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Difference In The Education Among Social Classes In The Victorian Era

Victorian society was divided up into three classes, the upper class, middle class, and the working class. This affected how the people living in this era were educated. The upper class was the rich families so they required the best tutors to provide their education. The next social ranking was the middle class. The middle class also owned and managed businesses and empires. The working class was the lowest class among the social ranking, also known as the skilled workers....
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Why The Population Of England Double During The Victorian Era

The Victorian era witnessed a snowballing rise in population. This unpredictable phenomenon was unique down the corridors of British history. Britain was sailing through a new technological revolution with novel scientific discoveries. They proved a good omen for the society and it became more civic and learned. Disraeli popularized the phrase ‘the workshop of the world’ to denote Great Britain at that juncture of history. There were myriad reasons that added to Britain’s flourishing population in the 19th century. One...
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How The Victorian Era Shifted The Life Of America

Looking back in history at The Victorian Era, many events occurred in which shifted the life of America and the world as a whole. This era took place from about the middle of the 1800s to the beginning of the 20th century. Within this time frame, the Victorian culture experienced many challenges, especially involving race, gender, and immigration. In this paper, I will discuss with you the features and beliefs of the Victorian culture, the hardships that arose in this...
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Representation of Victorian Era in Tess of the d'Urbervilles: Analytical Essay

If one word could come close to characterizing the entirety of the Victorian Era that would most certainly be change. In all aspects and domains, from industrialization to scientific discoveries, the period stands for development and rebirth. But greatness cannot be achieved completely and the proof stands in the inequality that the development brought with itself .This change has also made an impact on the authors of the age for which the literature that they were offering to the audience...
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Family Development From The Victorian Era To Now

During the Victorian Era in England, a person’s specific role in their family was very important and very distinct. The Victorian family was considered to be a very valuable part of society. Very strict guidelines were followed by the families throughout this time. Mothers, fathers, and children contributed to their families in different ways during this era, and these living styles have changed drastically compared to today’s families. While some believe family conditions and their role in society has progressed...
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The Great Expectations: Class And Mobility In Victorian Britain

What do you think Great Expectations is attempting to suggest about class and mobility in Victorian Britain? Abstract: Charles Dickens Great Expectations is a novel written in episodes to make readers feel empathy and to know what they really want from it. In this paper, I am going to describe how Dickens suggested class and mobility from the perspective of the main character, Pip, analysing his personality and his evolution along the story taking into account the main issues and...
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Ophelia Painting: Analysis Essay

Millais paints a drowned Ophelia who is at one with mother nature and the river Unity, central focus, death. Colors: Natural, the contrast of bright colors. Her hands upturned as if she is asking a question The contrast between dark and light Half Submerged she becomes part of nature around her Value: The brightness of the flowers and green-ness creates a tone of peace. Whilst her pale face contrasts with the dark Ophelia is Millais’s most popular work. Millais as...
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Oscar Wilde's Interpretation of Victorian Ideology in The Pictures’ of Dorian Gray

Introduction and Background Information on the Era Background In what ways is Victorian ideology imposed upon in The Pictures’ of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde? As an era construed by the rule of Monarch, Victoria over England from the mid-1800s in the romantic ages to the early 1900s, the Victorian period was a interval of considerable progress. However, many societal echelons within the era caused countless problems for its people. Rigorous rules and guidelines were set on behalf of authoritative...
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The Distinctive Features of Victorian Literature

Literature in the Victorian era is a response to the economic, political and social changes that have accrued in that period. Each of literature is only a difference in how faithful the record is, and in what point of view is the reaction and what values are advocated. The diversity of Victorian literature–exception of play area—indicates that Victorians enthusiastically reacted to the realities of that time in all possible ways. Furthermore, It shows Victorians were expressed various kind of thoughts...
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Achievements of Victorian Women in the Struggle for Equality

The place of women in society and their struggle over the centuries for getting gender equality has been in the spotlight of history. Victorian women’s lives were differed significantly by its uniqueness, and during the entire 19th century with the women’s movement they managed to sign crucial achievements in the history of whole feminism. The day when Alexandrina Vitoria became the queen of the United Kingdom, the new era began in the history of Britain and it continued for 63...
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An Overview Of Feminism In The Victorian Period

The Victorian era (1830-1901), named after Queen Victoria, covers the entirety of her reign over the British Empire from 1837 to 1901. Queen Victoria can be described as having great moral responsibility, domestic propriety, and earnestness as the idea of living in an earnest manner was considered one of the topmost ideals during the Victorian age. The citizens of the British Empire mirrored these three key characteristics of the Victorian age in order to embody Queen Victoria. The Mid-Victorian period,...
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Typical Model Of Victorian Marriage In To The Lighthouse

In Victorian age, a glorious period in British history, marriage meant the husband was the dominator and bread earner of the family while the wife was supposed to support him and attend the family well. The Ramsay couple is the typical model of Victorian marriage. Both of them play the conventional roles of gender according to the criteria of the society. Mr. Ramsay is a respectable husband and intelligent scholar, enjoying high reputation in the academic circle. Mrs. Ramsay is...
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Impact of Jane Eyre on Victorian England: Analytical Essay

Published in 1847, Jane Eyre shocked Victorian England. Written in a form of a Bildungsroman, usually reserved for the male voice, the story follows Jane’s journey of maturation as she develops her own identity. We see her grow from a child with unfortunate circumstances into an assertive woman who is able to marry a man, Edward Rochester as his equal. Victorian England was in an era of rapid economic growth and social upheaval as the sharp divisions between classes began...
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Victorian Age English Literature: Jane Eyre And David Copperfield

In this essay as you can see, I will mention the Bildungsroman which are samples of Victorian age English literature. As a result of research, you can find answers to questions such as: How was the Victorian age? How affected in literature? What is Bildungsroman? What are the features of Bildungsroman? How did it come about? How were the characters in the novels? Victorian age that marked the 19th century, various scientific, technological and medical occurred. There was also a...
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Social Darwinism And Classism In Censorious Victorian England And Great Expectations

“One man’s a blacksmith, and one’s a whitesmith, and one’s a goldsmith, and one’s a coppersmith. Divisions among such must come, and must be met as they come” (Dickens 224). Throughout history, people have experienced discrimination or prejudice based on their social class and societies have created ideas, attitudes, policies, and practices for the benefit of the wealthy at the expense of the poor. Specifically, in the Victorian Era, social class determined someone’s behavior, where the upper class was viewed...
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