Utopia or Dystopia: What is the Difference

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Has anyone ever thought about living in a world where everything political, economic, and social was designed to be perfect? Basically, that’s what an utopia is. An utopia is an idealised vision of a place or state in which everything runs perfect. Utopians or reformers are those who actually put their ideas into practice. This brings us to the other side of the coin, which are dystopias. Dystopias are an imagined society or state in which there is injustice, authoritarian and abusive political regimes, and great suffering. This essay will not support an utopian or dystopian system, but rather give reasons why Governments should find a balance between these two in order to get the most out of each one.

Humans are not perfect and people cannot pretend they are. This is why the belief that a ‘‘perfect society’’ can be implemented for an imperfect species automatically vanishes. This is exactly what we watched in the movie, when Casey asked David why they couldn’t bring humans to live in Tomorrowland if the Earth’s Apocalypsis was within 57 days, he replied ‘‘Humans are savage. If we told them about this place then that would happen here to us, so nothing would survive.’’

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Utopias collapse the moment that any social or political theory rises and that it doesn´t match with our self desire for freedom, human rights and independence. We wouldn’t be living peacefully because nowadays there is to variation in how people want to live. There are so many things that makes us different from each other, besides abilities and tastes, the interest within a specific religious group would lead to a negative impact in the society. Causing riots, inadequate living and working conditions and many other factors that go againts utopian principles.

In the article ‘‘The Pursuit of Perfection’’ by Michael Schermer, he revealed: ‘‘Yet this is precisely what happened with the grand 20th-century experiments in utopian socialist ideologies as manifested in Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist Russia (1917-1989), Fascist Italy (1922-1943), and Nazi Germany (1933-1945), all large-scale attempts to achieve political, economic, social (and even racial) perfection, resulting in tens of millions of people murdered by their own states or killed in conflict with other states perceived to be blocking the road to paradise.’’ (Schermer, April 4, 2018)

This article doesn´t support a dystopian system either, but rather giving a third option. Protopia defines a state we’re not accepting perfection (Utopia), nor are we fighting for survival (Dystopia). Protopia system focuses on incremental progress, and promises a tomorrow that will be better than today although it may be just for a little. This state is much harder to idealise as it comes with many new benefits, it brings many new problems, too.

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