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Utopia As Literary Genre And Personal Expectations

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The word utopia is based on Greek where ou means ‘not’ and topos means ‘place,’ therefore it is not a place. Widely known, for definitions says as a noun, utopia means, “an imaginary island described in Sit Thomas More’s Utopia as enjoying perfection in law, politics, etc.” Its secondary definition says, “an ideal place or state.” And its third definition says, “any visionary system of political or social perfection.” Despite the fact that utopia is normally defined as an imaginary island enjoying in perfection in law and politics, but a more accurate definition would be an imagined place where everything and every detail of a person’s life is to their ideal personal aesthetics because a utopia should not only be about perfect law and politics, or being a perfect city, but also protecting and projecting your values.

As defined before using, utopia is defined twice in relation with, “perfect law and politics.” A utopia should not always be connected to a fantasy that includes life with a perfect system of laws and government. This is because to others their utopia might not have anything to do with laws and politics and instead wish to be free of those restrictions and live their lives to their own appealing views. It’s not critical to a person whether or not their imaginary world has law and politics imbedded into it simply because the creator of their utopia has the right to choose what is and is not of most importance to their own fantasy. Instead they can focus on other personal and valued aesthetics because as secondarily more accurately defined utopia as, “an ideal place or state.” If utopia was thought more as a part of this definition, people would focus less on law and politics unlike the other definitions and focus on their personal aesthetics instead. A person’s utopia should focus on this aesthetics through their high standards and symmetry so that they can pay particular attention to a fantasy away from the imperfect laws and politics we are facing today.

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Charles Zarka, in the Opinionator of The New York Times, says, “The island of Utopia is somewhere else, not only because it has no assignable location in the known world, even if its spatial and local dimensions are clearly marked, but also because it is a perfect city,” because to everyone their utopias location is unknown due to its perfectionism that does not exist in todays corrupted world and current unstable cities. In todays society an important limitation to a person’s ideal state or place is law and politics. These two factors in the real world are what keep many people from achieving success and is why it should instead be encouraged to create an idealistic utopia while avoiding these limitations or eliminating them completely since they are what is keeping a person from living their dreams at peace in the first place. Although, avoiding politics when creating a personal utopia does not come easy for many people, especially since as Charles Zarka mentioned, “At the end of the modern world, in the 20th century, utopia became political.” Today many decisions are made strictly on politics and on who benefits the most from any given situation. For those who are heavily involved in politics and view it as something they love would be of an exception to incorporating law and politics in their utopia because living in a world of politics would likely be appealing to them in their utopia and unavoidable.

A utopia should also focus on one’s personal values because those values are the base of why the decisions made are being implicated at all times in their world. Carol Kolmerten speaks about how values between men and women are viewed traditionally and says, “Traditionally, fathers have presided over families, over nations, over all of society's valued institutions,” to remind others of how the role of a man in seen in todays society. Men do this by paying the bills for their family, seen as presidents or political roles for their nation, and heavily influencing institutions of politics, economy, religion, and education. Kolemerten also says, “Traditional women's work of raising children—arguably the most important task of a culture—has almost always been devalued or 'ghettoized' by its separation from the paid workforce.” Unfortunately, some people in our society believe that women do not have the right to stay home and watch their children grow while being their teacher. They believe that women should contribute to society by working and contributing taxes just as the men are. The way society judges who is more valuable than the other can be implemented in the way someone creates their valued utopia. A person’s values are an important part of their utopia because they can influence decisions from financial situations to their influences in institutions or whether or not their choice of career should be much of importance.

Utopia can be usually defined as imaginary island with perfect law and politics or an ideal state or place. Although, instead it should be defined as an imagined place where everything and every detail of a person’s imaginary island is to their ideal personal aesthetics.

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