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Improving Victim Resources

Recent reports from Huffpost depict that one in four women will experience severe domestic violence in their lifetimes (Vagianos, 2017). Increasing our resources for victims of crimes and abuse can help make the community an overall better place. Victim resources should be not only expanded but also more accessible to everyone, expanding these resources will make victims feel safer and it will help reduce the amount of unreported crimes, as well as avoiding victim blaming. This will encourage the decrease...
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Argumentative Essay: Ned Kelly As a Victim

Ned Kelly was a notorious bushranger in Colonial Australia. Over the numerous years after his death, some people established different judgments on whether Ned Kelly was a hero, victim, or a hero. Some people say he was a hero who fought for the justice of others while others say he was a villain who committed numerous crimes Ned Kelly was certainly a victim because the police treated his family poorly, he was drawn into a fight between two hawkers that...
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Typology of Victim's Behavior: Analytical Essay

“Criminology is the interdisciplinary study of crime as both an individual and social phenomenon, with research on the origins and forms of crime, its causes and consequences, and social and governmental reactions to it” (2019). A victim’s behavior plays a major role in their victimization. Victim’s “potential” is made up of a combination of biology, socialization, and chance. Evolution and history have given humans the ability to engage in violent behavior (Alvarez,2017). Since the 1950s, Benjamin Mendelsohn has been the...
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Life as a Male Victim in a Flawed Justice System

A “victim” is defined through social and legal implications. The consensus for the social use of the term is any living being that faces hardship that was inflicted by any cause. In Canada, the general legal definition for a victim is a person who faces physical or emotional harm, or economic loss, caused by a criminal offense. Vulnerable populations for overall victimization include homeless individuals due to lack of security, minorities (particularly Indigenous populations in Canada), young adult males who...
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Sex Work, Indigeneity, and the Right Kind of Victim

In Canada, as stated by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, “Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.” These rights are considered to be universal and inalienable, but when examining the rates of violence that have been allowed to be perpetrated so disproportionally against certain groups of people in Canada, it seems that society treats some citizens as more worthy than others of having their right to safety protected. As the...
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Domestic Violence: Mental And Physical Effect On A Victim

Domestic violence is a crime that is heard about almost everyday. People being stalked, harassed, or even killed by their significant others for reasons that remain unknown. Usually people only hear about the women, their children as well if they are involved, but men are victims of domestic violence as well. It is not okay no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. People are still stuck in these abusive relationships until this day. Nowadays, it is getting worse. People are...
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Rape Culture and Victim Blaming Behaviour: Opinion Essay

I hope you’re sitting comfortably now, because I am here to make you feel uncomfortable. I’m going to start with a story of a 15-year-old girl… It was a nightmare before Christmas. A car filled with men- 2 of whom she knew- pulled over beside Leia who was walking alone to a party. They offered a ride, she agreed, and she climbed into the vehicle where she was seated between two strangers. As they drove, instead of arriving at the...
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Historical Development of Victimology and Its Importance for Criminology

As criminology continued to ignore the victim in the study of crime, victimology emerged to give equal attention to victims. Victimology is the study of the relationship between the victim and the criminal. The development of victimology satisfied a gap in criminological research and had a significant impact on the study of crime. After all, “you cannot seek to understand the psychology of the criminal if you do not first understand the sociology of the victim” (Wertham, 1949). The term...
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Effects of the No-Drop Policy: Analysis of Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects thousands of families, and most cases are not reported. People who are exposed to domestic violence live in an environment full of fear and captivity, which stops them from reporting their abusers. Victims tend to not report their victimization because they do not want to be exposed or judged by society. Victims of domestic violence are exposed to different types of abuse, included but not limited to physical, verbal, psychological, emotional, financial, and/or sexual abuse. Because domestic...
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Analytical Essay on Victimology: Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

Introduction to victim group Crime can imply many physical, material and psychological harms for a victim (Woods, 2006). A child’s experience of crime is distinguished from that of an adult’s “due to their maturity levels and vulnerability” (Victim Support, 2017). Child grooming is when the perpetrator fosters a relationship with a child to sexually abuse them (NSPCC, 2019). The focus of this policy file will be victims of child sexual abuse (CSA) (under the age of 18 years), in particular,...
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Police Misconduct Towards Rape Victims In The United States

On September 25, 2010 a young woman went to her best friend’s house for a party after a college football game. After falling asleep on his couch for several hours she woke up to him doing unspeakable things to her. Out of fear, she pretended to remain unconscious. After he was done and had left the room, she grabbed her belongings and bolted for the door. He proceeded to chase after her. Because of the extreme physical pain and shock...
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Sex Victims Of Human Trafficking

Introduction Over the last 10 years, human trafficking has been established as one of the major criminal justice problems around the globe (Nelson 2015). In short, human trafficking is a system of modernized slavery where people forcefully trade human beings illegally for the intention of sexual manipulation and forced labour (PDCA 2017). In term of size and profit, human trafficking is often acknowledged as one of the top three biggest criminal industry around the world, along with drug and weapon...
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Is The English Legal System Sufficient In Providing Justice For Victims Of Domestic Violence?

The topic of domestic abuse is a quite antagonistic topic. Police, Campaigners and victims all agree for its immediate stop, but are unable to determine how to do so. A consultation done by the recent government chose to concentrate it efforts on harder convictions, sentences as well as expanding restrictive civil orders. However according to The College of Policing it is said that there is no substantial evidence which proves that the use of criminal sanctions will stop abusers from...
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Why Do Victims Of Domestic Violence Stay?

Domestic Violence, a taboo subject that many pretend doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, it’s becoming a common trend among society today. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have experienced extreme domestic violence. (Lancer, Darlene, Psychology Today) These concerning problems raise a question. Why don’t the victims just walk away? What is keeping them receiving the help that they need. The answer is far from simple, but most victims stay for one of the following reasons: fear, obligation, guilt, isolation,...
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Development and Issues of Victimology: Analysis of Victims Behaviour

The Office of National Statistics stated than in England and Wales, in the year ending June 2019, there was 11.1 million criminal offences. Does this mean that there are 11.1 million victims? Are all these victims the same and do they go through the same experiences? Victimology is essentially the study of everything to do victims of crime and how they are affected. In this essay I will aim to provide a deeper understanding of Victimology as a branch of...
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Essay on Victims and Victimology: Analysis of Theoretical Background

The label of ‘victim’ is a social construction, therefore it’s society that decides who is most worthy of it. Walklate (2018) argues that there’s a distinction between those who offend, and those who are victimised. The theoretical research into what we know about victimization is both contingent and contested in many ways depending on the type of discourse used, whether that’s derived from academic literature, political agenda, legislature or the media. Nile Christe (1986 as cited by Dignan, 2004) proposed...
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Representing The Holocaust Victims In Literature

The genocide of the Jews who lived in Europe by the Nazis caused the death of millions of innocent people. The term used to describe this period in history is The Holocaust. The victims who survived moved to other countries to start a new life. they survived by luck but their lives after the war were affected majorly and they struggled psychologically, socially as well as financially. Throughout the years, many critical works about the holocaust were made, and many...
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Sex Crimes in America

I accept that sex crimes have a real impact on the victims but it is noted and no longer taken significantly. Sex crimes are often overlooked because it isn’t considered to be a serious crime because of the lack of consequences handed out to those who commit these crimes and the fact that it is simply not understood. In this essay you will learn about all who plays a part in enabling the criminals, the statistics on which these things...
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Rape Culture: Why Might the Definition of Rape as Absence of Consent be Problematic

1. Introduction This paper will argue that the concept of consent, as a centre piece to the legal definition of rape, is too problematic to act as a moral and legal pivot-point regarding sexual interactions. I shall argue that it should be replaced by a more comprehensive concept. In section 2, I shall: (a) highlight problems with consent, documented by (among others) Michelle J. Anderson, in her work ‘Negotiating Sex’; and (b) argue that using consent as such a pivotal...
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Reflection on Rape Culture: Opinion Essay

I personally am against the term rape culture, since it validates and normalizes rape which is wrong and must not be promoted. Rape exists and happens a lot however, nowadays people are falsely making accusations, makes it difficult to identify between the victims and the rapist, therefore, it is important to identify the factual data to make accurate judgements. Celebrities and different brands that are using sexual assault to market their products, which is wrong, such as a Guardian Angel...
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Damaging Perception of Rape Culture: Analytical Essay

Slut. Whore. Tramp. In a society where men benefit from women being hostile to one another, these three words become almost as valuable as gold. In a patriarchal society where there is a war against women, misogyny is expected to run deep. However, it has become so entrenched among humankind that women have begun to turn on one another, whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally through the use of microaggressions. Through this exact phenomenon of internalized misogyny, women continue...
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Essence of Rape Culture: Is It Ethical to Blame the Victims

With rape myth acceptance society allows the act of rape to be decriminalized. “Rape myths are a specific set of attitudes and beliefs that may contribute to ongoing sexual violence by shifting blame for sexual assault from perpetrators to victims.”(Iconis, 2008) Society does not comprehend what it means for a woman to be raped. Instead of empathizing with the victim, rape myths were concocted to put the blame on her. Tolerating this shift of blame to occur only builds the...
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Argumentative Essay on Domestic Violence

Leaving an abusive relationship is the most dangerous time for victims of domestic violence. Sometimes we don’t know how to support the victims whether we turn a blind eye or pretend it’s not happening (Lori Fanene latest victim of domestic violence in American Samoa). Domestic Violence is not an option. It’s not okay. There needs to be zero tolerance laws and policies on this Island. Protect the victim, and not the predator. Violence impacts us all. It not only affects...
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The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Victims

Domestic violence is a problem that has affected millions all around the world. Domestic violence is abusive or aggressive behavior within the home. It is typically the abuse of a spouse or partner, but it can happen to anybody within the household mentally or physically even if you’re not the one being abused. Being abused can affect how you interact with others later in life or how you treat your spouse when are older. Being abused can make people depressed...
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Understanding Bullying Victims And Helping

Intro Physical bullying increases in primary school, grows in middle school and decreases in high school. Verbal abuse, on the other hand, remains constant. Why do people do it? What makes someone bully another innocent person, especially when that other person, hasn’t done them any harm? What is our world coming to? We need to work out why, because bullying happens everywhere. It happens at school, at work and even in the comfort of your own home. Bullying appears a...
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Ethan Frome Symbolism Essay

Introduction Edith Wharton’s novel “Ethan Frome” is rich with symbolism that adds depth and complexity to the narrative. Through the use of various symbols, Wharton explores the themes of isolation, confinement, and the destructive power of societal expectations. In this informative essay, we will delve into the symbolic elements within the story and examine their significance in enhancing the reader’s understanding of the characters and their experiences. Starkfield as a Symbol of Confinement The town of Starkfield serves as a...
1 Page 467 Words

Community Sentences And Restorative Justice: Analytical Essay

Introduction This report will aim to find a suitable sentence for Mr S by looking at different sentences such as community sentencing and restorative justice to see which would be more appropriate to help rehabilitate Mr S into society and prevent potential future offences. Restorative Justice The aim of Restorative Justice is to get the offender and victim to meet and address the harm and trauma that has been caused to a victim to attempt to repair the victims harm...
4 Pages 1949 Words
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