Values of Social Media Ethics: Analytical Essay

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Learning MIL is a must for everyone. It tells things that are and that are not to be done when it comes to media and information. Without studying MIL, it would be hard to know the things that one should do or avoid. Also, MIL makes one literate, or in other words, knowing. When one is knowing of the things to and to not do on media Learning MIL is a must for everyone. It tells things that are and that are not to be done when it comes to media and information. Without studying MIL, it would be hard to know the things that one should do or avoid. Also, MIL makes one literate, or in other words, knowing. When one is knowing of the things to and to not do about media and information, he/she would not be clueless and he/she could also prevent mistakes when it comes to Media and gathering information. According to UNESCO, MIL is very important when it comes to gathering information and also in communication. MIL talks about bringing discipline to students, thus, by being disciplined in information, one would be able to gather data that are reliable because he/she knows the necessary steps when VERIFYING gathered information. Also, teachers play an important role in MIL. They are the ones on which students gather information about media ethics. Without the guidance and proper teaching of teachers about MIL, students might commit mistakes that might have serious consequences for them in the future.

This paper aims to explain the benefits of studying MIL and its consequences when one becomes ignorant about the subject. Students nowadays are not knowing about media and information gathering. Many commit mistakes that are avoidable if they just know and studied MIL. Most of the time, ignorance is the main problem in committing mistakes. Some students consider MIL as not a core subject, thus they will not take it seriously making them clueless about the subject. Later would the students know that disregarding such a subject is like not giving importance to guidelines in life that would prevent them from committing mistakes that may have a serious effect on their lives? Gathering information is very important to students. They gather information for many things related to their education. MIL teaches students on how to gather necessary information that would make their gathered data valid. Avoiding such subjects would result in failing grades that would sometimes ruin their educational career.

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There are a lot of negative things that might occur when one would not take MIL seriously or would not knowledgeable of MIL at all. First, in the field of education. Research is a very essential subject or activity for students. If a student is not knowing about MIL, he/she would not know how to verify the gathered information that would be used for his/her research. Thus, this makes the research of the student unacceptable or in other words invalid. If the research would not be accepted, it would affect the education of the student because it might cause him/her to have a hard time graduating or completing his/her clearance. Another negative effect of not taking the MIL subject seriously or ignoring it is that one might get arrested for violating media rules and regulations. Social media is also related to MIL. MIL is a subject that is connected to teaching social media ethics. In order to prevent possible accidents that might have serious consequences, one should study and apply the things that are to be taught in MIL in their Lives.

There are many positive effects of studying MIL. But there will just be some that would be discussed in this paper. First, MIL is a subject that when one understands fully and applies to his/her life would make him/her literate or in other words, knowing. Being knowledgeable is always an advantage because you would know the things that are and that are not to be done. This would prevent further accidents, such as what I stated earlier, problems when it comes to social media. It would not be a problem for a person who is knowing about MIL because he/she already has brief background on the dos and don’ts of social media. Second is that when one takes MIL seriously and applies it to his/ her life, that person could serve as an example that would influence others to know and study MIL. Another is that one can also teach others about what he/she has learned in MIL. He/she could enlighten others on the things that he/she has learned. By doing so, further accidents that might be committed by other people might be prevented.

In conclusion to this paper, MIL should never be ignored by students. Ignoring such a subject is like ignoring guidelines that just aim to guide students to a better, accident-free media and information-gathering life. Nowadays, students do not consider MIL as a subject to be serious about because they consider it as a minor subject that can be disregarded. But most of the students who do that do not know that MIL is a subject that serves as instructions in order to prevent accidents with serious consequences. This paper aims to show students or readers the importance of MIL. This would also serve as an eye opener for people who do not know or understand the MIL subject. There was one old saying that states that “knowledge is power”. Disregarding MIL may be compared to foolishness because it is like rejecting knowledge. My intention for this paper was to open the eyes of everyone about MIL and its importance. That it should not be put aside because it is a lesson that requires life application that is crucial, especially in this generation where media is used widely and serious mistakes are committed because of the lack of knowledge about media ethics and rules.

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