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In modern Japan we encounter this ‘honourable’ warrior through mass-media. He is often dressed in his famous armour, fighting his many battles with his trusty katana or even engaging in a brotherly fight with the warrior of the shadows, the ninja. While many may argue that these associations are manufactured, we seldom hear of his meek origin and how he has not only influenced Japanese society but also how he impacted the Western world. These are the points discussed in...
3 Pages 1590 Words
Introduction This essay is going to focus on one of the digital games that was developed over two decades ago; mortal kombat. Mortal Kombat is a video game that has always been favorite for many people over the years especially among the teens. The essay shall cover the following areas: the visual, auditory and tactile signs provided by the game to its players together with the meaning of every sign. The significance of every sign shall also be articulated transparently...
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The elemental frontage of the Qin Dynasty, has compelled many to follow suit and progress from premodern China to the world today. Spreading the ancient history of China throughout the world and letting others embrace the delicates materials to the religious aspects. The terracotta warriors is considered one of the greatest archeological discoveries ever, they represent something a lot more than years of hard work and sculpting to create them, they gave us a deep understanding into ancient chinas burial...
3 Pages 1242 Words
It has been common to describe the warriors as noble and loyal people who would consume their blood to protect their fatherland, although it sometimes contrasts with the reality. In The Women of Troy, Euripides depicts the slave women’s suffering after war caused by the Greeks. The playwright highlights the inhumanity of the victorious Greek warriors by particularly emphasizing their cruelty, while he has depicted some heroic and noble Trojan female characters contrary to the Greeks and the conversation between...
2 Pages 1038 Words
I chose to research the Terracotta Warriors as I feel they open the gateway to many interesting events from Ancient China, including the reign of Emperor Qin, and are an interesting topic to study. The questions I chose seem to be the most logical and straight forward to answer my inquiry question. I expect there to be many resources such as books websites and photos on my artefact but there may be a few incorrectly written or biased secondary sources....
2 Pages 734 Words
The Vikings have been commonly represented as vicious, bloodthirsty, war loving warriors, but is this all true? Vikings originated in Scandinavia. The men were usually warriors but would have other jobs such as being a blacksmith. Whilst Vikings were terrible and ferocious pirates they also had a good side to them. Many people believe Vikings to be ruthless people but research suggests that this isn’t entirely true. Viking culture played a big part in their society. Viking were also traders,...
2 Pages 774 Words
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