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Vietnamese Refugees In Inside Out And Back Again

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At the beginning of the book “Inside Out and back again”, there is a war tearing Vietnamese apart, a war of two different ideologies crashing down on each other. This war was between North and South Vietnam. Ha, a child living in South Vietnam’s capital, Saigon, is a very dependent person, she is very close to her mother, and has lost her father. She is a very mischevious character, and almost always angry. When the war comes too close to home, she and her family are forced to leave Saigon and all of South Vietnam along with it. When she arrives in America after much struggle, she must adjust to her new life, learn a new language, and make new friends Refugees have much of the same fate, where they are forced to flee to outside their country, maybe never coming back to their home again, they are forced to live their new lives and adjust to it. Many problems arise from not only leaving their homeland and trying to come here but also from those same people trying to get used to their new lives.

One of the many obstacles refugees have to get used to is fleeing their homeland. Many refugees are forced to flee their homeland because of persecution, religion, and many other reasons. One such incident “The Serbians, who were predominantly Christian, decided that Muslims should not be allowed to live in their new country. They began an “ethnic cleansing” campaign, which killed thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and forced hundreds of thousands of people to seek refuge in neighboring countries” (EL Education 54). This is a huge fear of refugees who don’t want to leave but have to due to the circumstances at that given time. Their lives are turned “Inside Out”. Ha experiences a similar fate “You deserve to grow up where you don’t worry about saving half a bite of sweet potato.” (Lai 93). Ha’s mother has to deal with not enough food or money, and when the war comes in the favor of the communists, life will be even harder.

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After a few weeks, months, or even years, A refugee starts to make their new life a new “home”. This is when their life comes back to normal, and they have adjusted with society. “Since World War II, millions of refugees have been successfully resettled in ten established resettlement countries, including Canada and the United States” (EL Education 54). Millions of refugees around the world have found their new home and some even returned to their old ones. Ha’s experience is a little different, she learns to find a new home, however, she does not go back to her old one: “Not the same, but not bad at all.” (Lai 234). Ha tries to find home, knowing things won’t be the exact same, but that doesn’t mean that it is bad.

All Refugees go through a hard struggle fleeing home and trying to find a safe haven to live in and go through even more struggle trying to fit in the new community they have to become apart of. Eventually, those same people who have had immense struggle will finally find their new home, even if it isn’t in the same place as their old one. With all the tensions in the world, new refugees are created every day, and without support, they will fail to find another place to call “home”.

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