies are also available. Also, there are many biometric tools that analyze fingerprints in more detail.

Digital video recording

The cameras that use this technology are in the practice already. These technologies are very practical and affordable. The video captured by this digital camera serves as important proof in the investigation system. These cameras are light weighted and don’t require more space and allow a police officers to carry them with their uniform or their car.

3D imaging of a crime scene

This technology looks like a part of science fiction. These devices take a 3D scan of the crime scene, switching a lot of photos. This way crime scenes can be shown in detail. By this method, crime scenes can be visualized and some missing proof can be found. This technology makes the investigation system easier and fast compared to the old system.

Crime pattern analysis system

The CPAC provides digital maps which display all or specific crimes that occur in a specific area. This system analyzes the data and prepares a colored graphical map to show the density of specific crimes. It also has a feature, using statics it extrapolates the total crime figure for many days and also predicts where crime will occur tomorrow.

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Regional crime analysis project

This project was started by the university of Virginia along with their local police department. Recap uses a GIS with machine learning and statistical analysis to examine a corporate database. This system’s effectiveness is still good.

Ottawa police service

The Ottawa police service, Canada began the development of an expert system to investigate crime.

Eight initial functionality goals were set:

  1. Provide support for recording and gathering case data
  2. Generate suspect characteristics from the case
  3. Provide easy access to the investigators
  4. Identify the motive of suspects and cleared the cases
  5. Generate the list of possible suspects
  6. Identify patterns in the area
  7. Generate reports in the appropriate format
  8. Provide a graphic display capability

This system is used by many Canadian police departments and is marketed by a private software company.

Investigation management software

Case management software is a web-based solution to manage investigations. Dashboard reporting and custom report writing ability give you data on case status and crime trends. This software can be used for the investigation of fraud, employee relationships, privacy, security, and health and safety. It maintains complete case histories with instant access to all related information. Ex. i-sight, logikcull, formdocs etc.

Thus many new technologies help crime investigation systems. Some technologies are still under development like drones, robots, etc. these technologies also helps criminal to do crime effectively so investigation systems have to be one step ahead.


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