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The Situation With Capital Punishment In The USA

Capital punishment is a conclusive or ultimate discipline. There is no harsher discipline than death itself. Our country, the US of America, is one of the fifty-eight countries that training capital punishment. As of now the US will just utilize capital punishment, on the off chance that one submits first-degree murder. People that have confidence in capital punishment accept that death penalty will demoralize killers. In this paper, I will be contending that capital punishment doesn't discourage lawbreakers and that...
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Influence of Domestic Violence on The Ongoing Struggle of Homelessness

Introduction Hook: According to the U.S. Conference of Mayors 2013 Status Report on Hunger & Homelessness, 16% of homeless persons are victims of domestic violence. Furthermore, approximately half of all homeless women reported that domestic violence was the primary cause of their homelessness ( Relevance: Domestic violence puts women and children at a higher risk of homelessness as many are forced to flee an abusive relationship or situation. These women suffer from a lack of resources such as insufficient income...
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Representing The Holocaust Victims In Literature

The genocide of the Jews who lived in Europe by the Nazis caused the death of millions of innocent people. The term used to describe this period in history is The Holocaust. The victims who survived moved to other countries to start a new life. they survived by luck but their lives after the war were affected majorly and they struggled psychologically, socially as well as financially. Throughout the years, many critical works about the holocaust were made, and many...
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Violence And Buddhism

Throughout the duration of the Nanking Massacre, better known as the “Rape of Nanking,” Buddhist Japanese soldiers barbarically raped, tortured, and butchered 350,000 Chinese civilians. Nanking was brimming with rotting masses of mutilated corpses for months. One could ask, how could someone who follows Buddhism, the religion typically least associated with violence, to execute such horrendous and inhumane bloodshed? The answer is that these actions were primarily fueled by political and socio-cultural motivations that caused Buddhists to deviate from genuine...
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The Understanding Of Violence In Buddhism

The most central focus of this paper is how violence has presented itself in Buddhism, especially in Sri Lanka and modern Asia, and, in connection with Buddhist ethics, how this is facilitated through the interpretation of a particular doctrine. Thus, it is necessary to place an emphasis on a multitude of violence-enabling concepts that are present in Buddhist doctrines, such as karma. Although karma firstly appears to have no connection to violence because it states that human actions inevitably have...
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Religion And Violence

Religion and violence have played a major role in history, whether it be using religion to start a war or using religion to break away and become your own state. The Crusades is the most well known religious wars in history. It was a bunch of wars that were paid for by either the nobility or the church to take back the holy land from muslim rule. The idea came along from Pope Urban II when he made his speech...
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Sexual Assault: Factors And Effects

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Sexual assault is a major topic on the news and across the nation. It is a reality that occurs in all areas of life. One common place where sexual assault frequently occurs is at college and university campuses, and alcohol plays a major role in this type of sexual assault. Sexual assault continues to be a serious problem among young people...
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The Issue Of Nurse Bullying At The Workplace

For many people, when they think of bullying, it may bring to mind the image of a mean child picking on another either in school or on a playground. Although this is often the case, in some instances, bullying also occurs with adults in the workplace. The profession of nursing is no exception to this. The American Nurses Association (ANA) defines bullying as “repeated, unwanted, harmful actions intended to humiliate, offend, and cause distress in the recipient. Bullying actions include...
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Rape And Sexual Assault On Campus: Reasons And Prevalence

How much do you weigh? What were you wearing? Did you drink in college? Are you sexually active? Do you have a history of cheating? How many times did you black out? On trial, these were some of the questions directed towards Emily Doe (pseudonym), a Stanford graduate victim of sexual assault who was found unconscious behind a dumpster, hair dishevelled, naked from the top down on January 17th 2015 and who had learnt of the grim details of her...
7 Pages 2984 Words

Sexual Assault: Environment, Factors And Preventions

Introduction Sexual assault is a gross act of violence which strips a victim of their right to autonomy over their body and sexual experiences. Sex and partying are at the centre of student life at college, especially in the United States. However, there is a large rape culture among fraternities. Over a 10-week academic term, between 11% to 28% of college women reported experiencing an unwanted sexual encounter, ranging from unwelcome sexual contact to rape. As sexual assault degrades victims,...
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Criminal And Deviant Behavior

Introduction Criminal and deviant behavior is an important topic of research in psychology, including the environmental influences and genetic influences on deviant behavior. This is important to understand because if we get a better understanding of when deviant behavior starts then maybe we can give that person help to prevent them from engaging in future criminal activities. Does a person’s genes that are inherited or the environment they grew up in lead to deviant/criminal behavior? Research seems consistent in recognizing...
5 Pages 2069 Words

Media And Sexual Assault

Canada, in addition to the rest of the world, is vastly initiated with the subject of justice and crime. We engage ourselves with television shows, books, newspapers and other various media to engage in topics of crime daily. Media remains an influential and innovative tool that plays an integral part in the structure of crime and its perceptions; particularly in areas such as sexual assault and such offences sexual in nature. Portrayal in the mass media primarily determines the public's...
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Sexual Harassment And Stalking

INTRODUCTION Sexual harassment a gross violation of women’s right to equality and dignity. It is any unwanted sexual attention a women experiences like leering, pinching, patting, repeated comments, subtle suggestions of a sexual nature and pressure of dates. It constitutes a gross violation of women’s right to equality and dignity. On the other hand stalking is defined as a willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment made against the expressed wishes of another individual, which causes that individual...
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Teaching Tolerance And Anti-bullying

Prevent bullying and spread tolerance, Year of tolerance is known after His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founder of the UAE. His goal was to gather the seven emirates to one country that share love, respect, and accept the others. We as citizens our duty is to spread tolerance. Today we are living with more than 200 nationalities with different beliefs, practices, religions, but one thing brings us together in this country which is tolerance. Tolerance is the...
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Anger Trait As A Predictor Of Sexual Coercion

Sexual coercion (SC) is among other sexual assaults that have created public concern in the United States. SC is the use of pressure on another person which causes them to submit into a sexual act. SC can vary from persuasion to a forceful contact. Whichever form it takes, SC is in the continuum of sexual offences since it takes away the other persons consent to the act. In most instances of SC, studies have revealed that most of them have...
3 Pages 1147 Words

Faith Responds To Clergy Sexual Abuse

The academic journal, 'Wiping Away The Tears: A Faith Community Responds To Clergy Sexual Abuse In The Roman Catholic Chruch' justifies on what can be done in response to such pain reflected on clergy sexual abuse in their community. (my thesis) The Community of Albany Catholic Workers is convinced that churches today are 'broken.' They are upset that members of clergy sexually assaulted teenagers and children. They are angry with U.S Bishops and their staff for ignoring the issue of...
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Sexual Assault Knowledge Among Teens

Sexual assault is becoming a common issue among society unfortunately it could happen to literally anyone anywhere at any time , however the real question is can any forms of sexual assault or abuse be prevented by knowledge about the topic at a young age ? Presentations about sexual assault could help a teen speak up if they have been sexually assaulted in the past or even if it is happening in their present life . In an article i...
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Antisocial Personality Disorder And Criminal Deviance

Understanding what factors contribute to the development of a criminal is crucial to understanding crime, social interactions, and today’s criminal justice system. For many years criminal law applications have relied on the sociological influences and theories derived from such influences. When understanding the criminal mind, there are many factors to consider, including an individual’s personality traits. Personality refers to an individual’s emotional and behavioral attributes that remain consistent as the individual moves from situation to situation (Snipes, Gerould, & Bernard,...
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How Parents Can Interpret And Deal With The Signs Of Child Abuse Trauma

Trauma caused by child abuse can take many forms. The key is to identify it, interpret it and deal with it. This is often left up the caregivers of the abused child/children. The main question that we are going to focus on is: How can these caregivers interpret and deal with the signs of child abuse trauma? But first we must see what the definition of trauma is and what Child Abuse trauma looks like. According to the Meriam-Webster dictionary...
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Immanuel Kant And Capital Punishment

Immanuel Kant is the philosopher chosen for this paper for their philosophy on morals, what is right and wrong, whether the judgement of what is right or wrong, the right choice, and freedom to preserve one’s own happiness. His philosophy most likely has a part on whether it is still used today, whether it be with us, the people, or in political issues. Immanuel Kant is a philosopher whose ideas revolved mostly around morality, that a person’s actions or a...
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The Correlation Between Sexual Abuse And Borderline Personality Disorder

Abstract The purpose of this research proposal is to highlight the correlation between the experience of sexual abuse and the development of emerging borderline personality disorder as a result. The sample is made up of 35 youth offenders in the main 6 medium-secure forensic units in England and Wales and were asked to take part in a questionnaire to collect the data needed for this study (Mental disorder, sexual abuse, caregiver etc,). The data was collected electronically from the units’...
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Assault: Its Effects And Consequences

Physical assault occurs when an individual person or a group of people provoke and attack an individual physically, with or without the utilisation of a weapon, or threatens to harm that person. A threat or intention of inflicting physical bodily harm on an individual that puts the person in danger of or in apprehension. What are the signs of physical assault? The following are examples of physical assault. Provocation: insults, death threats. Intimidation: making a fist, pushing, stalking, stealing/throwing objects....
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Is Deviant Behaviour In Society Linked To Family Dynamics?

Man is a social animal and our behaviour in society affects everyone around us. Families raise children that grow up becoming a part of society and therefore nurturing right behaviour is important for a healthy and positive society. I chose this topic as I come from a very family-oriented home, and I occasionally wonder about the behaviour of ill-mannered or badly brought up children, and the reason why they are that way. I often conclude that the cause of the...
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Assault Weapons Ban: For And Against

There are two sides to the Assault Weapons Ban. There are those who are in support to pass the bill and those who are against the banning of the weapons. An assault weapon is known as a 'military-style firearms designed to fire rapidly' (Elving, 2019). Many will argue that this statement is false and that semi automatics only fire once after the trigger is pulled. Those in support for the banning of assault weapons believe that these weapons should only...
3 Pages 1400 Words

Abused Children And Depression

Abuse of children, unfortunately, has become a common thing that happens in society. Many children are abused. The lucky few are removed from their abusers and given therapeutic help, if available, while others’ abuse continues to go unreported; emotional abuse seems to go unreported because people tend to brush it off. People who are emotionally abused at a young age are more susceptible to depression because their emotional neglect leads to feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt that could trigger...
3 Pages 1437 Words

Should Schools Adopt A Zero Tolerance To Bullying?

Introduction Bullying as describes by CDC incorporates three attributes: purposeful hostility, a force awkwardness among attacker and casualty, and reiteration of the animosity which presents difficulties in law and policy changes (Dewey G. Cornell, 2016). Bullying is found everywhere in the workplace, at home and also at school. Bullying not only harms the person being bullied but also affects the society. Stories about young school going children committing suicide is on the rise in the world. Zero tolerance policy regarding...
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The Necessity Of Assault Weapons Regulation

Regulations on assault rifles are necessary to keep the people of the United States safe and ensure their welfare. From the outset of the United States, guns have been a heated topic to argue. They have the power to take away life in an instant, especially with assault weapons, yet are distributed around the world to not just military personnel but citizens too. They are extremely dangerous and as such, should be regulated. This is because previous bans and regulations...
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Why Males Are More Likely To Perpetrate Sexual Assault

According to Long and Butler (2018), sexual assault is any un-consensual sexual act, endeavour to perform an undesired sexual deed, unwanted sexual remarks and/or advances using intimidation. Sexual assault is a harm to society as it creates a sense of fear in individuals as this criminal act is unwanted by all and has a negative impact both mentally and physically on the victims. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research state that over the years 2009 and 2019, 638...
4 Pages 1805 Words

Why Does The Number Of Sexual Assaults Continue To Increase Throughout The Army Essay

With a fighting force denoted as the world’s strongest force compromised of both male and female soldiers, along with the amount of Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) training given. Why is SHARP increasing dramatically year by year in the army? Within the fiscal year of 2018 the percentage of females reporting sexual assault rose from 4.3 percent (which was reported two years prior) to 6.2 percent, while the number of reports by a male stayed relatively the same...
2 Pages 807 Words

Dignity And Respect In The Army: Sexual Assault And Harassment Prevention

There are values the army uses to ensure all soldiers are treated with dignity and respect, the values are guides for soldiers to follow. The army values are a base for all soldiers to live their lives. Sexual harassment is detrimental to teamwork and creates a fractured work place. Sexual assault is a criminal act and does not fall in line with army values. The army has given guidance on the importance of dignity and respect for all soldiers by...
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