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The Importance of Respect for Others

We live in a world that is filled with conflict, dislike and negative criticism. In this, we believe that we are open-minded toward individuals who see the world uniquely. But that may not be the case always. Expressing yourself can be done in different ways and the way you choose is really important. You can either say things in a negative way and push down people or express your views with respect. It is essential for us to show respect...
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Dillard's Values of Life in Her Texts

After the last section’s tone of Dillard’s fascination of weasels violence, the tone changes to a sense of comfort and peacefulness. The sense of scenery Dillard uses like the pond close to her house brings this comfort of nature. As Dillard uses “so” she explains that she already has a motive to go along this path. Dillard depends on herself to do this action instead of doing it by necessity. This section relates to the Transcendentalism Era where Transcendentalists like...
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Core Ethical Values in My Life

Firstly, ethics have been explained differently by numerous individuals and philosophers over the years. Simply put, ethics are referred to as a set of principles and standards that guide and influence the way in which individuals and groups behave. Ethics are also known to differentiate between things and behaviours that are right and wrong. Furthermore, core ethical values are those essential principles that are used by individuals to conclude the differences between what is right and what is wrong. I...
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The Importance of Humility in Life

Humility is considered as the act of lowering oneself in relation to others or having a clear perspective and respect for one’s place in the world. It also involves knowing your limits and having appreciation for the intentions, strength, and perspectives of others. Unlike what some people think, humility is not the same as having low self esteem. A famous way of describing humility is that “it’s not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” In his book...
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