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Volunteering in Vietnamese Community: Motivation

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Since I was a little girl, my parents have fostered in me how valuable it meant when it comes to helping other people, especially less fortunate people by taking me to nursing homes in which I could take care of them and giving gifts to disabled people in our neighborhood. I have realized and observed volunteering plays a crucial role in me. Volunteering to me is about making a real difference to the world. In today’s heterogeneous world, many people are busy chasing their goals and earning means of livelihood in bustling cities. Nonetheless, it is unquestionable that to better the world needs more helping hands of those who want to dedicate themselves for a world without hunger, poverty, homelessness than well-off millionaires enjoying luxurious lifestyle. That can explain why the more civilized and educated humans are, the more likely that they get involved in contributing to making underprivileged communities less destitute.

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There are some vital motivations why I am active in the Vietnamese community. First and foremost, I long to see my community grow strong and stand still abroad as we are just a small community in USA. Being able to be interconnected through social and cultural gatherings and events would give us ample opportunities to understand more about each other, thereby being more tied up and attached. I strongly believe that if I were not as active as I am now within the community, I could not have the ability to set an example for others to follow. With my leadership persective, I hope that more and more Vietnamese youngsters would be more involved in voluntary world and they would deem it as what they really ought to possess in life to be future leaders not only in the community, but worldwide. Secondly, I yearn for honing various skills, especially communication skills because it would stand me in good stead in the future. I attach an emphasis on it since I want to land a fantastic job thanks to the proficiency in communication, which I can significantly enhance by doing as much as good things for the community. Moreover, I could meet great people having the same interest and mindset to converse with and widen my networks of contact for future developments.

As the world becomes smaller, the more people should be more aware of the importance of being active in volunteering. By doing so, more people would be aided and more benefits would be added to the growth of communities. I have seen many real positive changes since I got participated in Vietnamese voluntary campaigns.

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